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Leak-proof underwear is designed for girls and women, during their menstrual cycle, or for people who have certain problems with incontinence. This product already exists on the market and is made of absorbent material, thanks to which even if some leakage occurs, it will be prevented from spilling on the clothes we wear.

At the same time, they are really comfortable. We often think that such products are inconvenient to wear because it would mean that they are thicker and can fit badly underpants. But what you need to know is that this is an innovative product, which is just as comfortable as regular panties, as these are made of highly absorbent material that can have different levels of absorbency. If you check out modibodi.co.nz, you will see that their uses can vary, as can models and designs. Of course, you should not feel uncomfortable with your menstrual cycle or face any problems you may have with incontinence.

Different levels of absorption

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All models are made to be absorbent. But most manufacturers also offer different levels of protection. You can choose from easy absorbers to those that can hold larger amounts of fluid.

Generally, you will not have a problem wearing them, as they can be even more comfortable than your usual underwear. It is a reusable product, which means that you can wash them according to the instructions that come with them. In a way, this is an economical way to deal with menstrual cycles, as it can reduce the use of pads and tampons.

Some models of leak-proof underwear are made to be worn during heavy periods.

Once you decide which level of absorption you need, it would be easier to proceed shopping.

Is the washing and maintenance easy?

Wash them normally, in a low-temperature program washing machine. However, this is a general tip and you will receive more instructions when the product itself arrives at your home. Also, air dry instead of throwing it in the dryer. Sometimes it can take up to 24 hours to make sure the material is completely dry and reusable.

Their durability, if properly maintained, can be up to three years.

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Is leak-proof underwear a substitute for other menstrual products?

In a way, it can be said that period underwear can replace pads, tampons, and menstrual cups, but on the other hand, they can be used together. Absorbent models can be a great replacement for pads, even on those days when you have more intense leaks.

However, some people may not like the idea of ​​bleeding directly into their underwear. Therefore, if you are uncomfortable, you can continue to use menstrual products as well as your period undies. The difference is that now you can be sure that you will not have unpleasant leaks.

The best part is that they work for any liquid, which means that if you have problems with tiny urine leaks, you can easily deal with that problem. They are great even for pregnant women, who have leaked more often because of the baby’s pressure on the bladder.

Do you need to take care of hygiene?

We all know that moisture is an ideal environment for bacteria to grow. Therefore, it is justified if you are worried that there may be an unpleasant odour due to sweating and other fluids from your body.

Most of the leak-proof panties that are available for purchase have taken care of this aspect as well. The materials from which they are made are both absorbent and permeable. That way, there is air circulation around your private parts.

However, if you want even more security, you can soak them in a solution of white vinegar and water after each wear, leave them to stand for a few hours, and then wash them in the usual way.

How many pairs of leak-proof panties do I need?

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The answer to this question depends on your individual needs. If you are already used to working with them, you should know that you need several pairs for one day, which in turn need one day to dry completely. They usually come in packs of three or five, although you can buy individual pairs or combine different offers.

Start with fewer pieces and see how you go.

Are the designs boring?

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Maybe when such panties first appeared, they were monochromatic and uninteresting. But now you can choose all kinds of models and designs and feel like every ordinary day.

It’s true, you can feel comfortable and modern at the same time. Fortunately, innovation goes forward and you can be sure that you do not get boring, monochrome panties when buying leak-proof underwear.


Leak-proof underwear is a worthwhile investment for all those who are uncomfortable with menstrual products. It is also a great choice for users who have problems with urine retention and small leaks. No matter what type of customer you are, what you can be sure of is a good and worthwhile investment. It is even better than even the initial cost is not high, so you can buy more often, to have a sufficient stock of panties in your drawer.

This type of underwear works well and already has its fans across the globe. It’s not even scary if you are not comfortable wearing it, because everyone finds the product that suits them best.

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