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Susie Hariet Biography

South African Jazz Singer, Susie Hariet is the wife of a famous Hollywood actor, Dan Stevens. Susie is blessed with her three children, Willow Stevens, Aubrey Stevens, and Addison Stevens. Susie Hariet was born in South Africa and after that, she came to England to work in theater as a jazz vocalist and later became a singing teacher. Currently, she lives in Brooklyn Heights, New York with her husband and children. As of 2024, Susie Hariet Net Worth estimated at $2 million USD.

Early Life and Education

Susie Hariet was born in 1982 in South Africa, Susie Hariet Age is 37 years and for this reason, holds South English as her husband with English citizenship. However, he has a white background and is probably a follower of Jesus Christ when it comes to his religion. According to some online sources, Hariet’s mother was a South African actress who influenced her to pursue a career. Susie Hariet Height is unknown.

Career and Professional Life

By profession, Susie Hariet is also the singing teacher and a dancer who was also a jazz singer. Instead of pursuing a career as a music artist, she’s happy to share her music and art skills with her students. Susie Hariet has done his best to keep his professional profile low and for this reason, not much information can be obtained about Susie’s career.

She spent most of his time at some music academy and also played a role as a jazz singer. He has also appeared in films such as Worth (2007), Forget Me Not (2010), The Dark Room (2010). She also appeared in a series with her husband titled High Maintenance.

Susie Hariet Net Worth and Earnings

Susie Hariet, the wife of Dan Stevens, has $2 million in outstanding arrears by 2018. He rose to prominence as a jazz singer through his short-acting and theater performances. Currently, she is earning profession 50K annually from her profession as a singing teacher. Susie began her career as a jazz vocalist and singer and now works as a singing teacher. In addition, Susie has followed Hollywood in her past and starred in Worth (2007), Forgot Me Not (2010), and Dark Room as her past (2010).

Later, Susie decided to continue as a singer rather than an actress, leaving her acting behind. He was given the opportunity to create Stevens’s character, High Maintenance in the series.

However, her husband, Dan Stevens, has $4 million worth to date. He has earned so much from his acting in Hollywood films. He has been part of a masterpiece of the tomb, Beauty and the Beast, at the Tragic Fall of New York Fixer, Night At Museum and Summer February. Susie has been spotted with her star husband Dan on numerous movie events and the red carpet.

As of 2024, Susie Hariet Net Worth estimated at $2 million USD

Wedding and Married Life

The couple, Susie and Dean, met during their theater play in Sheffield in 2006 and the two immediately fell for each other. They date almost 3 years and decided to get married in 2009 when Susie was pregnant with a 6-month-old daughter. Beautiful wife Susie Hariet lives a happy married life with her husband. According to Dean, Susie is always supportive of her acting career and is always supportive of her profession. When Dean was selected for the role of Beast, it was his wife Susie who prepared him for the audition of the song.

The couple has not been involved in any rumors and controversies to date and has been named Hollywood’s most loved couple. No doubt, their love story is nothing less than a fairy tale.

Susie Hariet Net Worth
Susie Hariet Net Worth

Family and Kids

Susie, 42, is the mother of their three children, daughters Will Stevens, and Eden Stevens and son Aubrey Stevens. Their first daughter, Willow, was born the same year they were married in 2009 and the youngest daughter, Eden, married in 2016. However, son Aubrey completed the family in 2012, which is the middle brother of both sisters.

Despite being a child of Hollywood stars, children get a lot of time and care from their parents. To date, Susie has managed to balance her professional and personal life evenly. Right now, Susie is happily living in Brooklyn Heights with her husband and children.

In addition, actress Rebecca Hall, who co-starred with Susan’s husband Dan Stevens in the movie Permission, is the godmother of his older daughter Willow Stevens. He has been allowed to assume the responsibility of the willow’s religious education. Also Read About: Kyle Bornheimer Biography

Personal Information:

Birth Name: Susie Hariet
Birth Place: South Africa
Spouse: Dane Stevens
Ethnicity: African
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Brunette
Nationality: South African
Susie Hariet Net Worth: $2 Million
Children: Willow Stevens, Aubrey Stevens, and Eden Stevens

Quick Facts Of Susie Hariet:

  • Susie Hariet is seven years older than her husband, Dan Stevens.
  • Dan and Susie have three children, Willow, Aubrey, and Addison.
  • Susie gives Rebecca Hall her daughter Willow’s godmother.
  • Susie is a South African jazz singer and currently works as a singing teacher.
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