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Judie Aronson Bio

Judie Aronson is an American actress who has acted as a supporting role and guest in numerous television shows and films. She played the role of Sarah Duncan in the TV series ‘Finding Happiness.’ She has guest-starred on numerous TV shows including “Sledge Hammer”, “Simon & Simon”, “The Powers of Matthew Starr”, “Full House”, “Midnight Collar”, “Beverly Hills, 90210. ‘,’ Charles in charge included. ‘,’ Law & Order: Criminal Intentions’ and ‘Las Vegas’.  On the silver screen, the actress has performed in films such as ‘Friday the 13th History: The Last Chapter’, ‘Who Kiss Bang Bang’, ‘American Ninja’ and ‘Weird Science’. Aronson has also contributed to Nelson’s lively “Love and Love” music video.


Judie Aronson Net Worth
Judie Aronson Net Worth

In addition to her acting career, Judie Aronson is also a business owner who operates Pallet Studios in the Los Angeles area. Earlier, the Aronson Curio Shop was also owned. Until now, American Beauty has been active on Twitter and has been updating its handle from time to time.


Judie Aronson first appeared as a Sinhala in the 1984 film ‘Friday 13 Chronicles: The Last Chapter’. That same year, she did the TV movie ‘Looking for Things’. After that, she played “Weird Science” and “American Ninja” in the Haley and Patricia Hack films, respectively. Then, she played the entire Duncan series “Looking for Happiness.” In 1989, the actress appeared in an episode of the horror ontology flick ‘After Midnight.’ A year later, Judie Aronson portrayed the role of Kathy in the romantic comedy film “Cool Blue.” Aronson then joined the comedy-drama flick ‘Near Famous’ as well as the action, sci-fi, thriller film “Deep Core” in 2000.

The following year, Judie Aronson played the role of a news reporter in the psychological horror film ‘Hubble’. Then in 2005, the American actress played a minor role in the nine-noir black comedy crime movie “Kiss Kiss Bang Bang”. In addition to ‘Finding Pleasure’, Aronson has worked on many other TV shows, such as “Sledge Hammer”, “Simon & Simon”, “The Powers of Matthew Starr”, “Full House”, “Midnight.” Caller ‘, Beverly Hills, 90210,’ Charles in Charge ‘,’ LAND ORDER: Criminal Intentions’ and ‘Las Vegas’. Currently, Judie Aronson is a business owner at Pallet Studios in the Los Angeles area.

Personal Life

Judie Aronson 2024 was born on June 7, 1964, in Los Angeles, California, USA. She studied at the University of California. As far as his love life is concerned, Aronson initially dated Grant Show in 1984. After a year they broke up with her, she got into a romantic relationship with Kyle Secor. The couple’s relationship lasted for four years. Then, in 1999, the American actress was spotted with George Stephanopoulos. Unfortunately, this relationship was also short-lived. Aronson’s last known relationship was with a boy named John Lindstrom. Currently, Judie Aronson is still a virgin and has not been married.

Judie Aronson Bio
Judie Aronson Bio

Her character’s death on Friday 13th: The final chapter was filmed on a cold December night. It was so cold in the middle of the lake that the nude Aronson started crying. Ironically, Judie’s savior was Jason Voorhees himself – or the stuntman, who played the role, Ted White. Enraged, White demanded that director Joseph Zetto let the actress warm-up or he would quit. With Olive, another stuntman with no time and money to spare, Jason agreed to find enough money to play. Still, Judie developed hypothermia in filming this scene.

Judie Aronson Quick Info:

Birth Name: Judith M. Aronson
Birth Place: Los Angeles, California, USA
Birth Sign: Gemini
Judie Aronson Height: 165cm
Weight: 132lbs
Ethnicity: White
Eye Color: Light Brown
Hair Color: Black
Date of Birth: 07/06/1964
Judie Aronson Age: 55 years old
Nationality: American
Judie Aronson Net Worth: $1 million
Qualification: Theater Arts major
College: University of California

Judie Aronson’s Net Worth and Earnings

1980s screenwriter Judie Aronson’s leading actress is worth $1 million. Aronson made her debut in the 1984 horror film “Friday 13 Chronicles: The Last Chapter” starring Samantha. Although her first acting brought her hypothermia, she continued to work in other films. Her acting ability and commitment helped him make such a big amount of money. Finally Judie Aronson Net Worth is $1 million USD.

Judie Aronson Wiki
Judie Aronson Wiki

Judie Aronson’s acting goes back to the 80s hit comedy wired science and action movie American Ninja. In addition, Aronson also featured as a guest special on TV shows including Sledge Hammer! Criminal targeting: Power of Matthew Starr, Simon & Simon, Midnight Caller, Phil House, Beverly Hills, 90210, Las Vegas, and Law & Order. Likewise, Aronson also collected some money from the American music industry for his money. They can be seen in the 1990 music video “Love Can’t Live Without You” by the Nelson Band.

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