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William Christopher

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William Christopher is best known for playing the role of Father Malick in the famous television series, “M * a * s * h”. Talented and outgoing, he was little more than a problem performing at a little time. As such, he graduated a scale in play and acting, with the goal of making it big in the entertainment industry. As of 2024, William Christopher Net Worth $8 million USD.

Christopher began his career as a theater actor, including in several productions. He eventually found himself in Off-Broadway and Broadway. However, it was the beginning of a wonderful future when he moved to New York to try his luck on the small screen. After William Christopher made a major breakthrough from the television series, ‘M * s * h’.


  • John Christopher — William Christopher Son
  • Thomas Christopher — William Christopher Brother
  • Louise W. Christopher — William Christopher Mother
  • Barbara Christopher — William Christopher Wife
  • Ned Christopher — William Christopher Son
  • Wallace Christopher — William Christopher Father
  • James Christopher — William Christopher Brother

For nearly two decades, the series was a special hit, and so was Christopher’s portrayal of Father Mulkey. In his career, he has appeared in several feature films, including “The Fortune Cookie,” “You’ve Got Eggle,” Sergeant’s Private Navy. O’Farrell, and ‘Heart of the West’.

Childhood & Early Life

William Christopher was born on October 20, 1932, in Evanston, Illinois, United States. His family through a successor of Revolutionary Leader, Paul Revere. He completed his formal education at New Tire High School, after which he moved to Middle Town Connecticut to enroll at Wilsonian University.

William Christopher graduate in Drama. While studying for his acting career at university, he found himself attracted to music and became a street club member, singing and playing the piano. He even enjoyed playing football and fencing and reading classical Greek literature in its original form. At the University, he was also a member of the Sigma Chi fraternity


Post College, where William Christopher made his first acting appearance with the Barn Stormers Theater Group. That was New England’s oldest summer theater. Then he moved to New York City to look after recreational matters and provide himself with full exposure and opportunities. However, after much struggle, he found many roles for himself only in regional production. After appearing in local productions, he landed himself an off-Broadway production for “Hostage” in Sheridan Square. Eventually, she made her way to Broadway with the British Revolution, the ‘Beyond the Fountain’ theater.

Banking on the ever-expanding realm of entertainment, he moved to New York and tried his luck on the small screen, which promised a prosperous future. Later, she has appeared on a number of shows, including ‘Death Valley Days’, ‘The Patty Duke Show’, ‘Shiloh to Men’, ‘The Love Boat’ and ‘Good Times’. He even got a recurring role in ‘Gomer Pyle’, ‘America’s MCC’ and ‘The Girl and Hogan’s Hero’. • While his television career was going well, he played two roles in feature films, including ‘Fortune Cookie’ and ‘Wrongs You Get Aged’, a Dorsey Day movie.

Other films he worked on include, ‘Private Navy of Sergeant. O’Farrell, and ‘Heart of the West’. In addition, he played the supporting role in the telefilm ‘The Movie Maker’, ‘The Deals of Pollins’, and ‘His Love for Love’. It was her brilliant performance in ‘Hoggins’ Heroes’ and’ That Girl ‘that led to her auditioning for a role in the television drama, “M A S H”. The series was inspired by a 1970 film that is Richard Hooker’s Korean War novel.

Interestingly, during the audition, instead of relying on the script, it completely advertised its lines, ignoring the self-generated ecology. Also, as such, George Morgan was offered the role of U.S. Army challenger Captain John Francis Patrick Mulcahy. Morgan was dropped from the show because of the need for complete qualification and suicide. Christopher was then offered the role but it remains on the lines that were given to him.

Work In MMASH Series

What started out as a recurring role in the MMASH series eventually grew into a major cast member. In the early days, Melky’s personality was not fully developed, and thus he portrayed the character as a soft-spoken, young, and timid person. Also, it was only after becoming a permanent member that the Queen’s character got further developed and she was portrayed as a trusted and respected figure. The show lasted for 11 years and the last episode aired on February 28, 1983. His favorite episodes of MASH include “Dear Sis” and “Queen’s War.”

