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JJ DA Boss Wiki

If you are an adrenaline junkie and motorhead, then you should know the Street Outlaws: Memphis show. You may have also heard of JJ DA Boss. As a kid, the Dow Boss loved muscle cars. The boss used to race with each of his friends on the streets of Memphis and Arkansas. JJ is a quick talker and is careful if you are betting on him or you will end up barefoot on the street in Memphis.


JJ DA Boss Wiki
JJ DA Boss Wiki

Adrenaline, whose TV star JJ Da Boss Show has gained a lot of popularity and has amassed a lot of supporters.  More information about JJ Da Bass is below in the deck. So stay with us. Before we get into the life of enthusiasts whose JJ Da boss, let’s take a look at some of their quick facts.

Personal Life

JJ DA Bos’s real name is Dow Boss is married to Tricia Day. No information about JJ’s relationship before fame and money. The age of the boss’s wife, Tricia, is currently unknown. Moreover, no member of the public can tell when the couple was dating. However, it can be said that Tricia and Da Boss have known each other for the past twenty years, with a marriage that has been going on for ten years. So, it simply means that the couple straightened and married their marriage for ten years. But despite the fame, there is no picture of marriage that can show exactly what a wedding looks like.

JJ DA Boss Kids
JJ DA Boss Kids

Talking about the children of a 45-year-old American racer, he turned into a TV star who is blessed with 11 children. The names of the children are unknown. Have children but it is said that Tricia is not the mother of children. Also, little is known about the children. Because the Da Boss keeps his private life secret.


After returning from prison, the Da boss changed his ways of earning his living from the illegal business, turning it into a legal business of buying, modifying and selling old vehicles. But he also did some tweets in underground street racing. After several years of working, JJ Da Boss made his television debut in an episode of Street Outlook, aired on December 26, 2016.

Two years later, the boss was given his reality TV series, titled, Street Outlaws: Memphis. It premiered on Discovery Channel on January 15, 2018. The show is not just JJ’s but his well-groomed and talented team from Memphis, Tennessee. A close-knit group that has been working together for a long time. After an eight-part race, the first season wraps up March 4, 2018. Not long afterward, it was announced that the second season had begun shooting in April 2018. As far as we can tell, it will be released shortly.

Personal Information:

Full Name:             JJ DA Boss
Date of Birth:           August 10, 1973
Nationality:              American
Profession:               Television Actor
Marital Status: Married
Hair Colour:   Brown
Eye Colour:   Brown
Ethnicity:    White
Weight:    N/A
Height:  N/A
JJ Da Boss Kids:      11 Children
JJ Da Boss Net Worth: $1 Million
JJ Da Boss Wife: Tricia Day

Who is JJ Da Boss??

An easy answer is that Da Boss is the face of a reality TV show Street Outlaws a show about underground road racing in Memphis. Adrenaline, whose TV star was born on August 10, 1973. To his surprise, his real name is Jonathan Day and he was raised in Arkansas. Dow Boss has been involved in car racing and hustling since he was a teenager. However, there is no information about the adrenaline junkies educational background. We really know that Dr. Bass completed his high school at River Crest School. In his school days, he was away when he was fond of racing. Just like Dominic Toronto with the Fast and the Furious series, the Da Boss started racing from an early age.

JJ DA Boss Bio
JJ DA Boss Bio

The boss first followed his parents’ roofing plans for 20 years. But because of his interest in cars and racing, he invested his income from roofing to participate in illegal car racing. He was sentenced to 8 years in prison as a result of street racing and other bad decisions made by the Dow boss. After his life in prison, JJ re-evaluated his life for cars by fixing and selling old cars instead of cutting illegal parts.

JJ DA Boss Net Worth

The US TV star is said to have an estimated net worth around US $1 million. According to Labor Department Bureau data, American race car drivers earn a handsome salary of $ 40,210 annually, and their pay ranges from 0 16,020 to 166,400.

JJ DA Boss Cars

The first race car of the Da Boss is the 1996 Chevy II Nova. He even diverted beautifully from 402 big blocks of old and rusty bob truck. So far, the TV star owns a lot of cars and even names his cars. Some of them are the Ole Heavy Paddle Jumper and Heifer. He loves muscle cars and there are indeed a variety of cars from Dodge to vintage cars.


There aren’t many controversies regarding Star JJ Da. But a small controversy arose when rumors were circulating about the relationship between the Dow boss and his student, Parish Copper. But the rumors are wrong because the Dow boss is in a happy relationship with his wife, Midget.

Precious, on the other hand, takes JJ as a mentor. However, JJ successfully managed Copper in the car racing industry. In this field, traditionally dominated by men, Cooper, with the encouragement of his mentor JJ, has been able to do just as well. JJ DA Boss Wiki, Real Name, Facts, Cars, Kids, Age, Net Worth, Family, Garage

Social Media

JJ is active on all social media platforms. Its accounts are on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Instagram – 120k followers. Facebook – 232k followers. Twitter – 4,765 followers

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