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Kaitlyn Siragusa Bio-Wiki

Kaitlyn Siragusa is an American model, professional cosplayer, Twitch-heavy streamer, and social media personality. She is active on platforms such as Instagram, YouTube, Snapchat, and Patreon. Kaitlyn is also known for its ASMR videos. Her Character Entertainment Company ‘A Charmed Affair’ was founded in 2015. Known as Kaitlyn Siragusa, she was born on December 2, 1993, in Houston, Texas. She was raised by conservative parents. Kaitlyn Siragusa’s age is 27 years old.


Professional Career

Kaitlyn describes herself as a clothing designer, role entertainer, model, and businesswoman. She began her final journey in 2010 (age 16) while she was still in high school. Her work will attract the attention of the Houston Grand Opera and the Houston Ballet, who quickly recruited her into her clothing department. Kaitlyn’s famous hits include Mary Jane, Harley Quinn, Spider Gwen, Wonder Woman and Catwoman in the past year. Highlighting her success, she launched the character company ‘A Charmed Affair’ in 2015. The company specializes in programs for children and charities. You can book it directly from the company website.

At Twitch, Kaitlyn Amouranth’s account has 1+ million followers and counting. She began streaming in 2016. She currently has 230+ videos with over 76 million views in total. Kaitlyn flows daily (usually more than 10 hours). Her favorite games include Overwatch, Just Dance and Pokemon (her favorite). She also conducts live ASMR videos, live painting sessions, and gym workouts. Since its debut, the IRL streamer has been criticized for its style of dressing in streams.

Kaitlyn Siragusa Nick Lee is known for the limitations (breaking the internet) of what is allowed on the Twitch platform. Also, Kaitlyn has been banned from Twitter on a few occasions for promoting her NSFW Patreon. She has also been called by YouTube channels such as L of the Day and PWDP.

Kaitlyn Siragusa Following

Kaitlyn Amurant YouTube channel is January 2011. However, her earliest video “Misty Pokemon Yellow” was not posted until July 2016. The channel now has 190K + subs and 13+ million views. Furthermore, it includes a mix of vlogs, cosplay videos, parodies and more. Standout videos include “Wendy’s Trolls McDonald’s and Burger King”, “Walmart Shoppers React with Cosplayers” and “Body Suite Temptation Distance.”

In addition to the Internet, Kaitlyn has appeared in a handful of television programs. Kaitlyn Siragusa was based on several episodes of The Little Couple of TLC. AMSR Star also interviewed for an episode of ‘The Fandom Files’ podcast in 2018 by SYFY Wire. Kaitlyn’s line of work includes many trips. She attends various comic book conventions and other events around the world. Emergent has 1.5+ million followers on social media, 390K + on Facebook, and 145K + on Twitter. It has a subdivision with 16K + members.

Facts About Kaitlyn Siragusa Amouranth

Amouranth is 5ft 4in tall and is of Italian, Irish, English and Cherokee descent. Kaitlyn Siragusa’s total worth is estimated at US $2 million. Revenue sources include Twitch, YouTube, merchandise, events, and sponsored content. Amouranth also earns from Patreon where it boasts 1100+ Patreon. Its monthly Patreon subscription fees range from $1 (Bronze) to $500 (Bliss). Advanced purchase promises more sexy/NSFW photos and videos. Amouranth is reportedly married. She owns a dog named Nox the Board Collie. Nox has its own tweak with 2K + followers.

Personal Information:

Birth Name:   Kaitlyn Siragusa
Date of Birth:      December 2, 1993
Nationality:      American
Birth-Place:    Houston, Texas, United States
Profession:     Costume  Designer
Marital Status:     Married
Hair Colour:      Light brown
Eye Colour: Dark Brown
Weight:       60 kg
Kaitlyn Siragusa Height:      5 feet 4 inches
Children:   No
Kaitlyn Siragusa Net Worth: $2 Million
Kaitlyn Siragusa Boyfriend: Nick Lee

Social Media Sensation

Kaitlyn Siragusa is active on Facebook and Instagram, where she goes on her Instagram account with more than a million followers. On this account, Kaitlyn Siragusa also posts videos and photos of several costumes she designs, where her followers are always excited and ready to see more. In addition to Instagram and Facebook, they are also available on Twitter and Twitter. So far, Kaitlyn Siragusa has made over $50,000 from her modeling career alone, and even more, money comes from her costume sales.

Its total worth is about $800,000, but that’s only an estimate. Also, there are more than 100,000 followers on Twitter. Moreover, other media previews include Pattern, One Thousand Followers. Facebook, 360,000 likes, twitch, 770,000 followers. And YouTube, 161,000 followers.

Between modeling and costume designing, it should not be surprising that Siragusa is also very interested in the film business, and she has even appeared on the TV show The Little Couple. In addition, she is lonely, though nobody knows for sure because Kaitlyn Siragusa is so private about her personal life. In the past, she has been associated with men by the name of Nick Lee and Matt Barr, though no relationship can be confirmed or denied.

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