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Most experienced players argue that there is no single winning strategy that can be used for gambling entertainment. However, in practice, this opinion is proven to be incorrect. These professionals are able to outplay gambling establishments. There are not many of them, but they do exist. They are able to independently develop individual plans and tactics for the gameplay of the selected slot, which enable them to earn a lot of money. Is it possible that other gamblers, who want to get rich from their hobby, can use the strategies they have developed?

Best Strategies to Win

Each proposed strategy is not universal. It is suitable for a particular category of online games, as they stand out with their own rules, and also have certain patterns of gameplay. In order not to make a mistake with your choice, it is important before starting the game to get familiar with the technical parameters of the slot machine in detail.

Tactics for winning by activating the bonus round The main game is played with a standard set of bets, which are usually represented by the minimum size. Rotate the reels until the bonus symbols appear on the playing field. They can activate the risk game, in which the bets increase to the maximum. In this case, gamers get a chance to take the cash prize.
Martingale scheme A key feature of the proposed strategy is to increase the size of the money rate by 2 times immediately after the scrolled spin loses. Doubling the bet should be as long as the reels do not have a winning combination of symbols. Thus it is possible to win back the entire amount that was lost before.
Pyramid The main purpose of the proposed tactic is a wave-like movement of the bet sizes, which first fall to the minimum, and after a while increase to the maximum. After that, all actions with them are repeated again. This pattern enables the players to determine which prize combinations are more likely to fall.
Parlay strategy It is considered the exact opposite scheme to the recognized Martingale strategy. That is, the bet is increased by 2 times after the launched spin will bring the winning. When this action is performed, it can be reduced or returned to its original size. It is also recommended to activate these actions after a losing move.
10 permanent spins The bet is increased in the case when the triggered spin was in a losing position 10 times in a row. After that, it is necessary to run another 10 spins. Further, it is necessary to look at the circumstances.

Testing the Game in the Demo Mode is the Key to Success

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Before launching Spin Casino slots with real money, first, it is better to launch them in demonstration mode. The proposed version of the gameplay stands out because it is completely free. To activate it, players do not need to register a personal account on the official website of the online casino and make a deposit to the account. Demo mode is designed specifically for gamblers to learn the principle of the formation of prize chains, as well as figure out under what circumstances and how often they appear on the playing field. After the player understands the general principles, he has to place the first bet using personal money. At the same time, it is worth adhering to the following recommendations:

  • at the beginning of the game, it is required to replenish the game balance with small amounts;
  • it is a good idea to monitor the status of your gaming account, the amount of profit received, and the amount spent on bets;
  • bets can be increased only when a slot machine has a good RTP rate;
  • after winning a large sum of money, it is better to stop the game and return to it after some time.

It is worth sticking to the rule that luck is not always with the player, so it is important to keep yourself balanced.

Criteria When Choosing a Game for the Strategy

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Each slot machine placed in the electronic catalog of the casino has a fixed percentage of payout money. When the RTP rate is below 94%, then winnings on a virtual slot is considered quite questionable. In this case, it is better to give preference to the slot machine with the probability of winning that can reach 99%. A high RTP rate indicates that the created simulator will automatically return to the player the declared percentage of money that was spent on bets. Only when the gamer has information about the system of the selected virtual slot, he can outplay a gambling establishment.

Common Tactics for Launching Any Game

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There is no universal strategy that can be applied to all games and online slots. In the everyday play, you can stick to basic strategies that increase the chances of winning:

  1. It is recommended to play with bonus money more often than with your own finances. In this case, do not forget about the conditions prescribed by the casino when issuing bonus money. The more money invested in the game, the more bonuses the player will receive. Also, a strategy with bonus finances can be tested in the case of activating a no-deposit welcome gift, which is offered by some online casinos.
  2. Preference should be given to games with low volatility values.
  3. It is always better to activate all available paylines in a slot machine.
  4. Small breaks should be taken between spins of reels.

The following rules will help to keep the invested bankroll and multiply it in case of luck.

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