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Morgan Adams Bio

Morgan Adams is an American YouTube star and influences social media. She got fame after posting a blog on her proprietary YouTube channel. Morgan’s vlogs usually do weird things, skates, challenges or everyday activities with Morgan’s feature. She does not take life too seriously and is best described by Morgan Adams Twitter bio as “the only thing I’m not joking about is that my life is a joke.” In addition, YouTube has introduced to its more trendy siblings, collectively company with the Ryland Adams and close friend, Shane Dawson, have helped to solidify its popularity.


Morgan Adams Bio
Morgan Adams Bio

As a result, Morgan has often been criticized by Ryland and Shane fans and Internet trolls, who she believes are using them to drive more viewers to her channel. But she got millions of views on his solo vlogs and proved them wrong. Among her channel’s most popular videos are “DIY Slime Challenge”, My Brother’s Aid, and “Getting a Chipotle Tattoo.” Her content has made it so popular on Instagram, generating millions of views for everyone.

Professional Career

In June 2018, Morgan published the vlog ‘Why I dropped out of school’. In the video, Morgan Adams states that she made several unsuccessful attempts to start a YouTube channel since she was 12 years old. Her intended audience was her friends from school. Lack of confidence and lack of ideas, she forgot about the channel. Even while in high school, she tried to post videos on another channel with her best friend Trainee. But that channel failed to succeed. She even tried to become a blogger after moving to Hawaii. But all these attempts were unsuccessful and she withdrew from making YouTube content.

While studying in Hawaii, Morgan had the opportunity to move to the Czech Republic. Waiting for her student visa, she moved back to Colorado. Unfortunately, due to officials losing visa application papers, they could not travel to Europe and were trapped in Colorado. She started working in Aurora and began studying at the university. She later moved on in 2017 and was unsure what to do when Shane and Ryland suggested they start blogging again.

Morgan Adams YouTuber

Due to their appearances on Shane and Ryland’s videos or their screams, their new eponymous channel, ‘Morgan Adams’, started getting more and more views. Although it created the channel in 2015, it published its first travel blog, ‘A Day On Kauai’ in the Secret Natural Lazy River, in April 2017. She also appeared in a few videos on Shane Dawson’s channel, in which she talks about ghosts in her house by the name of Angie. On January 24, 2018, she posted the video ‘Ghost in my house’ describing her experiences with Angie.


Not only its own subscribers but also Shen channel viewers, it has a plethora of video locking, which has given it a total of 2.8 million views. Vlog became an important channel for the channel as it became more and more buyers. Videos such as ‘talking about the past with psychic twins’ and ‘ghost hunting in Hollywood’ were viewed millions of times. She also collaborated with her brother Ryland, Shane, and YouTube enthusiasts on videos like ‘DIY Slime Challenge’ and ‘Xtreme Spicy Noodle Challenge W / Josh Pack’ which is the most viewed on his channel. Content created.


Shane fans often criticize Shane Dawson and Ryland Adams for their popularity online to get Morgan Adams’s ideas. Both Shane and Ryland defended it. In addition, she posted a video of herself saying that a lot of viewers came from her channels, but most of them stayed and her list of users increased because of her hard work.

Personal Life

Morgan Adams was born on August 22, 1997, in Denver, Colorado, USA Her father Bruce Adams is a baker, and her mother, Vicky Adams, is a photographer who often appears on Morgan’s vlogs. Her brother, Ryland Adams, of England, is famous. She went to the University of Denver, Colorado, but graduated before completing it. Morgan Adams’s age is 23 years old. Morgan Adams’s birthday is on August of 22.

Personal Information:

Full Name:     Morgan Adams
NickName:   Morgan
Date of Birth:  22th of August 1997
Nationality:     American
Birth-Sign: Leo
Profession:      Actress
Marital Status:   Un-Married
Hair Colour:   Golden
Eye Colour:   Brown
Weight:    55 kg
Morgan Adams Height:  5 feet 4 inches
Children:  No
Morgan Adams Net Worth: $680,000 US dollars
Husband: Single
Siblings: Neffeteria Pugh, Sean Cole

Social Media

At the same time, Morgan Adams Instagram account also closed, which added to her growing list of fans. Her Instagram bio reads, ‘I didn’t choose chaos, chaos chose me’. Morgan’s whaling style is very similar. Chaotic, loud and funny. With over 1.8 million users on YouTube, most of whom started watching its content in early January 2018, it’s been an incredible year for Morgan Adams. Morgan Adams Height, Birthday, Net Worth, Instagram, Brother, YouTube

This number is the most impressive when looking at recent visitor statistics. Moreover, Morgan Adams’s latest blogs such as’ Turning My Brother into Me ‘,’ My True Thoughts about Tenacon ‘, and’ Rebuilding My Friends’ Instagram Photos’ have each received more than 2.2 million views.

Morgan Adams Net Worth

Morgan Adams Net Worth is estimated as $680,000 US dollars.

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