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Mobile phones have become our absolute best friends over the years. We carry them everywhere with us and they allow us to be in touch with our friends, family and the rest of the world. They give us the opportunity to scroll through the Internet for hours, to upload content on social media, and even to develop our business. Today, a large number of people choose to use their mobile phone to record YouTube videos, podcasts and more. However, sometimes the built-in microphones on iPhone or Android phones just don’t do a good enough job. And in such situations it is good to think of some external mic that will help you level up your recording game. For this reason, we share with you more about why and how to use a mini phone microphone.

What is a mini phone microphone?

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A mini phone microphone is a small microphone that you can connect to your smartphone and use it for different purposes, with one common goal: to provide high quality sound. The main feature of the mini microphone for phone is that they are really small, lightweight and easily portable, so you can record your podcasts at home, or use them to record videos outside while you are on the go. In either case, it will give you the benefits you desire.

There are two most commonly used types of these mics, and Synco has both types in their offer. The first type are mini microphones that look like a small single capsule that plugs directly into the charging port. The other is the wireless microphone that comes with the receiver and transmitter and attaches easily to your clothes, so you can easily carry it around wherever you go. The first corresponds to the Synco U line and the second to the P line.

What should you pay attention to when choosing a phone microphone?

When choosing the best small microphone for iphone or android you need to consider a few key features:

1. Size

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The first thing to consider is the size of the microphone. Common to all microphones of this type is that they are mini, but even mini mics come in a variety of dimensions and designs. Think about how small the microphone should be – do you want to hide it completely or do you want it to be visible on your clothes. Of course, also consider whether the performance is appropriate and try to find the ideal balance between the size and performance of the mini phone microphone.

2. Connector

Mini phone microphones can be connected via USB, 3.5 mm audio cable, and there are also wireless options. In the first two cases you will need an adapter, so keep that in mind. The connectors are mostly designed to fit in many different devices, so you don’t have to worry about not being able to find the right one for your phone.

3. Design, battery life and other properties

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When choosing a mobile phone microphone you need to consider a few more features. For example, what kind of design you want the microphone for, if that is especially important to you. If you use it to record podcasts, it will probably not be crucial to you, but if it will be part of your equipment when recording videos, then you will probably want to choose the right one. Also, consider battery life, especially if you often shoot long hours outdoors. In such situations, the long battery life can be really handy.

Benefits of using mini cell phone microphone

4. High quality sound

The biggest disadvantage of built-in microphones on phones is that they cannot provide the sound of the desired quality. They simply can’t isolate the background sounds, so you can hear a lot of noise that makes the whole audio really bad. Using a mini external microphone for the phone helps to eliminate this shortcoming and ensure that the sound in your video or podcast is of satisfactory quality. You no longer have to worry about background noise, because the new mini phone microphone will ensure that the focus is on you instead of the surroundings.

5. Easy portability

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Another significant advantage of small phone microphones is that they are really lightweight. This means that they are very portable and that you can attach them to a collar or lapel, as well as that you can very easily pack them in your suitcase when you go on a trip where you plan to record travel vlogs. Usually, these microphones weigh only a few tens of grams, so you can carry them with you wherever you go, without putting any load.

6. They free your hands

Carrying a microphone while outdoors and carrying it in your hand can be quite tedious, especially when recording for several hours. Wouldn’t it be easier to have a mic that completely frees your hands? Wireless phone mics are available today to make the process of recording videos and other content easier. Instead of carrying a microphone in your hand, you can now hang on to your wardrobe and move freely while your hands are completely free. Very practical!

7. You can hide it easily

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The great benefit of mini phone microphones is that they can be easily hidden whenever needed. This can be very handy when shooting videos, when you want to provide a friendly viewing experience. Sometimes you just don’t want your audience’s attention to be on the microphone, but on what you’re saying or filming. In such situations, these little microphones can really be your best friends because you can easily hide them in the video frame and ensure the desired aesthetics.


Having a good microphone on your mobile phone is crucial if you use your phone to create content such as videos or podcasts for your business. Usually, the built-in microphones on iphone and android phones are simply not good enough because, along with the desired sound, they also record background noise. Choosing the right mini microphone phone can ensure that the content you create is of the desired quality and help you achieve your business and financial goals.

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