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Steve Perry Bio

Steve Perry realized early on in life that music was the only purpose of his existence, and he made a lot of effort to perform music in his early teens. He soon joined the famed rock band ‘Travels’ as his lead singer. During this membership, the band achieved great commercial success. It added a clean sound to the band and refreshed it by adding traditional pop elements to it. Although his musical career was seemingly volatile due to some unfortunate events, he nonetheless proved that there was a moral fiber to overcome them all. Steve Perry’s age is 71 years old.


Steve Perry Bio
Steve Perry Bio

Steve Perry is known for being one of the best musical tunes of all time, his friend Jon Bon Joy created a moniker ‘The Voice’ to keep the music elements alive while attracting harmony and rhythm. Had best described his ability. Crossing all the obstacles, he breathed music all his life. In the last phase of his career, he released many solo albums, which were part of his musical pursuit before signing up with ‘Travel’. Currently, he lives in Del Mar, California.

Early Life

Steve Perry was born to Ray Perry, singer and radio station owner of NGS, and his wife, Mary Perry. His family was of Portuguese descent, which led him to speak both English and Portuguese. A few years after his birth, his parents divorced and he moved in with his mother and grandparents. Steve Perry was 14 when his mother met and married Maru, which gave him enough motivation to pursue his music.

His family moved to Lemoore, California, where he attended a local high school and participated in the school’s marching band as well as other bands. He was quite young when he first heard Sam Cook on the radio. Cook’s song ‘Cupid’ inspired him to embrace singing seriously as a full-time career. In his early days, Steve Perry performed his music by joining groups of like-minded friends and performing at local shops in the arts. ‘Silas’ was very useful to all of whom he played drums and sang. It won 80 other bands in the Battle of the Bands in Calaveras.

Steve Perry Wiki
Steve Perry Wiki

Steve Perry attended the College of Sequoias in Wesleyan, California, where he was the first tenor in his song. Although he did not complete his formal education, the composer inside concealed his other attributes. In the early twenties, he moved to Sacramento, where he started ‘Ice’, a band with 16-year-old Scott Matthews (now a famous American composer). But it was soon terminated due to inadequate supervision and poor management.

In 1977, he formed a band ‘Alien Project’ with Craig Krampf, which received a recording contract with Chrysalis and Columbia Records shortly after their first performance. Unfortunately, on July 4th of that year, band expert Richard Michaels died in a car accident.

Professional Career

On October 28, 1977, he publicly stepped down from a “trip” to San Francisco. The band soon moved into the mainstream rock with Perry and released the debut album ‘Infinity’, which led to a significant increase in sales. It included his own song “Lights” which became an instant chartbuster.

In 1979, ‘Evolution’ was released and became a big seller, including the first 20 hit films of the trip, “Love, Touch, Squeeze.” The following year, ‘Escape’ was filled with successful films such as ‘Don’t Believe’. It became the band’s best-selling album, selling over 7 million copies. In 1983, ‘Frontiers’ was released, one of the best-selling albums of the era. That same year, ‘Travel’ took an extensive tour to fund its recording. Thereafter, Perry released his first solo album, ‘Street Talk’, which included his first major hit as ‘Sherry’, a solo artist written for his then-girlfriend Sherry Swofford. A series of unfortunate events forced them to leave the ‘journey’ unofficially in 1986.

Steve Perry Net Worth
Steve Perry Net Worth

After that, he took a seven-year break from the music industry. Steve Perry reunited the reunion album, ‘Trial from the Fire’, in 1996 to enter the third position on the Billboard charts, in 1996, for a great success. But due to a hip injury, he could no longer work with the band. 1998 In 1998, it released “The Biggest Achievements + 5 Released”, a solo compilation album that included an Alien Project demo. In 2005, he performed a number of background vocals and covers alongside ‘Ambrosia’s leading singer, David Peck.

Personal Information:

Birth Name:             Steve Perry
Mother Name:         Mary Perry
Father Name:          Ray Perry
Date of Birth:           January 22, 1949
Nationality:              American
Birth-Sign:               Aquarius
Profession:      Singer/Song Writer
Marital Status:        Un-Married
Hair Colour:   Brown
Eye Colour:      Hazel
Weight: 80 kg
Steve Perry Height:             5 feet 7 inches
Steve Perry Children: 1
Steve Perry Net Worth: $45 Million
Steve Perry Wife: Sherrie Swafford

Major Works

In 1985, Steve Perry was one of 21 singers included in the charity single, ‘We Are the World’, recorded by the supergroup ‘USA for Africa’. It earned him a lot of respect and admiration from his fans all over the United States. 1998 In 1998, he recorded several songs for the soundtrack to the Warner Brothers film, ‘Quest for Camelot’.

It can now be found on Motion Pictures soundtrack. 2006 In 2006, Steve Perry remastered and reissued his two solo projects, “Street Talk” and “For the Love of Strange Medicine” and “The Greatest Achievements” CD. As a result of this illicit program, he returned to Lemoore and decided not to pursue his singing career any further. However, his mother’s support and encouragement did not convince her to give up. Fortunately, Steve Perry soon got a call from Walter “Herbie” Herbert, the manager of “San Francisco,” a band based in San Francisco, that came up with a demo tape of his Alien project.

Awards & Achievements Steve Perry

It earned him a lot of respect and admiration from his fans all over the United States. In 1998, he recorded several songs for the soundtrack to the Warner Brothers film, ‘Quest for Camelot’. It can now be found on Motion Pictures soundtrack. In 2006, Steve Perry reinvigorated and reissued his two solo projects, “Street Talk” and “For the Love of Strange Medicine” and “The Greatest Achievements” CD.

Personal Life Steve Perry

The relationship between him and his girlfriend, Sherri Swofford, was not fruitful and it caused him a lot of trouble. The pain of his breakup is evident in many of his musical compositions. Steve Perry’s mother, Mary, was diagnosed with a serious neurological illness that resulted in her death on December 4, 1985. Steve Perry untimely death profoundly affected him and his career.


There is no editorial cut in his 1984 music video ‘Stupid Heart’. Steve Perry has shown interest in livestock and breastfeeding, including an interest in the cattle disease business in the Central Valley, California. Steve Perry Bio, Age, Wife, Children, Songs, Net Worth, Death, Height.

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