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Kate Abdo Bio

If you are a sports lover, you certainly are. One would know of a famous female reporter who is currently rocking the waves in the world of sports journalism. She is no other than Kate Abdo, best known for her extraordinary ability in sports journalism. Kate has hosted a number of sports shows including the 2014 FIFA Ballon DR Gala.


Kate Abdo Bio
Kate Abdo Bio

Launching a career in sports journalism in Germany, Amazon has worked with advanced news agencies, including CNN International. Sky Sports News Headquarters in both Germany and the UK. Kate Abdo is indeed one of the leading female reporters who have achieved success in the male-dominated field. Read on to find out other interesting facts about the beautiful reporter below.

Who is Kate Abdo?

Kate Abdo is a multi-talented English sports journalist, television presenter, and host of various sports events. Kate Abdo is currently working as a sports reporter and television host at Fox Sports and Turner Sports. Prior to Fox Sports Career, she worked with Sky Sports and CNN International with a German international network called Deutsche Welle. When it comes to sports journalism, Kate Abdo is very versatile and her multi-faceted talent has played a key role in her success since the beginning of her career.

Personal Information:

Birth Name:             Kate Abdo
Mother Name:         N/A
Father Name:          N/A
Date of Birth:    September 8, 1981
Kate Abdo Nationality:             British
Birth-Sign:  Virgo
Profession:    TV anchor, Journalist
Marital Status:  Married
Hair Color:   Brown
Kate Abdo Eye Color:    Brown
Religion: Christianity
Kate Abdo Ethnicity:  British
Weight:           120 lbs
Kate Abdo Height:    5 feet 10 inches
Children:   2
Kate Abdo Net Worth: $1.5 Million
Kate Abdo Husband: Ramtin Abdo

Interesting Facts about Kate Abdo 

Kate was Born and Raised in England

The Amazing Sports Reporter was born on September 8, 1981, in Manchester, England. Her birth name was Kate Giles and she was raised by her parents with her older brother, who are both from England, but she is not yet known. The name is his English nationality and she belongs to white.

Kate Abdo Wiki
Kate Abdo Wiki

As she was growing up, Kate developed an interest in becoming a journalist. Kate Abdo was influenced by a number of female journalists reporting on various TV stations. Pursuing her passion, Kate established herself as one of Europe’s leading female sports journalists.

  1. Kate is a First-Class Degree Holder in European Languages

Kate went to All-Girls High School, Wyoming Girls School, located in Manchester’s Fields Field. After graduation, she enrolled at the University of Salford in Greater Manchester, where she graduated with First Class Honors in European Languages. Shortly after her graduation, Kate received another degree in journalism from the University of Malaga, Spain. She has lived in other countries, including France and Germany. Along with its native language, English, Kate is fluent in three other languages, including German, French, and Spanish.

  1. She Started Her Journalism Career in Germany

After graduating, Kate Abdo first started her journalistic career, working as an intern at a German television station. She did an impressive job, thus learning the complexities of the profession and the completion of her internship. Kate joined Germany’s international network called Deutsche Welle Television, where she worked as a sports journalist. She hosted numerous sports events and also served as a German to English translator for the network.
She was recruited by CNN International in 2009, after her outstanding performance on TV.

Her portfolio also includes direct coverage of football. She anchored the 2010 World Cup in South Africa. At the World Cup, Kate had the chance to meet and interview some of the biggest football games, including Jackie Stewart, Clarence Seedorf, Shane Warne, and Lawrence Dallagio. The following year, Kate was named Sky Deutschland at the German media company where she served as the central anchor of the Sky Sports News HD television channel. Along with Alex Hammond, Kate brought direct coverage of Coppa Italia in 2013. Leaving Sky Sports In late 2016, she was hired in 2017 by Fox Sports, a network based in the United States.

  1. She has been the FIFA Ballon d’Or Gala Host Since 2014

While the amazing journalist is facing a bloated career, she has become an up-and-coming proposition for high profile events like the Ballon d’Or Gala. After being selected as the host of the 2014 Balloon DR Gala, it received international acclaim in 2014. Kate managed to deliver outstanding performance at the prestigious event, with Cristiano Ronaldo winning the Central Award.

Kate Abdo Net Worth
Kate Abdo Net Worth

 The amazing presentation interviewed other people in four different languages, as well as other competitions, including Lionel Messi. The next year, they also hosted a prestigious event, in which Messi won the Central Award. Along with James Nesbitt, she hosted the 2016 Ballon d’Or Gala. Currently, she will host the UEFA Champions League starting in August 2018. The announcement was made in early May 2018.

She Married a German Businessman

In addition to her winning career, Kate is also winning in her love life. She is a happily married woman and the wife of Ramtin Abdu, a German businessman and real estate investor born in Berlin, Germany. The two met years ago when Kate was still working for German television station DWTV.

A few years after a successful relationship, the amazing couple got married in 2010 in a wonderful marriage. However, Kate has always kept her personal life in the shadows and doesn’t know much about her husband. They do not have children yet but may have plans to raise them in the future.

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