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What is Berkey Water Filter

Berkey Water Filter’s goal is to provide a purification and filtration system that can help your body eliminate. Berkey Water Filter reduces toxins as much as possible without eliminating all those healthy and beneficial minerals.

The brake water filter system is more powerful than any gravity filter element currently available. The micropores inside the Berkey Water Filter System are so small that viruses and pathogenic bacteria cannot easily reach them. Also, Berkey Water Filter Sizes had different options for selecting sizes. Berkey Water Filter Stand is also available.

What Does Berkey Water Filter Remove?

Scientifically tested and proven, brackish water filters contain microfilaments that can filter sediment and remove dirt that is caused by chemicals and disease-causing microorganisms such as harmful viruses and other dangerous bacteria

  1. Remove the Filter
  2. Fluoride – extracted for more than 99.9%.
  3. Virus – removed for more than 99.9%.
  4. Pathogenic bacteria – removed for more than 99.9%.
  5. Lead – withdrawn for more than 99.9%.
  6. Arsenic – Extracted for more than 99.9%.
  7. Iron – extracted for more than 99.9%.
  8. Mercury – Extracted for more than 99.9%.
  9. Chlorine – extracted for more than 99.9%.
  10. Tri Halomethane (THM) – Extracted for more than 99.8%.
  11. Bisphenol-A – extracted for more than 99.9%.
  12. Chloramine – extracted for more than 99.9%.
  13. Pharmaceuticals – withdrawn for more than 99.5%.

Many water filters on the market could claim to be a water apparatus, however, they don’t meet the performance specifications needed for this classification. To be classified as a water apparatus, a water treatment device should take away a minimum of 99.9999% of morbific microorganisms and cut back viruses by 99.99%.

The Berkey Water Filter will be classified as water purifiers as a result of they take away 99.9% of morbific microorganism and 99.999% of viruses, which greatly exceeds the quality. The filter formulation of Berkey systems (Black Berkey Purification Element) has been tested by State, and Environmental Protection Agency licensed laboratories to exceed NSF/ANSI customary fifty-three.

Does the Berkey water filter remove fluoride?

Yes, the Black Berkey Water Filter Purification components will at the start cut back halide to larger than 99.9%. However, the potency of removing halide begins to lose when a number of hundred gallons. to cut back halide effectively, you’ll still have to be compelled to use extra post-filters that job in conjunction with the Black Berkey Filters in your system, which is named the Berkey PF-2 components. a collection of Berkey PF-2 components will take away halide for up to 1,000 gallons.

The Berkey PF2 halide filter will be increased to the Black Berkey Water components to eliminate impurities like arsenic, MTBE, halide, and different serious metals. it’ll take away any varieties of inorganic halide salts. All halide salts are soluble in water. therefore, it doesn’t matter what halide salts that are within the water. The halide is present as an ion wherever the media can absorb halide ions in water.

Test Results

  • New Jersey: The results make sure that the Berkey filter will take away chloramines, prescribed drugs, pesticides, significant metals, and different harmful parts within the water.
  • Bisphenol-A: that may be a common endocrine disruptor found in PET plastic bottles. The bottles were removed to larger than 99.9% Once the drinking water was poured into the Barkey.
  • Chloramine is currently the substitute of the foremost filling station to element. For water medical care was additionally removed to larger than 99.9%.
  • Pharmaceuticals are currently a giant concern within the water that affects the health of individuals, however when the testing, Berkey removed larger than 99.5% of it within the water. Moreover, due to the leakage of oil around the world, our water is contaminated with fossil fuels.
  • Petroleum pollution (gasoline, diesel, crude oil, kerosene, mineral spirits, refined oils) was removed by more than 99.9%. Water does not have the effect of spraying only oil, though it is also a pesticide. As a result, when tested, these pesticides additionally .999. removed. Was also removed by a percentage.
  • More than 99.1% of the heavy harmful metals were removed when it was completely crushed.
  • When testing was done, coliforms and E. coli were additionally increased by up to 99.9%.

Compare with other filtration systems

Berkey Water Filter

Environmental pharmacology Laboratory, LA

Another laboratory conducted a series of tests for the Berkey filter. The results show that filters are opening a new norm for gravity open water filtration and purification systems. Additional new potential contaminants that show a major reduction of 95th or larger in Nitrites, MBAs or thiazine Active Substances, and Arsenic.

It is terribly exceptional that all told testing conducted on Berkey Water Filters, the reduction occurred in way over the reportage limit for {every} check which suggests that the level of decline was achieved in each case. Not solely that it absolutely was achieved, however it additionally exceeds the testing limitation of the laboratory. (ASI).

In addition to microbiological testing, analysis, and consultation, the Barki water filters were tested. The target of the examination for the Berkey filter was to ascertain preliminary information relating to the efficaciousness of infectious agent removal or inactivation from clean water.

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After a series of testing, the Berkey Filter showed an excellent result that once more exceeded the expectation of the laboratory. The results of the leach management sample counsel that no active antimicrobial agent is leach In treated water.

Below the check conditions, the Berkey filter exceeded the minimum log reduction necessities such as for all 3 styles of microorganisms. The 3 laboratories examining the effectiveness of the brake filter showed importance. Also, the results prove that the brake water filters will clean the water, not just the water. The results were strictly positive and had exceeded the expectations of every laboratory.

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