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Tama Tonga Bio

Alipate Aloisio Leone, better known as Tama Tonga ring, is a Tongan American professional wrestler. Alipate Aloisio Leone was born on October 15, 1982, and is currently working to promote national Japanese professional wrestling. Pro Wrestling’s Bad Boy, Tonga is the most exciting star in sports entertainment with a staggering net worth of $5 million. The NJPW star has raised a lot of money from his career as a wrestler. The average salary for a wrestler is $500,000 a year.


Alipate Aloisio Leone
Alipate Aloisio Leone

Personal Life

Alipate Aloisio Leone is the cousin of the unlucky Fale stable at the Bullet Club, who both spent an early childhood meeting in Tonga, Moa. Alipate Aloisio Leone was in the NJPW dojo at the same time and realized he belonged when a relative commented on the photo posted on social media. In addition to his adoptive brother, Tevita, with whom he wrestles as a destined gorilla in NJPW, Leon’s younger (biological) weigher is also part of NJPW by the name of Leo Tonga. Alipate and Tevita live together in Orlando, Florida, traveling from Japan for a few weeks to three months.

Tonga’s Family and Tama Tonga Wife

Alipate Aloisio Leone and her younger brother, Taula were adopted in 1991 by her aunt and her cousin’s husband, Tonga FifitA. The couple returned to Tonga and her brother’s Poinciana in Florida, where the boys grew up with fellow professional wrestlers – Tevita and Vika.

Alipate Aloisio Leone
Alipate Aloisio Leone

Despite having a media personality with a successful wrestling career, Tama lives a private life and despises media interference. As every sword needs a sheath, the professional wrestler went down the aisle in January 2017 with his beautiful wife. The amazing couple secretly married at a nice event with very few friends and family. Likewise, the couple’s beloved first child is a boy.

Alipate Aloisio Leone WWE Career

According to the legendary wrestler, Tonga, WWE has tried to recruit him multiple times on numerous occasions. However, in an interview for the Starrcast weekend, Tama says he is not interested and is loyal to the company. The trio of Alipate Aloisio Leone, Tanga Loa, and the power of the Lucky Fly rode through the entire NJPW roster. Similarly, the firing squad added senior-junior heavyweight Taiji Ishimore to its ranks. In addition, the infamous group has targeted the WWE Hall of Famer for joining the party ranks. In a recent post on Twitter, Tama, her brother Tanga, and Father Haku posted a photo of themselves standing with former WWE Universal Champion and Hall of Famer, Goldberg.

Alipate Aloisio Leone
Alipate Aloisio Leone

The wrestler is also known for his beef with fellow wrestlers. Similarly, in a Twitter post, the wife of wrestler Cody, Brandi Rhodes, shot at Tama Tonga, which later caught fire. Bad Boy revealed that he has long been affiliated with / owned by the NJPW and is more of a bullet club than Brandi or Elite.

Alipate Aloisio Leone Net Worth and Earnings

Alipate Aloisio Leone is a professional heavyweight wrestler, Tama lives a luxurious and luxurious lifestyle. Tonga collected a net worth of $5 million and an average salary of $ 500,000 at an important event. The professional wrestler, the Tongan warrior, is an original member of the Bullet Club with fellow non-Japanese wrestlers – Prince Devitt, Karl Anderson, and Bad Luck Fale. Similarly, three-time IWGP Tag Team Champion, Tama is also a one-time Openweight 6 Man Tag Team Champion, with a huge salary.  Tonga and his brother, Tonga Loa, have worked as a tag team on the Gorillas of Destiny. Similarly, business partners have an equal share in their ownership. In addition, the average price of the product in the store from $1900. Up to 24.99.

Personal Information:

Birth Name:       Tama Tonga
Date of Birth:  January 8, 1982
Nationality:   American
Profession:     wrestler
Marital Status: Married
Hair Colour:   Black
Eye Colour: Blue
Religion: N/A
Ethnicity:  American
Weight: 95 kg
Height:  6 feet
Children: 2
Alipate Aloisio Leone Net Worth: $5 Million
Ex-Wife: Dorothy Koloamatangi

Other Facts Alipate Aloisio Leone

Alipate Aloisio is an avid user of social media, especially the social media site, Twitter, which has over 100,000 followers. When Alipate Leone began wrestling training, he worked under a number of teachers, including his father, Tonga Fifita, Ricky Santana, and The Dudley Boyz. Right after high school, Leone decided to join the Air Force. He served six years before deciding to go wrestling with his brother. Alipate is not the only family member to have a wrestling career with his father. Brothers and cousins ​​are also all pro wrestlers. It is common for wrestlers to splash out of the ring, and by early 2024, Tama Tonga’s wrestler was in alignment with Roman Reigns.

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