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Nancy Alspaugh Bio

Nancy Alspaugh is a writer, screenwriter, and television producer. Alspaugh is best known for co-writing the projects “Fearless Women: Mid-Life Travel” and “Your Mother’s Mid-Life: A Ten-Step Guild for Fearless Aging”. Nancy was also Vice President of Group W Productions, where she produced “The Mike Douglas Show” and “PM Magazine.” In 1980, Nancy Alspaugh met and later married Matt Lauer. Alspaugh and Lauer were married in 1981 and lived together for seven years. Lauer and Alspaugh had no children during their marriage.


Nancy Alspaugh Wiki
Nancy Alspaugh Wiki

After becoming a former wife of Matt Lauer, Nancy led a successful life in the nation in regaining women’s inner strength and controlling the scars of old age.

Professional Career

Nancy began her career as a screenwriter. She is known for her work at Lisa Gibbons’ famous talk show. In addition, she was nominated for five Daytime Emmy Awards for her work on Lisa. In 1995 and 1996, she was nominated for Outstanding Talk Show. Additionally, Nancy came to the spotlight again in 1996 due to her work on Brad Shaw Difference and Carol and Marilyn: Real Friends. In 1997, she was once again nominated for outstanding talk shows and outstanding special classes.

Matt Lauer & Allegations

Matt Lauer was born on December 30, 1957, in New York City, New York. Also, Matt Lauer is a Romanian ancestor of Romania and graduated from Ohio University in 1997 at the age of 39. Matt Lauer is a successful television journalist. In addition, Lauer’s career spanned three decades, two decades of which he was a member of the “Today” show’s journalism team. Matt Lauer has been married twice, his first marriage to Nancy Alspaugh ended in 1988. Lauer later married Annette Roque ten years after divorcing with Nancy. Also, Matt Lauer and Annette Roque have three children together and have been married for twenty years.

Nancy Alspaugh Bio Matt Lauer: Misconduct in the Workplace

Matt Lauer was suspended on November 29, 2017, after years of success with NBC News over allegations of sexual harassment by several female employees. Moreover, the original charge was against him for taking action against a female employee during the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia. Also, the woman claimed that Matt Lauer continued his actions after returning to New York City after initial harassment.

Nancy Alspaugh Net Worth
Nancy Alspaugh Net Worth

Also, Matt Lauer has already conducted The New York Times and various investigations into allegations of sexual harassment by other female counterparts. At the time of the investigation, NBC News was unaware of the investigation and later decided to completely eliminate Matt Lauer’s allegations against his employee’s employees. Matt Lauer has since apologized for his actions. However, one of the 2000 accusers’ production assistant made further allegations over the amnesty. A full investigation into Matt Lauer is currently underway, however, so far, no charges have been filed against him.

Ex-Wife Nancy Alspaugh Supports Matt Lauer

Since being accused of looting, Nancy Alspaugh has reached out to Matt Lauer in support of her ex-husband. As a former wife of Lauer, Alspaugh Matt has been in several interviews in hopes of helping Lauer maintain his reputation. However, the allegations against Matt Lauer are substantial and factual. Minimize any and all support. That didn’t stop Nancy Alspaugh, who is known for empowering women across the country, such as her books “Fearless Women: Mid-Life Travel” and “Your Mother’s Mid-Life: Fearless Aging. In addition, a ten-step guide to “. Nancy Alspaugh, who had a deep relationship with Matt Lauer, explained to herself who Matt Met Laurel was, and the reflection of Matt Laur’s role became apparent over the years. Nancy has continued to support Matt Lauer in many interviews. Lauer, who has since apologized for his actions, has not been interviewed or spoken to by his former wife Nancy Alspaugh.

Nancy Alspaugh Husband
Nancy Alspaugh Husband

Nancy Alspaugh’s Personal Life and More

Furthermore, Nancy and ex-husband H.R. Jackson adopted their son when he was three years old. Also, Nancy Alspogge’s son and H.R. Jackson suffer from autism. Elsie shared many photos of his son with friends and family and brought up his son as usual. Since adopting her son, Nancy Elspoff has been part of many charities around Autism. Alphonse became Executive Director of ACT Today, a non-profit organization for the care and treatment of people with autism. Since its inception five years ago, Nancy Alspaugh has submitted 5M M for this purpose. Also, Nancy Alspaugh has a net worth of $ 8 million, while her ex-husband Matt Lauer has a total worth of 70M, and ex-husband H. Red Jackson has $ 19 million.

Quick Information:

Date of Birth May 04, 1955
Age 64 Years 7 Month(s)
Citizenship American
Profession Screenwriter
Marital Status Single
Husband/Spouse H. Read Jackson (Died), Matt Lauer (1982-1988)
Divorced Yes (Once)
Gay/Lesbian No
Net Worth N/A
Ethnicity White
Children/Kids Wyatt Jackson (Adopted Son)
Height N/A

Nancy Alspaugh: Woman of Tomorrow

Throughout her life, Nancy Alspaugh Jackson has taught women to never surrender to the difficulties they may face in their journey of life. Nancy Alspaugh’s head was as high as she faces adulthood, wisdom, maternity, and as a wife. She lends it with her help when needed and brings awareness to it which does not go unnoticed.

Throughout her life, Nancy Alspaugh became an example of how a woman should live her life and maintain her happiness and purity when faced with the temptations of being a woman. Nancy Alspaugh proved that if enough attention was given, any situation or situation could be revived and changed. Currently, Nancy Alspaugh lives with her son.

Nancy Alspaugh Net Worth

As a writer, producer, and award-winning woman, Nancy can earn a full salary from her profession. However, he has not yet disclosed his actual income, and his worth cannot be estimated. However, it can be said that its revenue reaches $ 1 million.

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