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Technology has made its foray into all walks of life, and sports are no exception. Technological advancements have made a huge impact on the way in which sports are played all over the world.

However, technology not only affects the way in which people play or watch sports, but it also affects the way in which people bet on the outcomes of a game. If you are one of those who like to bet on the outcome of a match, you can go to march madness picks.

It is true that technology has improved the transparency in games and made watching a match more enjoyable, but there are several challenges that come with the advantages.

Some Of The Challenges Associated With Technology And Its Involvement In Games

New Age Technology And The Threats To Privacy

New Age Technology And The Threats To Privacy
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The ways in which people watch a match has been transformed due to the advances in technology. Today with the advent of OTT or over-the-top platforms, watching matches has become quite personalized.

Personalization helps as it allows people to see what they actually like and does not show things that they do not prefer. However, most platforms collect data about the viewer in order to show personalized information.

Now the data collected by the platforms can be misused. And if data about a person’s personal likes and dislikes are misused, it constitutes a violation of a person’s right to privacy.

There are ways in which concerns about violation of privacy can be dealt with. One way is to anonymize the data which is collected.

When data is made anonymous, it means that all the information which can identify a particular individual is removed from the data. However, many platforms do not anonymize data, and if someone’s personal data is leaked to miscreants, it is quite a major cause of concern.

The Use Of Blockchain In Games And Its Implications On The Environment

Blockchain In Games
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Blockchain is a revolutionary technology that was initially used to democratize the financial system. But today, blockchain has found utility in almost all avenues of life.

Sports and games make use of an application of blockchain which is known as NFT or Non-Fungible Token. The NFTs are useful in creating collectibles or mementos related to a sport or a sports star.

One example where NFT is seeing great use in the field of games is the National Basketball Association’s Top Shots. This application allows sharing of NFTs of the best shots of matches.

Blockchain thus has great utility when it comes to sports; however, there are some challenges as well.

One of the most persistent problems when it comes to the blockchain is its negative impact on the environment. Mining new blocks in the chain consumes an enormous amount of energy. Since most of the energy that is produced comes from fossil fuels, blockchain and its applications are considered harmful to the environment.

So even though blockchain and its applications can make games appealing and interesting yet there is an environmental challenge associated with it. The more NFT-based collectibles will become popular, the more adverse they will be from the point of view of the environment.

Problems Associated With Live Streaming Of Matches

Live Streaming Of Matches
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Modern technology allows matches to be live-streamed. When a match is live-streamed, then people who watch the match can comment on the moves of the player and discuss the match as well. Thus the ability to live stream matches adds an element of fun and excitement.

However, live streaming suffers from problems like trolling. Trolls harass people who want to enjoy the match. Globally government agencies are trying their best to protect innocent people from the menace of strollers.

However, controlling strollers in a live stream is not possible, and people still face harassment when they want to enjoy a match in real-time.

Challenges Of Machines Competing With Man

artificial intelligence to play games
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There are many applications that have trained AI or artificial intelligence to play games. However, every time a machine masters a game, there is always a threat of unfairness.

In an online game where two people are supposed to play against each other, any player using artificial intelligence to calculate his moves gets an advantage.

So every time there is an online game, there is a possibility that one side is cheating and using an aid like an AI tool.

Concerns About Digital Divide

With time most sports will be available via the internet. However, even today, many disadvantaged sections of society do not have access to the internet.

So every time there is a match that is streamed over the internet, there is a concern that some sections of society or people living in certain countries of the world will not be able to watch the match.

The digital divide that exists today is a serious problem, and there is a serious ethical implication associated with broadcasting sports over the internet.

Challenges Associated With The Non-Availability Of Advanced Technology To Some Sportsmen

Source: inc.com
Source: inc.com

Technology has enabled players to train better. The availability of better training facilities is a significant advantage that can decide the fare of a match. However, the latest technology may not be available to all players.

The more established players will be able to access the best devices, and this will further widen the divide between established players and newcomers.


Technology can be very helpful to the sports industry. It can benefit players as they can enhance their performance when they have access to the latest gadgets. Likewise, technology can be of great help to the spectators who watch the matches. Facilities like live streaming have changed the way in which the sporting world functions.

However, there are quite a lot of challenges that are associated with the large-scale adoption of technological advances in sports and games. There are ethical, legal and environmental concerns. And these problems have to be dealt with in an effective manner to make the process of playing and watching sports truly enjoyable.

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