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Josh Gates Wife’s name is Hallie Gnatovich,  she is an American television celebrity and explorer. Also, Josh Gates Wife Hallie Gnatovich is a former actress most known for her performances on Destination (2007). She also played as an actress in Archer House (2007).

Currently, Josh Gate’s wife, Hallie Gnatovich, is a visiting American physician. It owns a consulting firm called Hellie Therapy. In it, there are more facts about Josh Gates’ wife, Hallie Gnatovich.


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Initially, Hallie Gnatovich Gates wanted to be an actress. As a result, she pursued theater as her first degree. In 2007, Hallie Gnatovich played minor roles in Archer House, a short comedy. She portrayed Marnie in comedy. In the meantime, she’s joined the destination. In fact, she started working with Josh Gates in 2008 as one of the researchers on the show. After a few months, they started making presentations on-screen at the show. In all, it featured 8 Destination Truths in 8 episodes.

Apparently, Hallie had made up her mind to change her career even before she joined the Destiny Truth. As a result, she has already enrolled in a Marriage and Family Therapy / Counseling degree. Prior to entering her full-time consulting career, Hallie Gnatovich worked as a researcher on various films. Some of these are; such and the Icelandic Elves and Ninki Nanka and Kikiyaon

Her career as a Therapist

From 2009 to 2012, Hallie Gnatovich worked as a physician at the Genesee Center. She played a similar role at the Jewish Family Center in 2011. Here, she worked for a year and three months. In 2009, Josh Gate’s wife founded a consulting firm called Hellie G Therapy. After her graduation in 2010, Hallie Gnatovich went ahead and earned a certificate in mind. In 2012, she obtained her license for her business.

Currently, Hallie Gnatovich works at her firm. Her approach to work is primarily in the context of cognitive behavior and mindfulness. Using this approach, she first tries to understand her clients’ perspectives on life. For her, this is the first and most important step in treatment.

According to reports, its clientele is mostly in the ’20s and ’30s. Mostly, they target lesbian couples, actors, writers, and Hollywood executives. Josh Gates Wife Hallie receives $ 125 / hour for individuals and $ 150/hour for couples. Therefore, it should be a worthwhile income.

Josh Gates Wife Hallie Gnatovich has more than just running her consulting firm. Josh Gates Wife serves as a consultant to the Mid-Event Pro, a position she has held since 2008. Here her role is to assist pharmacological researchers in DSM symptomatology.

Josh Gates and Wife Hallie Gnatovich’s Married Life

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Josh Gates Wife has brought their married lives to light. The couple’s affection and affection with each other are known to all who know them. Hallie Gnatovich met Josh Gates on the Destination Truth series when she joined. Initially, she worked behind the scenes as a researcher, but later, she started appearing on the screen. Soon, the two fell in love and started dating. Eventually, their love graduated to marriage. She married her beloved husband Josh Gates on September 13, 2014. They held a private wedding ceremony at the Hidden Pond Luxury Resort in Cannabis Port, Maine.

Attendees were just two of her family and very close friends. After that, Josh Gates broke the marriage news via his Facebook and Twitter accounts. He posted a photo of a car with Justin Reading, Just Mered. Ever since then, the couple has had a very happy loving relationship. It is clear that they have a happy married life. The couple is currently based in Los Angeles, California with their two children.

Personal Information:

Birth Name: Hallie Gnatovich
Mother Name: Stana Gnatovich
Father Name: Rock Gnatovich
Date of Birth: 26th January 1981
Nationality: American
Birth-place: Boston, United States
Profession: Therapist, Actress
Marital Status: Married
Hair Colour: Blonde
Eye Colour: Brown
Weight: 54 kg
Height: 5 feet 9 inches
Children: 2
Josh Gates’s Wife Net Worth: $3 Million
Husband: Josh Gates
Siblings: 2

Hallie Gnatovich’s Children

Josh Gates and his wife Hallie Gnatovich have two children. On February 12, 2016, the couple welcomed their first child, the boy’s name is Owen Gates. It was truly amazing how Hallie revealed to her husband the news of her first pregnancy. She did this through a phone call while Josh Gates was in the middle of a show. Later, in February 2018, the couple gave birth to their second child, a daughter. Her name is currently unknown.

Josh Gates Wife Family, Parents

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Hallie Gnatovich Gates belongs to the nuclear family of five. She is the only daughter of her parents Rock Gnatovich and Stana Gnatovich. Her two siblings are both males. One of them is known as Steven. Her other brother describes himself as “samonganat” on Instagram.

Reportedly, her mother, Stana, is a licensed marriage and family therapist. Probably, Hallie loved her mother’s treatment.

Josh Gates Wife Hallie Gnatovich Net Worth

Josh Gates’s wife, Hallie Gnatovich Gates estimated net worth in 2024 is $3 million. On the other hand,Josh Gates Wife Net Worth $30 million.

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