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Reynad Bio

Reynad is an American professional gamer known as the “Hearthstone” player. Also, Reynad is also actively involved as a tech-TV steamer and owns an esports organization called ‘E-Storm the Storm’. Reynad is also known by his birth name, ‘Andrei Yanyuk’. In addition to being a famous gamer, Reynad is also an expert in the ‘Magic: The Collective’ trading card game and is also a great poker player. Reynad Bio, Facts, Shirtless, Age, Girlfriend, Twitch, Net Worth, Reddit.

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Reynad Bio
Reynad Bio

Therefore, Reynad Hearthstone is an emerging and prominent player in the game where he has used his creativity and logical techniques to provoke the game each time. You may know Reynad well but do you know how old he is and how tall he is, and what is his overall worth in 2024? If you do not know, we have prepared this article about the details of Reynad’s shorthand wiki, career, professional life, personal life, total worth today, age, stature, weight and more. Well, if you’re ready, let’s go.

Early Life

Reynad along with his mother and sister were born in Ukraine on January 27, 1992. At age 6, Reynad moved to Minnesota with his mother and sister. From an early age, Reynad had a keen interest in video games, and he often played video games with his friends and neighbors. His keen interest in a variety of video games has led to his career as a game developer. In fact, Reynad was born under the name of Andrei Yanyuk.

Reynad Bio
Reynad Bio

At the age of 15, Reynad revisited his native Ukraine and became associated with this new game called ‘Magic: The Collective’. After all, Reynad was significantly addicted to this trading card game. After returning to the United States, Reynad was so deeply touched by the game that he left his class and was often seen in the shop playing these cards. Due to the low credit at school, Reynad had to leave his school.

Reynad Bio Age & Height

Born on January 27, 1992, the date today is Reynad age is 28 years until 28 February 2024. It measures 1.67 meters tall, weighs 65 kilograms.

Professional Career

In 2012, Reynad joined magic card trading cards, where he discovered Twitch. Started TV and its streaming magic. With that, Reynad specializes in winning with a high score. Reynad plays actively as a fearless and strong opponent for other opposing players. There was a huge financial crisis to support his game, and he worked part-time as a delivery driver at Jamie John to support his revenue crisis. Meanwhile, Reynad was found guilty of fraud and dishonesty in winning games through unfair means. As such, Reynad was banned from the magic community.

Sometimes later, Reynad encountered some difficulties with the Wizards of the Coast, thus changing the deprivation of the Hearthstone. Over time, he has the pressure to generate power, and Reynad Twitch has to quit his part-time job as a delivery driver and have to be streaming full-time.

Reynad Net Worth
Reynad Net Worth

In 2017, Reynad set up his dream project, an esports organization called Tempo Storm. Initially, it was built in small numbers, and later expanded to another superport called ‘Super Break Bruce Fair,’ “Overwatch.” And ‘Heroes of the Storm’. As time went on, Reynad focused his mind on his organization rather than other professional competitions. Reynad Bio, Facts, Shirtless, Age, Girlfriend, Twitch, Net Worth, Reddit.

Awards & Achievements

Reynad excellent performance as a gaming player has earned him a nomination for the ‘Golden Joyce Award’. In 2016, Reynad took third place in the Seoul Cup World Invitational. In 2015, Reynad took second place in ‘Legendary Series Season 2’ and also won first place in ‘Best Invitation Fight’.

Personal Information: Reynad Bio

Birth Name:             Reynad
NickName:              Unknown
Mother Name:         Unknown
Father Name:          Unknown
Date of Birth:           27 January 1992
Nationality:              American
Birth-place:               Ukraine
Profession:               American professional gamer
Marital Status:        Un-Married
Hair Colour:               N/A
Eye Colour:                N/A
Religion:                   N/A
Ethnicity:                 N/A
Weight:                    65 kg
Reynad Height:                     1.67m
Children:                No
Reynad Net Worth: $45 Million
Reynad Wife: Single

Reynad Net Worth & Salary 2024

As a professional gamer, Reynad has his own personalities, and this millennial boy has already made it big by joining Forbes’ list of under 30. Moving on to the streets of America and making money from poker, magic cards, etc., Reynad has come a long way; at present, Reynad owns the eSports Tempo Storm Organization. Reynad owns sports teams, including Hearthstone, Heroes of the Storm, and Overwatch.

As of February 2024, his company, eSportsTempo Sports Organization, has a net worth of $ 45 million. The amazing journey of this 26-year-old American boy is nothing short of a miracle, made possible only by his unquenchable thirst for knowledge and his unmatched lifestyle.

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