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DAT is short for Dental Admission Test, and it’s one of the crucial tests in the US and Canada for those who want to study dental medicine. First, we must emphasize that the Canadian and American versions are different, but a DAT test passed in Canada is valid for dental schools in the US and vice versa. And now that we have that clear, let’s see what these tests actually mean.

Your DAT test generally consists of an exam in natural sciences, perceptual ability, reading comprehension, and quantitative reasoning. In the first part, there are questions from biology, general chemistry, and organic chemistry. The second part has six problems that assess perceptual ability, while in the third section, you have to write three academic essays according to the given instructions. In the final part, basic mathematics is used to check logical thinking.

And what should you do to prepare for this test?

Understand All Sections of The Exam

We’ve already explained what a DAT test entails, and it’s up to you to commit and study. We must emphasize that it is not about general knowledge because dentistry is a serious branch that requires dedication, willingness, and knowledge.

Knowledge of biology and chemistry is crucial, while you need general mathematics to be able to practice your logic, insight, and correct reasoning. You will often have to make different decisions related to the patient, so every part of the test is important.

Create a Study Plan

Create a Study Plan

Now that you know the structure of the DAT exam, it’s important to make a plan. The logical part of the tests does not require preparation, but for biology, chemistry, and mathematics, you definitely need a study plan.

Therefore, make a schedule in which you know exactly how much time you devote to each area. You can devote equal time to each section or reduce where you are better and strengthen in weaker areas.

Already in the first week, you will know which subject you do best with studying, so you can adapt your plan accordingly. At this stage, you can use anything that helps you, from fancy notebooks to colorful pens and markers. You can write down notes or use whatever method is best suited to your capabilities.

So you are preparing for the next step:

Follow the Official Study Materials

The American Dental Association offers official study materials. These materials are prepared specifically for your exam, and if you follow them, you will know exactly what you need to learn. Of course, these materials also contain examples from previous exams, but this does not guarantee that you will receive the same questions and tasks. Rather, this serves as an orientation to prepare you for the test.

We recommend that you provide these materials, as they can make a very big difference in how you plan your time and which part of the test you should focus on.

Check Your Current Knowledge

Check Your Current Knowledge

For all those who are serious about studying dentistry, the natural sciences are something that should be taught continuously throughout the education system. So it doesn’t hurt to go back to the basics to see what you might have forgotten or if there are any new scientific developments in the field.

Ensure you have a solid understanding of fundamental concepts in these areas. Review textbooks, lecture notes, and online resources to reinforce your knowledge. Try to find online resources so you can assess your current knowledge. Also, find practical exercises that could be useful for you or solve problems in chemistry. You may have forgotten something, but we believe most of the material will require only reminders to return to full knowledge.

Pay Attention to Other Parts of The Exam

Pay Attention to Other Parts of The Exam

The perceptual ability test and the final for comprehension and quantitative reasoning are also quite important, and many future students do not pay enough attention to them.

You need to develop so-called visual logic and solve problems.

Also, read scientific sources as well as your favorite literature. Practice summarizing main ideas, identifying key details, and making inferences. Solve practical problems and work on time management techniques to improve your efficiency.

Simulate an Exam

Before taking the actual exam, you can do a simulation. Combine questions from different sources and try to focus on your knowledge. That way, you will easily see which areas you need to improve and which areas you are already good at.

Here you can use help from someone who is in a similar situation as you. If you know someone taking the DAT test, you can easily compile questions and assess yourself. Interactive learning is really very easy. And even if you don’t have such a person near you, you can ask someone close for help.

Take Care of Yourself

becoming a dentist

Self-care is key to succeeding in your goal of becoming a dentist. Devote enough time to rest, sleep well, eat a balanced diet, and do whatever is good for your mental health. We don’t even need to say that you must drink water, have some walks regularly, and do things that make you happy.

Just follow your learning plan, and even if you can’t do it at some point, take some time, get healed, and continue with your exam preparation.

Believe in yourself and keep a positive attitude as long as possible. That way, you won’t let any barrier get in the way of making your dream, to become a dentist, come true.


As you see, most recommendations require you to be mentally prepared for this huge step into your future. That’s why you don’t have to be too hard on yourself, and take your time to perfectly study for the exam.

We are sure that if you follow our practical tips, you’ll surely organize your time properly, detect the eventual weaknesses, and embrace the challenge the best you can. After that, it’s on you to prove how ready you are to pursue your dream and make a career as a dental medicine doctor.

And we will be here to support you, over and over again.

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