Top 10 Richest YouTubers in 2024

Top 10 Richest YouTubers

Top 10 Richest YouTubers 2024

Top Ten Richest YouTubers: You and I are certain we make them thing in like manner when viewing YouTube recordings, we skirt the advertisements and bounce straight in viewing the video. Consider it, have you at any point pondered whoever required significant investment and made that video for you have the right to be paid? The contribution of work the person put in for you?

Indeed, I am not here to disclose to you how to watch those recordings on YouTube, however, simply consider it. Google claims YouTube, and it takes 45% of the sponsor’s cash as the video maker gets 55% of each dollar paid by the promoters. So for the individuals who love skipping advertisements, you certainly deny the substance maker some income for his work. In any case, there those substance makers out there who have made it with YouTube making a huge number of dollars.

Here is a rundown of the world’s Richest YouTubers on the planet as of March 2024.

Name of Richest YouTubers Age as of 29th March 2024 Net Worth As of March 2024
1. Jeffree Star 34 years old $50 million
2. DanTDM 28 years old $30 million
3. PewDiePie 30 years old $30 million
4. Markiplier 30 years old $24 million
5. Ryan Kaji 9 years old $26 million
6. Dude Perfect N/A $20 million
7. VanossGaming 27 years old $20 million
8. Logan Paul 24 years old $20 million
9. John Green 42 years old $17 million
10. Lilly Singh 31 years old $16 million
Jeffree Star Richest YouTubers
Jeffree Star Richest YouTubers

1. Jeffree Star

Net Worth: $50 million
Subscribers: 17.1 million
Earnings: $17 million

Jeffree Star – Richest YouTubers: Jeffree Star YouTube Channel’s name is Jeffree Star. He is a cosmetics craftsman and, throughout the years, has developed to turn out to be so effective. He possesses a cosmetics line known as Jeffree Star Cosmetics; this organization was advanced on his YouTube channel.

In 2018 alone, he is said to have made an incredible $18 million from his YouTube Channel. Aside from YouTube, he is additionally a lyricist, Makeup craftsman, DJ, and Internet Celebrity Model. Jeffree Star is the richest YouTuber with total assets of roughly $50 million as of March 2024. He posts recordings looking into Makeup items. He has 17.6 million endorsers on his channel. Jeffree Star makes a month to month salary of around $7.3k – $117k.


2. DanTDM

Net Worth: $30 million
Subscribers: 21 million
Earnings: $16.5 million

Richest YouTubers: Admirers of gaming on the web know about Daniel Robert Middleton; he is a YouTuber and Professional gamer who is of British plunge. He is well known for computer games like Minecraft, Pokémon, and Roblox. His YouTube channel has been positioned among the top in the United Kingdom, and in 2015 he was recorded as the most mainstream YouTuber basing on viewership.

DanTDM worth $30 million as of March 2024. Having begun his divert in 2013, he has increased over 22.5 million supporters. He has additionally featured in his own arrangement known as YouTube Red; aside from YouTube, he likewise has distributed a realistic novel which was recorded among the New York Best Seller.


3. PewDiePie

Net Worth: $30 million
Subscribers: 102 million
Earnings: $15.5 million

Arvid Ulf Kjellberg is his genuine name, having picked up prevalence in gaming content creation throughout the years. His channel has held the title of being the most-bought in Channel for over five years, that is from 2013 to 2024. He is of Swedish nationality. He posts activity computer games and repulsiveness when he began, yet with time his style of substance creation moved to Vlogs, organized shows, music recordings, and parody shorts.

Because of his prevalence, he was named by Time as one of the 100 most persuasive individuals. PewDiePie assessed to be worth around $30 million as of March 2024. He has an incredible 103 million endorsers on YouTube. His posts altogether have been seen over 24.9 multiple times; the name of his YouTube channel is PewDiePie.

He is evaluated to win around $69.6k-$1.1 million month to month. He has been positioned as the fourth as far as the number of endorsers. Throughout the years, he has gotten exceptionally effective and now has an attire line. In 2024, he declared that he would step away from following a few changes, and this has drastically affected his pay, which is by all accounts declining.

Ryan Kaji
Ryan Kaji

4. Ryan Kaji

Net Worth: $26 million
Subscribers: 24.8 million
Earnings: $26 million

Kaji is one of the youthful richest YouTubers. Stunning how one can be so rich at such a youthful age. He launched his YouTube vocation at four years old where he featured in recordings in his own YouTube channel, the channel was known as Ryan Toys where he assessed toys.

His recordings likewise included his folks and sister. Later the channel was renamed to Ryan world. He has developed and become throughout the years and now possesses a Toy-line, App, and TV. The video that has the most perspectives is “Tremendous Eggs Surprise Toys Challenge,” which pulled in 1.3 billion watchers on YouTube.

He is evaluated to have total assets of around $22 million as of March 2024. In 2024 alone, he was assessed to gain an incredible $26 million out of a solitary year. He is positioned as the most noteworthy workers on the 2024 Forbes list, two years straight. He has around 22.5 million YouTube Subscribers.


5. Markiplier

Net Worth: $24 million
Subscribers: 24.8 million
Earnings: $13 million

being among the most worthwhile specialty that content makers have used to bring in cash on YouTube. Imprint Edward Fischbach is among the gaming YouTubers; he is famous for his entertaining Video Games Playthroughs on YouTube. Having begun in 2012, he has amassed a gigantic chasing after on Instagram of 25 million endorsers.

