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Anal sex can be a polarizing topic. Many people, regardless of gender, have strong feelings about their like (or dislike) for anal sex. However, when it comes to this non-traditional form of sex, there are some things you should know before participating. The prostate, which only occurs in male anatomy, plays a large role in the benefits. So, we are going to cover the benefits of anal penetration for a man and women separately. Let’s take a look at what they are.

3 Benefits for Men

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Anal sex for men can be an exciting and pleasurable experience. While it is no secret that straight men love participating in anal sex with their female partners, that’s not what we are talking about here. We are talking about anal penetration on a man. While men who have been in gay relationships are already in on the secret, many straight men have no idea about the benefits of anal penetration. If you are a man with a female partner, this can be achieved using toys like a strap-on or a prostate massager. Men who have male partners can also make use of toys in the bedroom, or they can participate in classic penetrative sex. Here’s why those who have tried it like it so much:

  1. The “P-Spot”: If you have heard of the female G-spot then you can probably guess where this is going. The P-spot is the male equivalent and is located in the male prostate. The P-spot is responsible for intense male orgasms similar to that of a G-spot orgasm for women. Climax through penile stimulation utilizes a small fraction of the muscles that are employed during a P-spot climax, which is what makes these orgasms so strong.
  2. The Blended Orgasm: If it seems like women get to have all the fun when it comes to blended orgasms, there’s no need to fret. Men can have a blended orgasm too through simultaneous stimulation of the prostate and the penis. Add in a little P-spot action and you’ll be screaming louder than ever before. You can work on one side while your partner works on the other or, if your partner is skilled or ambidextrous, let them do all the work and sit back and enjoy.
  3. Intimacy Between Partners: If you and your partner and both male, anal sex is a great way for the two of you to feel connected. Instead of taking turns or doing a classic 69, anal sex allows gay couples to be inside each other and experience those feelings of closeness as they engage in mutual pleasure.

3 Benefits for Women

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When it comes to anal sex for women, the benefits are a bit different. Because women don’t have a prostate or a P-spot, the pleasure that they gain from it varies from person to person. Some women report that they enjoy anal sex for the physical feelings, but far more women say they like to engage in anal sex as a form of dom/sub play. If you are a woman, make sure you only participate in anal sex when you desire it and don’t let yourself be pressured into anything you don’t want to do. However, if you do want to try out anal sex, here are a few of the benefits for women:

  1. Feeling Dominated: Being dominant or submissive in a sexual relationship can take many forms. While many people associate the terms with heavy fetishism or BDSM, there are many different ways to engage in the domination of submission in the bedroom. Anal sex is usually a pretty good starting point for many consenting couples. If you are looking to explore your sexuality, or experiment in the bedroom with submission, anal sex could be for you.
  2. No Chance of Pregnancy: This one is pretty self-explanatory. If you are trying to eliminate any chances of pregnancy while having sex, anal is a good way to do it.
  3. An Alternative During Menstruation: If you are not comfortable with, or if you dislike having intercourse while on your period, you can try anal sex. Many women feel extra horny during their time of the month but don’t want to engage in messy or sometimes painful period sex. Feed your appetite with something a little different the next time you are menstruating.

Start Experimenting in the Bedroom

Whether you are straight or gay, or a man or a woman, there are safe and healthy ways for you to engage in anal sex. Just make sure you are relaxed and comfortable for best results. And don’t forget to take your time. Anal sex may take more effort to get started, but it can absolutely be worth the wait.

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Tips for Pleasure and Comfort

Anal sex can be a great way to experience new and intense sensations. With proper communication between partners, it can be incredibly pleasurable. It’s best to understand safety concerns, hygiene and preparations, as well as tips for pleasure and comfort before starting. Here’s the knowledge you need for safe and enjoyable anal sex.

Safety Concerns:

  • Practice safer sex when engaging in anal play or intercourse. Use condoms and dental dams during all sexual activities to avoid any risk of STDs transmission.
  • Use plenty of lubricant when inserting fingers or objects into the anus as it’s delicate.


  • Wash your hands and/or take a bath/shower before attempting anal exploration.
  • Clean dildos or toys externally with soapy water or boil them for five minutes.


  • Foreplay is important to relax partners and allow easier entry. Talk during activity for mutual pleasure.
  • Use deep breaths and water-based lubes for relaxation and insertion. Vibrators can also be used but start slow and increase intensity according to pleasure levels.

Tips For Pleasure And Comfort:

  • Communication is key. Increase friction and pump/spin rhythmically.
  • Anal orgasms can happen if timing works out.
  • Enjoy each other’s reactions and reach same mental height to end the experience.
  • Happy memories are great reminders of how to share things emotionally.
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Aftercare for Anal Sex

Aftercare for it is key for a positive experience. Post-sex activities should include hygiene cleaning and emotional support.

  • Hygiene can involve water, wet wipes, antibacterial cleansing wipes, or douching with warm water/soap.
  • Emotional support should be provided too. Active listening is essential – making sure both parties feel safe and secure.

Being aware of these needs beforehand can make all the difference for a great experience!

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