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Sofia Hublitz Bio

Sofia Hublitz is an American actress and reality television personality. Check out her biography to know about her birthday, childhood, family life, achievements, and interesting facts about it. Sofia Hublitz is an American actress and reality television personality. After earning early fame as a contestant in the first season of ‘Master Chef Junior’ in 2013, she became one of the most intelligent actors of the contemporary era, with Charlotte Byrd’s portrayal of Netflix’s crime drama series ‘Ozarks’. Also, have becomes A native of Virginia, Hublitz always wanted to work as a career. She participated in ‘Master Chef Junior’, hoping that she would have enough exposure to begin her career as an actress.


In 2014, Hublitz made her acting a year after appearing in ‘Master Chef Junior’, FX’s comedy-drama ‘Louie’. Also, Sofia played a recurring role called Daniel Hoffman. In 2016, she performed as a guest on the web series “Horace and Pete.” Furthermore, Hublitz then made his breakthrough as Charlotte Byrd in ‘Ozark’, in which he shared the screen space with the likes of Jason Bateman and Laura Linney. In addition, the show also gave her the opportunity to work with renowned screenwriter Bill Dubuque.

Professional Career

In an interview with a German newspaper, Sofia Hublitz said that despite her mother’s successes in the catering industry, she was never inclined to be a chef. She described her behavior as rebellious by her mother’s profession. Prior to appearing in “Master Chef Junior”, she gave another interview on October 6, 2013, in which he said his dream career was in acting, be it theater or on television. Also, she went on to say that she hopes “Master Chef Junior” will get “ball rolling”.

Hublitz was twelve years old when she made his appearance in the first episode of the show’s first season, “Top 24 Competitive,” which aired on September 27, 2013. Moreover, she’ll finally make it to the top ten before it’s over. In one case, Hublitz made a mistake during the baking challenge and started crying as a result. Seeing this, Ramsay approached him. Furthermore, it not only convinced him but also helped him to get everything started.

Once again, their formation on the show was relatively short, but they managed to win the hearts of most of the show’s audience. In addition, Hublitz began her acting career in 2014 by portraying Daniel Hoffman, a recurring character in FC’s comedy-drama ‘Louie’. Hublitz appeared in two episodes of Season Four, “In The Woods: Part 1” and “In The Woods: Part 2”. The show abruptly terminated its contract in November 2017 after confirming allegations of sexual misconduct with Louis C’s production company, Pig Newton. Sofia also worked with Louis C. Horace and Pete in the web series, which also starred Steve Bosma. Furthermore, she acted as a guest on Season One episode 10’s Young Sylvia.

Personal Life

Sofia Hublitz Louie was born June 1, 1999, in Richmond, Virginia to Kieran Lawrence Gowan and Susie Hublitz. Also, in her youth, Hublitz, with her family, wandered a lot. In addition, she first moved to North Carolina and then to New York, where Sofia Hublitz is currently based. Also, Hublitz’s father passed away in May 2018. He announced the news on his Instagram account, which since then appears to have been deleted. Sofia Hublitz Age is 20 years old. Sofia Hublitz Ozark was educated at the Professional Children’s School in Manhattan, New York, and was inspired by her childhood aspirations. In addition to regular schooling, she has also trained under an acting coach.

Her mother is a renowned chef and owner of several restaurants. She is affiliated with Charlottesville, Virginia, OBX in North Carolina. And several developing dinner restaurants in Richmond, Virginia. Also, in 2016, Sofia Hublitz signed a United Talent Agency, a private talent agency in Beverly Hills, California.

Personal Information:

Birth Name:             Sofia Hublitz
NickName:              isiZulu
Date of Birth:           June 1, 1999
Nationality:              American
Birth-place:               Virginia, U.S.
Profession:               Actress
Hair Colour:               Blonde
Eye Colour:                Blue
Religion:                   Christianity
Ethnicity:                 American
Sofia Hublitz Height:                    1.63 m
weight:                     47 KG
Sofia Hublitz Boyfriend:                Not in Relationship
 Sofia Hublitz Net Worth: $500 thousand

Sofia Hublitz Breakthrough Role

Sofia Hublitz made her breakthrough role on July 21, 2017, in a crime drama web television series ‘Ozasik’ that premiered on Netflix. The first season received critical acclaim and audience attention. Moreover, the popularity of the first season eventually led to the show’s renewal. In addition, the second season was released on August 31, 2018. Also, the series revolves around financial planner Marty Byrd (Batman) and his family: wife Wendy Byrd (Linney), daughter Charlotte Byrd (Hublitz) and son Jonah Byrd (Skylar Gartner).

The premiere of the competitive American competitive reality TV series ‘Master Chef Junior’ took place on Fox on September 27, 2013. And was inspired by the concept of the American series ‘Junior Master Chef’. Also, the contestants are all children or teenagers between the ages of 8 and 13 and the biggest names in the catering industry are Gordon Ramsey, Christina Tosi, Graham Elliott, and Joe Bastianich.

A Mexican drug lord was forced to relocate from the suburbs of Chicago to a summer resort town in downtown Naperville, Missouri, in a Bayer money laundering scheme. In addition, after their move to the Ozarks. The family began to get involved with local criminals. Furthermore, Sofia Hublitz has also been criticized for his performance, along with the rest of the cast. Also, Sofia Hublitz is about to break out of the cinema with the upcoming movie “What Breaks the Ice”.

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