His one-of-a-kind style is the thing that has pulled in this monstrous after; his videogame analysis includes reviling, hollering, and shouting. Imprint has likewise shown up on a few shows as a voice on-screen character. His YouTube Videos have around 12.5 billion perspectives altogether. He is evaluated to have total assets of around $24 million as of March 2024. His month-to-month profit is evaluated to be around $40,000-$600,000. This is the way he has earned his riches throughout the years.

Dude Perfect
Dude Perfect

6. Dude Perfect

Net Worth: $20 million
Subscribers: 48.4 million
Earnings: $20 million

Man Perfect is made of Corry and Cobby Cotton, who are twins, Garret Hilbert, Cody Jones, and Tyler Toney. Every one of them was flatmates in school, and they went to Texas A&M University. Their YouTube channel is the second most bought on sports channel on YouTube.

Their recordings are of themselves portraying some stunt shots like container flipping. They at times transfer recordings engaging among themselves, guided by a lot of rules. Their recordings rotate around six arrangements, which are Tricks hots, Stereotypes, Battles, Overtime, Bucket rundown, and Games with results. Their most acclaimed is Trick shots.

Fella Perfect is assessed to be worth around $20 million as of March 2024, with more than 49 million supporters on YouTube. Their month-to-month profit from YouTube is assessed to be around $636k-848k. They have a guess of 10.2 billion perspectives on their posts on YouTube. Since their beginning, they have developed and have propelled their portable application, TV program, and draft.


7. VanossGaming

Net Worth: $20 million
Subscribers: 24 million
Earnings: $15.5 million

VanossGaming: Fong, who is otherwise called “VanossGaming” is a Canadian YouTube computer game observer, his montage-style recordings on YouTube have pulled in a lot of fans. He posts recordings that highlight himself playing with different makers. His style of recordings is among montage and assemblage.

The straightforwardness wherein he displays in his game is one of a kind and has frequently been depicted as a gathering of companions snickering, talking, and making jokes. His substance has earned him designations for grants like the Shorty Award under the class of Tech and Innovation. He made his YouTube channel on 15 September 2011.

YouTube Channel has a sum of 11 billion video sees on the entirety of his posts. The channel has roughly 24.8 million supporters positioning as the 63rd most bought in a channel on YouTube starting in 2024. He is evaluated to have total assets of $20 million as of March 2024; his month-to-month pay is assessed to be between $27.1k-433k.

Logan Paul
Logan Paul

8. Logan Paul

Net Worth: $20 million
Subscribers: 20.1 million
Earnings: $14.5 million

Logan Paul: Video creation is additionally another way that has picked up distinction throughout the years. YouTubers utilize this to communicate their sentiments on a specific topic. Logan Paul is popular for his Impulsive web recording in November 2018. In spite of the fact that he began making content first on the vine where he posted portrayals, the conclusion of Vine saw the introduction of Paul YouTube divert in August 2015, which picked up energy extra time and turned into his most bought in channel ever on the web. Paul is additionally an entertainer and has been included in a couple of shows like Law and Order.

His YouTube channel has more than 20 million endorsers and an aggregate of around 4.8 billion perspectives. It positioned the 54th bought in divert in the USA and gave Paul a spot among the 140 bought in channels on YouTube. Logan Paul has a Net Worth of $20 million as of March 2024; his month-to-month salary is evaluated to be inside $25.6k-$409k. This is the means by which Logan Alexander Paul has picked up his riches throughout the years. Despite the fact that in 2017 he confronted a few contentions after he posted a video that had a dead body while shooting in Japan, he lost a few fans because of this, yet, he positions among the top.

John Green
John Green

John Green

Net Worth: $17 million
Subscribers: 3.3 million
Earnings: $676k-$10.8k

John Green is a prestigious writer who has, throughout the years, picked up popularity by composing smash hit books like “The Fault in our Stars.” He sees YouTube as a rewarding method to win cash as an afterthought. Green and his sibling Hank propelled their YouTube channel, which is classified” Vlog Brothers,” after which they have propelled plenty of projects on YouTube.

Their work on YouTube incorporates Project for Awesome and Vidcon and others, including Crash Courses, where they post instructive courses showing History, Literature, and Science and others that they have made throughout the years.

John Green is evaluated to have total assets of roughly $17 million as of March 2024. Their channel the VlogBrothers is evaluated to gain a measure of between $676k-$10.8k every month.

Lilly Singh Richest YouTubers
Last Richest YouTubers Lilly Singh

10. Lilly Singh

Net Worth: $16 million
Subscribers: 14.9
Earnings: $4k-$64.6k

Known by his star name “Superwoman,” Lilly Singh is a big deal YouTube Content maker. She made her YouTube divert in October 2010 under her nom de plume, the thought for this name as clarified by Lily is because of her youth thought that she accepted she could do anything. She at that point began a subsequent channel called SuperwomanVlogs, which is currently alluded to as Lilly Singh Vlogs. The Vlog’s posts incorporated the annals of her day by day exercises. The other channel she used to post recordings until 2014 at that point changed over it today by day Vlogs.

Lilly Singh Net Worth is evaluated to be $16 million as of March 2024 with a month to month pay of roughly $4k-$64.6k. She has 14.9 million endorsers on her YouTube Channel.

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