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A concurrent history of the sports hockey player and TV character also serves as the television sports reporter, winning a gold medal at the Olympics and playing the role of a very talented sportsman and part in very clever and beautiful sports. The recipient, too, is Tessa Bonhomme. Tessa Bonhomme was originally from Canada and maintained her Canadian citizenship, where she was born in Ontario, Canada, on July 23, 1985, along with her parents with her sisters. Tessa Bonhomme’s age is 37 years old.

Fifth, 2010, Tessa Bonhomme has been a part of the national women’s team since 2004 when she left the Olympics in Vancouver 2010 and helped Canada win the third Olympics gold medal. The woman completed her 5th IIFF World Women Championship, winning the silver trophy in 2013. She previously won gold in 2009 and 2011 with silver in 2007 and 2012. When she’s not playing with a national group, she plays defense for her Toronto furloughs. The Canadian Women’s Hockey League and the NCAA’s best women’s baseball players were awarded.

Engaged to Eddie Fiore

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Tessa Bonhomme 33, has married her boyfriend Eddie Fiore. The couple tied the knot in Mexico in August 2024, which Tessa described as the best moment of her life. The woman has appeared on two reality TV programs called ‘Wipeout Canada‘ and CBC’s ‘Battle of the Blades‘ where she won the 2012 edition of gold medalist David Pelletier winning the Olympics.

The couple engaged together in February 2024. Her spouse Eddie is a businessman, former athlete, musician. He has also set up a recording studio called House of Chords, Mill Town Sound, and Lil ‘Rockers. Bonhomme has shared photos with several men on her Instagram but these people are known to be mates.

Tessa is 5 feet 7 inches tall with perfect body shape and weighs 140 pounds. Further physical measurements include hip size 33 inches, bra size 35 inches and waist size approximately 25 inches. Furthermore, in 2012, it was named one of the most beautiful athletes on the planet by SportsNet Magazine. In addition, she is well known in social media with a huge following of fans. Tessa shared her birthday with a famous sportscaster, Sergio Dipp.

Early Life and Educational History

Tessa Bonhomme was born July 23, 1985, in Sudbury, Ontario, Canada to Doug Bonhomme and Debbie Bonhomme. Tessa is a Canadian citizen and belongs to the White ethnic group. She has an older sister named Britta Bonhomme. Also, Tessa Bonhomme completed her bachelor’s degree from Ohio State University and a bachelor’s degree where Clark Kellogg, another sportscaster, also attended.

Personal Life Tessa Bonhomme

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Is she cheating? She has not been married yet, yes happy people she is still unmarried, so her husband is unlikely. According to her Twitter, Facebook and Instagram accounts and some wiki originals, we found out she was still a virgin. And there was no news about her relationship, nor any boyfriend. That was not enough, but we also discovered some interesting facts about the fact that she is dating someone romantically.

“Happiest Birthday Wishes”

How to tell if Tessa Bonhomme loves you we discovered that she had a relationship with Jack’s title, but the woman never revealed the gossip too. But people associate her as David Pelletier’s spouse but she is married. In addition, she explains that they are best friends. So the woman is really a secret man who completely wraps up her private bio. Hopefully, she will get married soon and will also reveal her details and information.

Personal Information

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Birth Name: Tessa Bonhomme
Father Name: Doug Bonhomme
Mother Name: Debbie Bonhomme
Date of Birth: 1985, July 23
Nationality: American
Birth-Place: Sudbury, Ontario, Canada
Profession: Sports Reporter
Marital Status: Un-Married
Hair Colour: Blonde
Eye Colour: Dark Brown
Ethnicity: White
Weight: 140 lbs
Tessa Bonhomme Height: 1.7m
Tessa Bonhomme Net Worth: $2 Million
Tessa Bonhomme Boyfriend: Eddie Fiore

Tessa Bonhomme Net Worth & Salary

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The Canadian baseball player with Canadian cricket media diva Tessa Bonhomme is estimated to be worth more than $2 million. Furthermore, she receives more money for a salary because of her outstanding performance and superior player. In addition to some commercial advertising and sponsorships, she earns internationally, her sports and some club hockey games.

According to her Twitter accounts, she spends a lot of money on entertaining and shopping with friends, which she presents with expensive fashion wear and decoration. It seems that the woman is perfectly happy and full of her full cost and wages. Moreover, I wish Tessa could make a huge amount of money within her future and become a millionaire online personality.

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