After the end of M-MASH, William Christopher landed his role for two more seasons for the CBS short-lived spin-off series. Her character experiences emotional distress war experience. Furthermore, during the ’80s and ’80s, he appeared in numerous small screen shows, including ‘Louis & Clark: The New Adventure of Superman’, ‘Diagnostic Murder’, ‘Crazy About You’, and ‘Love Wrestling’. Included. And continuing his stride on the big and small screens, he never completely left the theater and starred in numerous productions, including ‘Play for Your Wife’, ‘Miss Over Mrs. Markin’, ‘These Runs Walks in the family ‘,’ Don’t dress for dinner, ‘Rumors’ and ‘Land Me Tanner’.

In addition, he worked with Neil Simon in 1997 on the show, ‘The Odd Couple’. Two years later, he played a challenging role, showing Vincent Van Gogh and Theo. 2012 In 2012, he played seven episodes of the television series, “Days of Our Lives,” starring Father Tabis.

Personal Life & Legacy

He met his married wife, Barbara, on a blind date. They both hit her well and eventually tied up in the marriage bond. William Christopher Sons named John and Ned. His youngest son is autistic. He is a social worker and spends most of his time working for the National Autistic Society to draw attention to autism. Also, he serves as honorary chairman of the National Autistic Society and a member of the Board of Trustees at the Durex Foundation, which provides services for adults with autism and other developmental disorders.

In addition to acting, William Christopher also gave a shot in writing and a book came out, which his wife wrote jointly, titled ‘Mixed Delights’. This book deals with the feelings, reactions, and actions of a family during diagnosis, treatment, and understanding.


Meth This Methodist actor is best known for playing the role of Father Maliki, the father of Catholic priests in the famous television series, ‘M A S H’.

Actor Passed Away

He best known for playing Father Malika on the hit set M * s * s * h, died of lung cancer on Saturday, his agent confirmed to The Hollywood Reporter. He was 84 years old. Agent Christopher died at his home in Pasadena at 5 am on New Year’s Eve, according to a statement from his agent. The statement reads, “Two weeks ago, William Christopher suffered the worst.” “The hospice started at his home this week, and he left peacefully this morning without pain.”

M fellow M * A * S * H ​​star Loretta Sweet, who played Major Margaret “Hot lips” Hollyhan, told TRR in a separate statement: “Our beloved Bill and his goodness are a paradise. I never complained or lost my temper. Everyone loved it. A great sense of humor and a great human friend. William Christopher was the winner of TV as a mullah. Wee has become a controversial peer, It is one of the most excellent casting fairs ever. Maybe he was responsible for more people coming back. In the church If God is near, then surely He will receive the Bill with open arms.

Also, the actor has guest-starred on numerous TV shows such as The Patty Duke Show and Good Times such as Gomer Pyle, landing his recurring role as a Private Lester Hummel on U.S.M.C. Later, Christopher took part in his most recognizable role, Father Francis Maloki, in 1972 and played that role until the end of the sitcom in 1983. He made his appearance in the follow-up series of C Comicum, after M.Com A * S * H. From 1983 to 1985. Furthermore, the actor recently appeared on several episodes of Our Day of Life in 2012. • He died a year after M * A * S * H.

William Christopher

Some Important Facts

General Chat Lounge His grandmother wanted him to be a minister like his grandfather, who was the founder of the First Methodist Church of Chicago. Also, he enrolled in college plays, attending college fencing, football, and street clubs. Broad Beyond the British Review Make your Broadway career in the fridge. Ignored the script and decided to ad-hoc the lines during his MA * s * h auditions.

1996 Heading touring with Neil Simon’s The Odd Couple’s Jamie Ferre, former M * A * S * H ​​assist, in 1996-97. Along with his wife Barbara about raising children with autism, the author’s book Nemat; his son Ned is autistic. Also, he served as honorary chairman of the National Autistic Society. Greeks can read the classic Homer in the original Greek text.


  • Wesleyan University, Middletown, Connecticut, United States (1954) 

William Christopher Net worth

Although Christopher died in 2016 his net worth is estimated to be 8 million Although Christopher’s death in 2016 William Christopher estimated at 8 million. As of 2024, William Christopher Net Worth $8 million USD.

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William Christopher had more than 38 followers on Twitter. He is a very popular personality in social media and he personally shared his photos and videos to his social media sites to engage his fans. Here are some social media links available to follow William Christopher. William Christopher age 84 years.

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