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Lori Anne Allison is an American celebrity makeup artist, entrepreneur, and ex-wife of Hollywood actor Johnny Depp. Also, Lori always wanted to become a makeup artist and that’s why she moved to Los Angeles for her dreams into reality.

She had good friends from the industry who helped make her a career in her field. Lori Anne Allison initially wanted to become a music producer, but an unfortunate incident didn’t let that happen. Lori Anne Allison Age is 62 years old.

Childhood & Early Life

Lori Anne was born in the United States on September 6, 1957. As a child, she was interested in makeup and hairstyle. She began her career by applying her make-up ideas to her dolls. She cut and styled her doll’s hair and applied makeup on them using colored pens. When Lori was 11 years old, she started making make-up lines on paper. She draws faces and then uses real makeup products to replicate the makeup of the entire face. Eventually, she mastered basic makeup.

On 13, Lori experienced real makeup for the first time. She went to a small makeup shop on Columbus Avenue, Miami Beach. Lori did a saleswoman’s full-fledged makeup at a shop. There, he learned some real makeup techniques. They also learned that makeup was really about enhancing one’s qualities and not about exaggerating them.

At that time, Lori was heavily influenced by music, models, drag queens, and actors. Her main source of makeup was David Bowie and makeup artist Way Bandy. While every other student in the school wanted to become a doctor, engineer, or lawyer, Lori’s dream was to pursue a career in the non-traditional field. He too was bold and unique. At the age of 16, Lori’s hair had curly lines, she wore eyebrows, and she often wore fun clothes. He was nicknamed “a waste” by friends.


Lori Anne
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Lori Anne Allison moved to Los Angeles to continue her career in makeup. There, she stayed at the ‘Chelsea Hotel’. Interestingly, Lori initially wants to be a musician. His shift in Los Angeles was primarily to help him get into the music industry. Lori had many friends from the industry, and she helped them learn a lot about the music and recording industry. Lori was determined to become a record producer, but an unfortunate event destroyed her dream. In the fatal crash, he was partially deaf in the left ear.

Nevertheless, the incident gave Lori’s career in a new direction. Her two best friends, composer Adam Chuant and actress Cristina Applegate helped Lori enter the make-up field. Cristina gifted her a professional make-up kit and her first job on TV. Adam helped Lori in her first film and her first play. At which time, she worked with a lot of fashion photographers as makeup artists. Over time, Lori established her career in the industry and soon became a long list of celebrity clients.

Lori stepped in as a makeup artist from the 1992 release ‘Sensei Heat’. He later acted in several films, such as the 1995 release Cyber ​​Bandit. He also appeared in the TV series ‘The Ultimate Light’ (1996), ‘Supreme Court of Comedy’ (2008), and ‘Stand Up to Cancer’ (2008). Lori is a business person and owns the makeup product range ‘Serendipity Lip fasces’, which was launched in 2015. She also runs a small cupcake business called ‘D’Cups’.

Relationship with Johnny Depp

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Allison was married to Hollywood actor Johnny Depp in 1983. Initially, they enjoyed a smooth married life. However, in 1985, he decided to separate methods due to irreconcilable differences. According to sources, there was no sign of his unmarried relationship. Johnny, however, was rumored to have shared the history of his co-star, Sherlyn Fenn, when she was married to Lori Anne. The rumor proved to be true when the two formally announced their engagement.

Lori Anne Allison and Johnny eventually divorced on March 7, 1986. They had no children. They still maintain a pleasant relationship. Lori came to support Johnny when he was once accused of physical abuse by his then-wife Amber Heard. She also said that she was never abused when she was with Johnny.

Lori Anne Allison: Rumors and Controversy

Also, Lori Annie Allison is really not in the news for any of the rumors that hit the headlines of celebrity-related portals.

Body Measurements

Lori Ann Allison is 5 feet tall. Her hair is black. Lori Anne Allison Age is 62 years old. In addition, there are no other physical details, including body weight, eye color, shoe size, and size of clothing.

Lori Anne Allison Quick Facts

Birth Name Lori Anne Allison
Nick Name Lori Anne Allison
Nationality American
Married to Johnny Depp (1983)
Hair Color Black
Face Color Fair
Salary $22,630- $124,960
Lori Anne Allison Net Worth $1 million
Profession Make-up Artist
Ethnicity North-American
Famous for The ex-wife of Johnny Depp

Lori Anne Allison: Social Media Profile

Lori is currently disabled on social sites. She does not have an account on any social site, including Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

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