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Pitt Street Mall – Best Tourist Place in Australia

The city of Sydney often referred to as Australia’s coastal capital is a hub for shoppers from around the world. There are thousands of shops and countless shopping opportunities in and around the Central Business District, no matter what you want to buy. At Pitt Street Mall, you’ll find some of Australia’s most iconic fashion brands, as well as intricately designed jewelry. The Westfield Shopping Mall, with Mayer and David Jones department stores, is easily accessible from Pitt Street Mall.

However, there are some areas that specialize in specific products and adapt to specific shopping habits. When you visit the city you’ll need a cozy place to stay. Find an Airbnb in Syney with cozycozy and enjoy your shopping tour! Here are our recommendations for the best shopping areas in Sydney.

Pitt Street Mall

The pedestrianized Pitt street mall in Sydney Central Business District is a shopper’s paradise, spanning more than two blocks. Guests can enjoy a 13-minute walk from the hotel along the paths to the Hawaii Park, which is lined with fig trees to reach the Pitt Street Mall directly.

Along with the nearby Queen Victoria Building, this car is a shopping mall in Free Sydney. Discover a crowd of stores for famous international brands, Australian beachwear, and affordable fashion.

You’ll find large department stores like David Jones and Mayer combining shoulders with surf shops and designer boutiques. The mall is also home to a number of shopping centers and arcades, including Westfield Sydney and The Strand Arcade. Musicians often hang out on Pitt Street, providing a sharp sound for your Sydney shopping experience.

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Pitt Street Mall Australia
Pitt Street Mall Australia

The Pitt Mall is situated in Sydney’s clamoring focal business region. It is directly close to Sydney Pinnacle Westfields and is one of Australia’s busiest shopping region. The walker mall fits in only two city squares, yet is home to in excess of 600 strength stores, just as individual strip malls and arcades.

These incorporate the Sydney Arcade, Strand Arcade, Westfield Sydney, Glasshouse, Mid City Strip mall, and then some. The Pitt Mall additionally has any semblance of David Jones and Myer, close by a scope of all shapes and sizes industry names. Also, this makes it easy for shoppers to find exactly what they’re looking for, at the right price for them.


The first one-way street, the mall was closed to traffic in the 1990s and became a pedestrian mall. In an effort to encourage the “walk-in” business, it was common in various Australian cities at the time. Many of Australia’s most famous businesses had Pitt Street, Sportsgirl and Angus & Robertson, as well as flagship stores.

In the mid-2000s, an attempt was made to make the mall completely pedestrian by diverting all vans and trucks from the underground corridor from King Street to Market Street south of the mall to the underground corridor.

Redevelopment in 2010–2011

The Pitt Street Mall pedestrian area saw a $10 million renovation in 2010-11, with major upgrades in retail. This includes the provision of new seating as well as new pavers and catenary lighting systems

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