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Tanya Alford, a “first lady” of Nevada basketball, gained popularity through her husband, Steve Alford, a former NBA player who currently serves as head coach at the University of Nevada. Also, Tanya was born on December 4, 1978, in Indiana, where Tanya attended Indiana University with her current husband. Tanya Alford is a family lady who has successfully managed her family and currently, with her husband, they have two sons who are also famous NBA players.

Tanya Alford Married Steve Alford

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Also, Tanya is married to a former NBA player who is the head coach of the Mountain West Conference Nevada Wolf Pack. The couple exchanged their marriage in 1987 and since then the couple has been in an intimate marital relationship. When she started dating each other in high school, she was in the mood for her husband.

Tanya and Steve are the parents of three children, a beautiful daughter Kayla and two sons, Bryce and Kory and they are all in their 20s. The couple knew each other since they were children and they studied in the fifth grade. They are both from Newcastle, Indiana and attended Indiana College together. Tanya even lost her senior prom to watch Steve play in a tournament in Pittsburgh.

Who Is Steve Alford?

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Steve Alford is an American basketball coach, retired player, and recently signed on as the head coach of the University of Nevada’s basketball team, Nevada Wolf Pack. Prior to that, he coached Manchester, Southwest Missouri State, Iowa, and New Mexico, and was honored three times by the MWC Coach.

Steve Alford Highlights Vs Utah Jazz

Her husband, Steve, began his professional career in 1987 when he was selected 26th overall by the Dallas Mavericks in the second round of the 1987 NBA Draft. He retired after 4 years of career and started coaching in 1991.

Athlete Sons Tanya Alford

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Tanya and Steve Alford are very proud parents of their sons, who have followed the path of their father and become a celebrity in the basketball world. Tanya Alford’s son, Bryce Michael Alford, is an American professional basketball player who has played with Oklahoma City Blue and at present with Maddy Beavers. Bryce has won numerous awards such as First Team All-Pac-12, Pac-12 All-Freshman Team, First Team Parade All-American, and New Mexico Gatorade Player of the Year.

Tanya’s second son, Kory is a former basketball player at Alford College who played for the UCLA Bruins and currently serves as Wolf Pack’s director of operations. Previously, she spent two seasons with UCLA after playing two seasons for the Bruins in New Mexico as a video analytics coordinator.

Personal Information

Birth Name: Tanya Alford
Date of Birth: October 15, 1981
Nationality: American
Birthplace: Indiana
Marital Status: Married
Hair Colour: Blonde
Eye Colour: Dark Brown
Religion: Christianity
Ethnicity: White
Weight: 84 kg
Tanya Alford Height: 6 feet 3 inches
Children: Kayla, Bryce, and Kory
Tanya Alford Salary: $2.6 Million
Tanya Alford Husband: Steve Alford

How Much Net Worth Does She Have?

Tanya Alford is the wife of a famous basketball coach at Alford College and has a total value of about $17 million. Her husband is also regarded as a leading college basketball coach with Mike Krzyzewski, Tony Bennett, Tom Izzo, etc. Steve Alford signed a 10-year contract with the University of Nevada on April 11, 2024. $ 11.6 million, which runs until April 30, 2029. He will earn an annual salary of 500,000 in 2024 and will be paid the same in 2024.

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Tanya Alford Husband Salary By Year:

Year Salary/ Earnings
2023 $2.6 million
2022 $2.2 million
2021 $1.9 million

In 2013, Steve Alford was the head coach of the UCLA Bruins Men’s Basketball Team and at that time signed a seven-year, $18.2 million contract with UCLA, where his annual salary was set at about $2.6 million.  Tanya has been living a luxury ever since she married Steve. The couple has several branded cars, such as Audi, valued at $ 180,000 and the white BMW, priced at $300,000.

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