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Rugby is a popular sport in many parts of the world. It is a sport that involves a great deal of physical contact. Each match is played between two teams, and each side consists of thirteen members. Rugby, like football, also consists of a goalpost, and a side scores a point when the ball crosses the goal line of the opposite team.

However, there are a few vital points of difference and the most important being that rugby players can use their hands. Rugby is the national sport of many countries in the world, like New Zealand, Australia, etc. And if you, too, are a rugby fan and want to NRL betting tips continue to read this article.

Whom Should You Bet Your Money On In The National Rugby League Or The NRL 2024

The Brisbane Broncos

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Most experts in the field of rugby have high hopes for the Brisbane Broncos. One of the reasons why most people expect the Broncos to make it at least to the top four is the strong lineup of forward players that they have.

Everyone knows that the forwards in a game of rugby are the tallest and the strongest players on the team. They have the main responsibility to gain possession of the ball that is ultimately used to score a point.

So having great forwards like Haas and Carrigan is definitely an advantage for the Brisbane Broncos. Both these players are young, but they have been in good form, and it is expected that they will give a great performance in the National Rugby League (NRL).

However, in a game like a rugby, a team becomes solid only if they have a good line of forwards and an equally good line of defenders. After all, if the defenders are not good, the opposing team will leave no stone unturned to score points. And it is the defense that can be the major undoing for the Brisbane Broncos.

The defense was responsible when the team had conceited twenty-nine points. However, after making some changes in the defense line, the number of points conceited has gone down significantly.

In the year 2022, the team was very close to being in the finals. And if they can maintain their performance, the experience from the previous year will be of great help. However, in any game, luck and injuries have a huge role to play. For instance, the injury of Herbie Farnworth may be a cause of concern for the entire team. The player was in great form before he came down with an injury to his biceps. So whether or not he is able to regain his pre-injury form in the National League will determine the fate of the team.

The Parramatta Eels

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This team has lost some key players who were crucial in their campaign in the previous season (2022). However, the Parramatta eels still have their key man in the form of Ryan Matterson. Matterson was the man whose offloading skills were highly influential in the matches that the team played in the previous season.

Matterson was the player who gave a major point difference to the team. And he is also great at defense, a hidden talent that not many of the opposing teams appreciate yet.

Many strong defenders have moved out of the team, and this is where the newcomers have to come in if they are to reach the finals or win the League this year.

Apart from this, the last six rounds could be a major roadblock for the Parramatta Eels. This is because the Eels will have to face the top teams in the last six rounds.

The tough lineup of opponents that the team faces and also the loss of valuable players is one of the reasons why the Eels are not the hot favorites to win. But in a game of rugby, anything can happen, and it is possible that the Eels will make it to the finals even this year.

The Melbourne Storm

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This is the team that has the highest level of expectations from the fans. They have made it to the finals of the League several times, and the fans expect no less from them in 2024. However, the prospects of the team have been marred by the loss of good forwards.

It is true that the team has suffered from injuries in the past few months, and they will be starting on the back foot in this season of the League. Yet the players and the coach Craig Bellamy will strive their level best to bring about a change in fortunes. So if you are going to bet on the Storm, there could be a fifty-fifty chance of winning.

The Canberra Raiders

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The Raiders have failed against the Eels in the recent past. However, they will be looking forward to a fresh start in this season of the League. Moreover, the team has shown a consistent improvement in their performance. So with the Canberra Raiders, you can expect literally any outcome.

The West Tigers

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The biggest strength of this team is that they have signed some great players for this season. Apart from this, they have the very talented Stefano Utoikamanu, who can steer the team forward in the League.


The National Rugby League, or the NRL, evokes a lot of interest not only in Australia and New Zealand but also in other parts of the world. Moreover, lovers of rugby bet their money on the outcome of the game. This year the Brisbane Broncos are one of the favorites, and the Parramatta Eels may again come back in top form.

However, the chances of the Canberra Raiders look slim. This season the loss and recruitment of star players may be the single most important thing that plays a part in determining the fates of the teams in the matches. Apart from this consistency of performance, the line of teams, injuries, and the luck factor may also have a vital role to play.

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