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Venessa Villanueva Bio-Wiki

Venessa Villanueva is an American actress best known for her work in the 2011 action film, Memphis Rising: Elvis Returns. But, of course, she became accustomed to fame after marrying Chris Perez, a musician, and guitarist for Selena Y. Los Dinos, a Tijuana band. However, the end of their fairytale love story did not go as well as the couple separated afterward. So, find out more about this actress right now.

Venessa Villanueva is an American actress born and raised in the States. But she did not give any detailed information about her life. Therefore, its date of birth is not known at this time. But it is assumed that she will be in her late 30s.

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Likewise, she is of American nationality and is of Mexican American origin. Her parents had migrated to Mexico before she was born. Since Venessa is an interviewer, she doesn’t know much about life. She is 34 years old.

Life and Career

Information about Venessa’s education and parents cannot be found. However, it is known that Venessa Villanueva married Chris Perez in October 2001 and gave birth to two children. John Zara, a mutual friend, introduced them and spent three years dating between 1998 and 2001 before bonding to their marriage.

Their children’s names are Cassie and Noah Perez. Kids are also into music – Casey plays French horn, and enjoys listening to her father playing guitar. Venessa and Chris both take great pride in their children and care deeply for them,

Even Chris posts pictures with them on Instagram. After seven years of married marriage, in 2008, Venessa and Chris decided to divorce and to this day have chosen to stay out of the light. According to sources, he drank separately and that is why Venessa filed for divorce from her alien husband.

Other sources claim that it was difficult for him to leave the memories of his deceased wife, Selena, as well as her family, Venessa, and he even commented that he wanted to dig gold. Wanted to have a luxurious life, and to lead an expensive lifestyle Some sources say that for the final settlement of the property, she even wanted to take away all her property.

And left it without any money. Venessa Villanueva is currently not seeing anyone and seems to be devoted to her children rather than looking for a boyfriend. Chris was really upset with the divorce and said: ‘Divorce is a pain in the ass, especially when people try to start a drama with you. But fortunately, there is peace now. ‘

Venessa Villanueva Married and Kids

Venessa Villanueva is the former wife of Chris Perez (guitarist). The two had to live together for almost a decade. Venessa filed for divorce, ending her relationship. The couple met and started dating in 1998, and got married in 2006 after dating for almost 8 years.

But their marriage lasted for almost two years. Their health did not recover and neither could the children help them separate. Venessa Villanueva and Chris have two children, a son and a daughter named Cassie and Noah.

Venessa Villanueva Net Worth
Venessa Villanueva

Cause of Venessa Divorce with Chris Perez

However, the relationship between Venessa and Chris deteriorated as the couple officially divorced in 2008. Chris was due to accusing Chris of his wild outdoor activities in Venessa behind the couple’s separation and eventual divorce. Venessa Villanueva also claimed that Chris was fond of using too much alcohol and recreational drugs. He had never taken good care of her while he was busy with the party avoiding her.

It was also reported that Venessa demanded all of Perez’s property and assets as part of the final property settlement. The final legal separation was made for the couple. She was even labeled as the Lady of Luxury by Perez’s family. The reason for their names is the luxury and extravagant lifestyle in which Venessa is involved.


Venessa Villanueva Actress

Venessa Villanueva managed to find recent work in the film industry and contributed to the preparation of the two-piece. Her IMD record states that Venessa Villanueva helped create “Memphis Rising: Elvis Returns” in 2011 and also participated a bit in “Forgotten Memories” 2015. All of this has happened since her divorce from her former husband, which means she is trying to branch out and use her popularity in many new ways.

Venessa Villanueva Net worth

Venessa Villanueva Sun grew up in the entertainment industry in 2011 when she became a member of the action movie Memphis Rising: Elvis Returns. She was in the Camera and Electrical Department and became one of the unit’s electricians while she was in the film.

As of 2024, Venessa Villanueva Net Worth is $100000 USD.

It is estimated at $ 100,000 a thousand. In 2015, she played the role of Gabby Valdes in the short American TV series First Memories. Following the separation of her former husband Chris, her career took a significant step forward. She succeeded in celebrating her popularity in her own way.

What is Chris Perez’s net worth?

$1 million USD.

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