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There is one common misconception about HBOT. People believe it is a direct treatment method. That assertion may not be entirely correct. HBOT is mostly used as a support therapy for people who are not responding to treatment as they ought to. This therapy method helps to put the body in its best shape by forcing pure oxygen around the body under high atmospheric pressure.

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy is perfect for treating certain illnesses. But before you use it to manage any sickness, you should have a word with your medical advisor. Let’s see some of the illnesses that can be handled with HBOT.

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

HBOT or Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy is a therapy that has challenged many medical norms. Reports have it that most medical conditions that are hard to cure with orthodox medicines respond positively after being subjected to HBOT.

HBOT can only be accessed in HBOT chambers. A functional HBOT chamber is filled with pure oxygen. The interior of the machine is always pressurized. The most recent HBOT machines have been so designed that you only need the click of a button to change settings accordingly. So, can HBOT be used as a reliable treatment method? Keep reading to find out.

Healing of Wounds

Healing of Wounds

Unlike conventional treatment methods, HBOT can be used to treat virtually all wounds. When wounds do not respond to regular treatments, the users are subject to hyperbaric oxygen therapy. Most times, HBOT has helped the users recover faster from the injury.

HBOT is considered perfect in this regard because it provides oxygen to tissues starved of oxygen. The reason why wounds find it difficult to heal is due to an infection or lack of oxygen to the various tissues. So, HBOT is used to solve this problem by providing a sufficient amount of oxygen to all body tissues.

Facilitates Healing of Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

Carbon monoxide poisoning is a dangerous type of poisoning. When carbon monoxide goes into the bloodstream, it mixes with the blood to stop the free flow of oxygen. The resulting compound deprives the host of breathable oxygen. And if it is not handled on time, the person might develop other health complications.

The most difficult part is that this type of poisoning is hard to cure with conventional medicines. You need to forcefully supply oxygen to the user’s bloodstream. With sufficient oxygen, the affected individual can gradually become normal again.

As we explore potential treatments for long-term health challenges, consider the role of oxygen therapy, and its effectiveness in addressing the lingering effects of health conditions, when contemplating the broader spectrum of long-term treatment options.

For Treating Depression

Various reports from different medical facilities have also shown that HBOT can be used to treat depression. People who notice anxiety and depression symptoms go into the machine and spend some hours in it. That is all they have to do for a couple of weeks, and their brains can start functioning properly again.

People suffering from depression behave the way they do because their brains are not working as expected. This dysfunction can be traced to inadequate oxygen. So, one way to restore them is by subjecting them to pure oxygen under intense atmospheric pressure.

For Decompression Sicknesses

For Decompression Sicknesses (1)

If you are familiar with diving, chances are that you are well aware of what decompression sickness means. This sickness is only common in people who swim in high-pressure regions. HBOT was the first therapy used to correct this anomaly.

People with decompression sicknesses need no special medical care. They can become alright by spending time inside an HBOT chamber. It is recommended that you access an HBOT chamber under the supervision of a medical professional. That way, you will not complicate the issue you’re trying to solve.

Cancer, Lyme, and Autism

There are lots of good write-ups about HBOT and how it can cure almost any disease on earth. I hate to burst your bubble because some of those publications are fictitious. Some of them are yet to be proven.

We have yet to have any substantial evidence to show that hyperbaric oxygen therapy can be used to treat cancer. As good as that may sound, it is only a theory for now. Don’t get me wrong; a few cancer patients may have gone inside an HBOT chamber and come out differently. I wish and hope it works that way. I am only saying there is no medical proof to back up such claims for now.

Potential Side Effects of HBOT

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy sure has some side effects that one has to be aware of. However, the side effects are mild when compared to what the therapy does for you. People who enter HBOT chambers complain of feeling dizzy for a while.

Dizziness and fatigue are not unexpected because the user is exposing himself to higher pressure. In other cases of prolonged exposure, other more complicated health problems have been alleged. In summary, the side effects wear off with time. The moment the user steps outside the chamber, the side effects start to wane.

As we delve into the potential long-term benefits of hyperbaric oxygen therapy, it’s essential to address factors affecting bladder health, including understanding the diverse causes of urinary incontinence for a comprehensive approach to overall well-being.

For Healthy Living

For Healthy Living (4)

Instead of considering hyperbaric oxygen therapy as a long-term treatment method, you can think of it as a preventive measure. One of the goals of HBOT is to ensure healthy living for its users.

Users make use of it to put their bodies in their best shape. The user gets inside the machine and inhales an adequate amount of pure oxygen. How often the user enters the machine depends on how much free time they have. Again, this should be done in line with the manufacturer’s instructions. And you don’t have to disregard medical advice.


You cannot have a serious illness and expect to have it cured by merely spending long hours inside a hyperbaric oxygen therapy chamber. That is a misconception that should be corrected. Think of HBOT as a support therapy that can make other treatments more effective.

In other words, HBOT helps to prepare your body for treatment. It puts all your cells and body tissues in their most receptive forms. HBOT can be used to treat all decompression sicknesses and some other health challenges. It is however advisable that you use the system according to the doctor’s prescription and the manufacturer’s instructions.

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