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Miss Monkey Bio

Gabrielle Umika, better known as Miss Monkey, is a YouTube and wine star. She is a young member of the famous Ah bee Family who has an impressive presence on social media. She first appears on YouTube with her family when just 6 years old. Today, a few years later, Miss Monkey has already become an online thrill, followed by a huge fan following. Her followers love her videos, which are filled with moments from Miss Monkey’s, where she shares her mind with Alan. This bee family is very popular on various social media platforms such as Bell, YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook. They have over 17 million combined users with over 3 billion total views!


Miss Monkey Bio
Miss Monkey Bio

This bee family produces skates and parodies for fun and to make people laugh. In addition, the famous family consists of Papa Bee, Mama Bee, and Mr. Monkey. Since Miss Monkey is only an underage girl, it is Papa Bee who makes video videos featuring she and Mr. Monkey which she then shares online. The first video shared by Papa Bee on Vine depicts her with a pink guitar. The family is known for playing Kid Bopz Spin on the most popular hip hop song.

Why Miss Monkey Famous?

Miss Monkey’s fans find her comedy and love her on the lines. Her videos appear on a number of social media platforms, including YouTube, Vine, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. She also works with her family in sponsored ads from companies like Disney, Samsung, Johnson & Johnson, Pepsi, Toyota and Regal Cinema. They have created sponsored content for many brands. Some advertisers are said to be.

Miss Monkey Wiki

That they paid over $10,000 per head! On their official website, the Bee family has listed hundreds of top brands they have worked with. She has also been included in “New York Daily News”, “Good Morning America”, “Buzzfeed” and “Today.com.”

Personal Information:

Birth Name:    Miss Monkey
Mother Name:  Rosanna Burgos
Father Name:   Andes Burgos
Date of Birth:        September 9, 2006
Nationality:    Canadian
Birth-Sign:  Canada
Profession:          YouTube Star
Marital Status:    Married
Hair Colour: Brown
Eye Colour:       Dark Brown
Religion:     Christianity
Weight:   58 kg
Miss Monkey Height: 4 feet 4 inches
Children:     No
Miss Monkey Net Worth: $1 Million
Miss Monkey Boyfriend: Meghan Trainor
Siblings: Mr. Monkey (Roberto Burgos)

Personal Life

She was born on September 9, 2006, in Thornhill, Ontario, Canada. She is the youngest of a family of four, including father Andres, mother Rosanna, and brother Mr. Monkey (his real name has not yet been revealed). Anders worked as a web developer before starting to make videos on social media. She is originally from Chile, while daily from Uruguay. Miss Monkey Eh Bee age is 14 years.

When Papa Bee initially started making videos and posted them on Vine, he was in love with the simplicity of the vine app. He and she decided to make some ridiculous videos, and within six months the videos became more and more popular and then they added the whole family.

Miss Monkey Net Worth
Miss Monkey Net Worth

Laughing videos of she and her family have quickly formed a loyal fan base Over 17 million joint users across various online platforms have released one of their famous video videos, ‘Kids Bop: Family Edition’ The family raided Dogg and Dres ‘The Next Episode’. ‘Within a few days, this video has accumulated over 138k likes and been shared 117 times! In 2015, Miss Monkey posted a video called Mini Miranda, based on Miranda Singhs, a popular fictional character.

Miss Monkey YouTuber

Created by Colleen Ballinger. In April 2017, She and her family posted a video on YouTube titled ‘Starbucks on a unicorn Frappuccino home !! – DIY. ‘This video got over 715k views and 176k likes in just a few days! This bee family finds ideas for everyday life videos. Then everyone in the family approves, and shooting starts soon. Miss Monkey Bio, Facts, Height, Boyfriend, Age, Net Worth, Instagram.

But why call this family the Ahab family, the kid’s monkeys, and the parent’s bees? When Anders first entered social media, he called his family a fly because it looks like “A B”, with his first and last name. He named his wife Mama Bee, but they called their children monkeys because they were so young, cute and cute. Miss Monkey is good at wandering between school, video shooting and touring. Her teachers are very flexible in doing their homework while she’s on the trip, and Mother Bee works with her on schoolwork during the tour.

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