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Ryan Debolt Bio-Wiki

Ryan Debolt was born September 25, 1980, in Mexico City, Mexico, Ryan Debolt spent a great deal of his childhood in his native country. After a few years, though, her parents decided to go to the United States of America. Thanks to his lack of presence in the majority of media and online, Ryan is relatively upset. As of 2024, Ryan DeBolt’s net worth estimated at $4.5 million.

Aside from his wife and immediate family, many do not know what his educational background is or even where he started his education. One thing that people know for sure is his career designation: a business analyst. Ryan Debolt works as an analyst for Tim Ese, a logistics company based in Paris.

Sara Ramirez Husband Ryan Debolt

Those who watch the anatomy of the telephone series Gree know it as Dr. Calliope Torres. Ramirez’s role was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. When a producer on the ABC station told the actress “Choose the show and we will put you on it,” Gree’s comment was shocking.

The actress was a big fan of the show, so naturally, she would like to be part of the universe of her favorite show. Initially, according to producer Shonda Rhimes, the initial concept for the Taurus was as George’s beloved. Ryan Debolt also appears on shows such as NYPD Blue, Third Watch, and Peace: SVU. Sara Ramirez Husband  Ryan Debolt’s.

Career and Professional Life

American Hunk is a leading businessman and currently works as an American Business Analyst at TIME. A businessman is highly regarded for his business acumen and is a celebrity among his peers. Intellectual Ryan Debolt has always had financing and was able to easily become a leader in a finance company. Although his wife, Sarah Ramirez, is a Mexican-American actress who is also known for her role as Gary’s Anatomy and Tony Award recipient.

How much is Ryan’s Net Worth?

Successful business and intelligent analyst finance have a great reputation. And Ryan Debolt has been awarded a handsome salary at his work firm. The total value of the businessman reaches a decent mark of $ 4.5 million.

How Did Marriage happen?

While no stranger to a closer look while living in public, Ramirez managed to keep his and Ryan’s relationship a secret for a long time. But their story is only able to share the romance aspects. Determined to forge a spiritual connection during their first meeting, Ryan Debolt and Ramirez confirm for the first time that they have fallen in love.

The couple dated for almost a year before getting engaged in 2011, which Ryan suggested in Paris. Not surprisingly, the couple officially got married a year later. To make matters even more special, the wedding was held on July 4, 2012.

Ryan Debolt Net Worth
Ryan Debolt Net Worth

A Little Privacy

The ceremony and reception were not the most publicized events, which should not come as a surprise given the actress’s feelings about normalizing her personal life. It happened on a New York coast with only close friends and family.

Any Children

So far analysts and actresses have not announced any plans to have children with them. Fans of Ramirez’s diehards are eager to see a baby girl, crossing her fingers at her desire.

Ryan Debolt Still Married

Ramirez played an openly bisexual role in the Gree Anatomy Show. Since Torres was the first openly gay bisexual woman in television history, the show began to appeal to a wider audience than ever before. Having been with the show for at least a decade, Ramirez and Gary’s team separated in 2016. Normally, such an announcement would just hit the shoulder, but to some extent, this information sparked rumors that Ryan and Ramirez were in favor of a divorce. Couples are happier than ever and there is absolutely no sign of their breaking in the near or distant future.

A Big Heart

Ryan Debolt 2024 found enough women in Sarah Ramirez. After declaring her sexuality, she made sure to use her star power for LGBT rights campaigns. A member of the United States Board of Trustees, Ryan Debolt is also a member of LGBT centers in San Diego, New York, and San Francisco.

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Quick Information Ryan Debolt:

Date of Birth September 25, 1980
Ryan Debolt Age 39 Years 2 Month(s)
Citizenship Mexican
Marital Status Married
Wife/Spouse Sara Ramirez (m. 2012)
Divorced Not Yet
Gay/Lesbian No
Ryan Debolt Net Worth $4.5 million
Ethnicity Latina
Children/Kids Not Yet

Other ‘Nominations’

His work on Gree’s Anatomy earned him some nominations for NAACP’s Image Awards and Best Actress at the ALMA Awards.

Ryan DeBolt’s Wife

Although the marriage between Ryan Debolt and Sara is now cold, it was a hot topic when Sarah revealed that she was bilingual at the Ninth Summit – 2016 – of the Tour Killers Fund in Los Angeles. After the speech, Ryan Debolt took to the social media platform to talk about her sexual orientation.

Sarah Ramirez appeared as a bisexual on October 8, 2016 (Photo: Sarah Ramirez’s Twitter) When he revealed his sexuality, fans were reluctant to praise him. At an early stage, however, the news raised a question as to whether the couple was still together. However, that was finally the case when the couple flashed each other’s pictures on their social media handles.

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