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Lola Van Wagenen is an American historian born into a Mormon family. She is also a well-known author, co-founder of Consumer Action Now, a non-profit organization. The 80-year-old historian also founded the 1995 Commonwealth History, Inc. Also, Lola’s educational career has been going on for decades. In addition, during his career, he was awarded the Distinguished Alumni / Alumni Achievement Award by the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences at NYU. Lola Van Wagenen estimates the total worth is $ 2 million.

Furthermore, she married her husband, George Carlton Burlew, in 2002. Also, Lola Van Wagenen was previously married to The Oldman and gun star Robert Redford in 1954. He has 4 children with 5 grandchildren.

Family Life

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Lola Van Wagenen was born in December 1938 to a Dutch father in Provo Utah. Born into a Mormon family, she changed his mind and explored different traditions and cultures. As much as her family life does not know. Furthermore, Lola Van Wagenen was single for 16 years and married her husband George Burleigh in 2002. Lola is already in the light of being the wife of a celebrity. Nowadays she is known for being the grandmother of 5 grandmothers who are also famous.

Former husband Robert Redford

Lola Van Wagenen met her ex-husband, Robert Redford, in LA in 1957. In addition, the couple secretly married in 1958 in Provo, Utah. Renowned American historian Lola Gott married her ex-husband, actor Radford, in 1958. The couple divorced in 1985 and have 4 children.

4 kids and 5 grandchildren

Lola has 5 grandchildren, including Dylan Radford. In the 20 years of the actor’s married life, Lola Van Wagenen gave birth to 4 children, including Amy Radford, James Redford, Sona Redford, and Scott Anthony Redford. Lola turned 80 in December 2018 and is the grandmother of 5 grandchildren, including the famous actor Dylan Radford.

Career of Lola Van Wagenen

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In 1970, Lola Van Wagen 2024 started the Consumer Action for Now (CAN), with Eileen Jones Goldman, Linda Stewart, and Cynthia Burke Stein, a non-profit organization with headquarters in New York City ۔ Also, the organization CAN focus on educating the public on environmental and consumer topics, such as the effects of shopping habits on the consumer environment.

From 1970 to 1980, Lola Van Wagenen was co-chair of the CAN. From 1970 to 1973, Lola wrote numerous articles for the Ken Newsletter, circulating around the country. In addition, CAN offers consumer and environmentally-based educational programs. In addition, Lola has reached out to the public through various public speaking programs on television and through numerous local forums. Also, he did considerable research on environmental issues.

In 1972, it created the Environmental Action Forum and the Political Action Council to tackle environmental issues. The Political Action Council played an important role in the ratification of the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act of 1976 and the Toxic Substances Control Act. In 1977, Lola created the Sun Fund to educate the public about the importance of energy conservation and the use of alternative energy sources.

His project, ‘Solar Energy Slideshow’. Furthermore, she was a great initiative to raise awareness of solar energy. ‘Solar Film’, a short film based on the slideshow, won the Academy’s nomination for Best Live Action Short Film in 1980. Also, he took this initiative in 1978 in New York by organizing a Sun Day. Also, it was a three-day event focused on environmental issues and was sponsored by the US Small Business Administration and the New York Institute of Technology.


Many organizations recognize their efforts to conserve energy and promote renewable energy resources. In 1979, he was awarded an honorary doctorate in science by the Pratt Institute for his efforts. Her focus on American history, while she was doing her Ph.D., led her to Cleo Visualizing History Inc. It was co-founded with the help of renowned historian Jane Hook. Also, the purpose was to raise awareness of American history among the general public.

In keeping with this goal, he played the role of a producer and in 2002 made ‘Miss America: A Documentary’. However, she failed to get financing for her other major projects. Similarly, not to lose, she teamed up with Cleo to focus on developing small projects such as web-based interactive materials and CD-ROMs that will help students better understand history. Also, in 2003, Lola made Clive a non-profit educational institution. Moreover, she went on to produce two more documentaries, ‘Lovely Thomas: The American Story Taylor’ (2008) and ‘The Kingdom of Marriage’ (2015).

Earnings from a writing career

Lola Van Wagenen has continued her career by serving on various scholarship boards. Since he is the co-founder of Clive Visualizing History Inc., worth millions of dollars. In addition, she is also an expert author. Also, his hard work and dedication throughout his academic career have been greatly appreciated. After completing her Ph.D., she authored the book, Sister Waves and Suffragists. Also, the Politics of Multiracial and Women’s Pressure, 1870-189. This book was published in 2002 and has gained popularity at its peak.

Major Works

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Lola Van Wagenen’s Ph.D. dissertation, which was later published as a book, titled, “Siblings and Runaways: The Pressure of Polygamy and Politics on Women 1870-1896,” drew them on Established as He also established his intellectual credentials. Also, its organization, Consumer Action Now (CN), has been able to raise awareness of environmental issues and inform the public how their shopping habits are affecting the environment. Clive Visualizing History Inc., another organization on which it co-founded, is also a success story. Similarly, the organization has been successful in helping public and school children understand diversity in American history.

Lola Van Wagenen Family & Personal Life

Lola Van Wagenen was married in 1958 to Robert Redford. He was struggling with alcohol at the time. They had four children: Scott Anthony Redford (1959), Shauna Jane Redford (1960), David James Redford (1962), and Amy Redford (1970).

In addition, Scott died suddenly of Infant Death Syndrome when he was just one month old. Lola and Redford divorced in 1985 due to inconsistent differences. Also, in 2002, Lola married George Carlton Burlew, a trustee of the Woodbury Institute at Champlain College.

Quick Info:

Birth Name: Lola Van Wagenen
Birth Place: Provo, UT
Spouse: George Burrill
Ethnicity: Dutch
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Blonde
Nationality: American
Lola Van Wagenen Net Worth: $2 million
Qualification: Ph.D. in American History
College: Vermont College and NYU
Children: Amy Redford, James Redford, Shauna Redford, Scott Anthony Redford

Lola Van Wagenen Net Worth and Profession

By 2018, Lola’s total worth is $2 million. Also, Lola Van Wagenen is a former wife of renowned actor and director Robert who is estimated at around 170 million. Also, Lola herself is a great historian known as the promoter of history education.

Moreover, Lola Van Wagenen is a highly educated student who graduated from Vermont College in 1982 with a bachelor’s degree.

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