Top 13 Blackjack Books for Modern Players in 2024 – Unveiling the Secrets of Successful Gambling

Top 13 Blackjack Books for Modern Players

Books are great for education and can provide you with extensive information on a particular subject. Unfortunately, the Internet revolution has caused many people to give up reading a book and prefer instant access to small bits of information using online resources.

Using the Internet as an information source is great, but often people who are interested in receiving more detailed and in-depth information find that the Internet sometimes falls short in providing all the information they need.

Our website provides all the educational tools new players need to master the game of blackjack as well as advanced strategies and tips for experienced players to improve their game and increase their chances of winning at non-GamStop casinos.

However, for those seeking an even greater understanding of the game and the complex math that guides it, there are books written by highly skilled mathematicians and successful professional players. Below are the top 13 blackjack books.

1. Beat the Dealer

Beat the Dealer

The best-selling book published over forty years ago, it describes Thorp’s playing strategy, card counting system, and details of the computerized tests he performed on his card counting system using the MIT supercomputer. This book was the first to scientifically demonstrate that card counting works to change the house edge and shift the odds in the player’s favor.

2. Million Dollar Blackjack

Million Dollar Blackjack

Published over 20 years ago, it is still regarded as a classic book written by one of the best card counters ever. The book offers five levels of strategic blackjack play from beginner to professional, all based on Uston’s Advanced Point Count system. In addition, the book details the exciting life of playing professional blackjack and a lot of other stories.

3. Blackbelt in Blackjack

Blackbelt in Blackjack

A great book for beginners that offers lots of tips and tricks to help new players develop good playing strategies. The book gives you card counting techniques from A to Z and provides tools to master them. In addition, the book offers techniques to help the card counters avoid being discovered. This book is perfect for all card counters from beginner to intermediate level.

4. Playing Blackjack as a Business

Playing Blackjack as a Business

The best blackjack book at the time of publication. It’s dated a bit since then, but it’s still a must for anyone who wants to master the game. The book clearly explains the math behind basic blackjack playing strategy. It offers color-coded strategy tables that aid in the memorization process and offers three different card-counting systems.

5. Professional Blackjack by Stanford Wong

Professional Blackjack by Stanford Wong

One of the best-selling books ever written on blackjack, it offers information on card counting for every level, from simple to expert. The book provides details on counting strategies for all blackjack rule variations in a clear and concise manner, and it also includes many unusual rule variations. It provides a statistical analysis of the game and is recommended for players with some blackjack experience.

6. Theory of BlackjackTheory of Blackjack

One of the best blackjack books written by one of the greatest blackjack game analysts. Although written more than twenty years ago, it is still considered one of the most in-depth books as far as the mathematical analysis of the game is concerned. This book is not recommended for people who dislike math or light-hearted players who are not very concerned with the math aspects of the game.

7. Blackjack Attack

Blackjack Attack

This book is written by one of the lesser-known blackjack strategists, but one who is well respected in the blackjack circle. Before you start reading you should have a complete grasp of basic blackjack strategy and it is recommended for any player who wants to get serious about card counting.

8. Burning the Tables in Las Vegas

Burning the Tables in Las Vegas

This book is the successor to Turning the Tables in Las Vegas from 1970. The book is mainly about how to avoid being discovered by casino staff while counting cards. It offers many ideas for camouflaging players and their activities. Ian Andersen is a secretive person and little is known about him except that he holds several PhDs and was a successful stock market speculator.

9. The World’s Greatest Blackjack Book

The World's Greatest Blackjack Book

Published more than twenty years ago, it is still one of the best books for High-Opt I and High-Opt II card counting strategies. It also includes many details on more complicated card-counting techniques. This book is suitable for beginners and more advanced players who are advised to skip the first part and go straight to the more complex card-counting systems.

10. Blackjack Blueprint

Blackjack Blueprint

A comprehensive book recommended for any player who wants to familiarize himself with every aspect of the game. The book covers basic strategy, card counting techniques, team play methods, shuffle tracking, blackjack tournaments, and blackjack cheating. Written in a coherent and non-technical manner, this book is ideal for intermediate players.

11. Blackjack for Blood

Blackjack for Blood

Bryce Carlson is one of the few writers who uses a nice and easy style of writing to explain the game and the best tactics to people. You should therefore see it as a good introductory book that goes deep but explains how it works from the start.

It consists of different parts such as part 1 the basic strategy, part 2 counting the cards, and of course, the available variations. Ideal for the player who is just starting and wants to know exactly how it works and how you can play profitably as a hobby in the long term.

12. Blackjack Bluebook II

Blackjack Bluebook II

Blackjack Bluebook I was an unmitigated hit. It works well, people loved it! Blackjack Bluebook II takes a closer look at this. It is about concepts and a playing strategy that is not difficult but gets straight to the point. You will also see examples of certain hands where players often make the wrong choices.

13. Play Like the Pros

Play Like the Pros


One of the most famous poker players, Phil Hellmuth Jr, gives us in this book the best strategies to apply to play profitably. Phil Hellmuth Jr is not a theoretician or an amateur but rather a professional gambler who has won nine books about poker and blackjack.

So, you can know that this book is one of the best books that money can buy. Here the author explains the exact percentages and how you can get a profit in the long run when applying the basic strategy. In short, highly recommended!

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