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Sheena Parveen Bio-Wiki

Sheena Parveen was born in India on September 23, 1987, under the symbol of Libra, Sheena Parveen is an American national and adheres to the Christian faith. She is best known for NBC 10’s meteorological job. Sheena Parveen Age is 33 years old.


Sheena Parveen Sab Diego
Sheena Parveen Sab Diego

Early life and Education

Sheena Parveen is of mixed-race because his mother Sherry Parveen is from the United States while his father Mike is from India. She is a computer programmer while her mother is involved in a real estate business. Sheena also has an older brother, but she doesn’t talk much about it. Immediately after Sheena’s birth. Later, her parents moved with her to the Gulf Coast of the United States of Florida.

Ever since she was little, Sheena Parveen has always looked up to the sky and been attracted to the weather – While the other kids were afraid of thunder and lightning, Sheena loved these things. All of this led her to study and graduate with a degree in meteorology from Florida State University and became a certified broadcasting meteorologist. When she played volleyball and football for his school team, Sheena Parveen was very attractive even during his years in high school.


As soon as she graduated, Sheena was invited to the job as an intern at Tallahassee News, and since she performed so well, she hired him as a seasoned meteorologist and a reporter full time. Offered. Sheena Parveen stayed with them for a few years before joining WTVT before she joined me as a meteorologist and columnist – once again, Sheena was so good at what she was doing. She promoted them as Head Foresters, and they were “offerings.” Good Day Tampa Bay” Every morning, the show brings weather news every day. While she was still part of the WTVT Network, she started the Morning Show called “adoption,” but after spending two years with WTVT, she changed to NBC10 in December 2011, and today So far their season is predicted. Sheena Parveen is currently predicting NBC’s San Diego season.

Sheena Parveen Wiki
Sheena Parveen Wiki

Personal life Sheena Parveen

Sheena does not talk publicly about her personal life, but there were rumors of her meeting with Hugh Jackman, Scott Harnell, William Green, and Jamison Uhler. There were even rumors that Sheena Parveen was dating Jason Statham, but he denied her and told how she met him only once during an interview. Of all those rumors, it seems that this is true of Canadian ice hockey player Scott Harnell as the couple was spotted in the VIP zone this evening, and they looked as if they had met each other. Were enjoying the company,

And on May 30, 2018, Sheena uploaded a photo of herself and Scott on his birthday, titled “The Best Birthday in a lifetime.” The couple did not mention anything about the wedding. None of them has any children. It seems like rumors are circulating around Sheena that she’s considered ‘too hot and sexy’, but she doesn’t talk about her love life at all – one of those rumors. Saying that she was married to her partner Charlie Sheen and that they divorced, but Sheena never talked about it, never approved or denied it, so it is unknown if If either of them is true.

Sheena thinks of herself as a sarcastic but from an earthly person. She likes to try new foods, and most of all she likes to spend time outdoors. Her favorite TV show is “Stop Your Enthusiasm,” and her main focus is the ringtone on her phone. She’s also a terrific cook, and she can prepare anything you can think of – at least that’s what she said during one of her interviews – but her favorite meal is meat with sauce and chili. Spaghetti is.

Dog lover

Sheena loves all animals, but she loves dogs the most. She once helped his beloved dog find a home using his Instagram account, while she also had two dogs of his own – Max and Bella. She was also the host of the “Pet Adaptation” morning program, which was actually her idea – you can find pictures of dogs on all of their social media accounts.

Personal Information: Sheena Parveen

Birth Name: Sheena Parveen
NickName: isiZulu
Mother Name: Sherry
Father Name: Mike Parveen
Date of Birth: 23rd May 1987
Nationality: American
Birth-Sign: India
Profession: Meteorologist, Host
Marital Status: Single
Hair Colour: Brown
Eye Colour: Brown
Religion: Christianity
Ethnicity: Mixed
Weight: 56 kg
Sheena Parveen Height: 5 feet 2 inches
Sheena Parveen Net Worth: $3 Million
Finally Ex-Husband: Unmarried

Sheena Perveen Net Worth

Sheena Parveen is now 31 years old, has long brown hair, brown eyes, long There are pairs (long weights). His key figures are 36-28-36, and obviously he has an hourglass figure. According to authoritative sources, Sheena’s total worth is estimated at over 30 million and is considered America’s best meteorologist. Its annual revenue is estimated at about 1.7 million, and in addition to hiring a meteorologist, she also earns brand endorsements and exhibits in advertising.

Social Media Presence Sheena Parveen

Sheena is very dynamic on social media platforms. Her Instagram account has since added 33,000 people, and she posts more than 1,000 times. They are slightly more popular on their Twitter account. She opened it in December 2011 and has amassed nearly 50 50,000 followers and tweeted 7,500 times. She has a Facebook account with 33,000 followers.

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