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Jillian Fink Bio

Jillian Fink is an American celebrity makeup artist and the wife of Patrick Dempsey’s ‘Anatomy of Grey’ fame. Incredible makeup skills have helped to make a name for yourself in the beauty industry. Famous for giving Hollywood celebrities their best red carpet wave, Jillian Fink is also known for introducing many new beauty trends. She owns a website that has her own blog about the latest trends in the beauty industry. She also promotes custom beauty products, which are available for sale.


Jillian Fink Dempsey
Jillian Fink Dempsey

The best thing about this product is that it is made using organic ingredients. In addition, Throughout her career, spanning over a decade, Jillian has worked with a number of celebrities and created an influential client base. It has also partnered with ‘Avon’ for a new cosmetic line.

Professional Career

Jillian Fink began her career in the beauty industry in the early 1990s. It all started with the acquiring of makeup skills and business intelligence. Because of her work, she visited fashion capitals such as Paris and London. In 1992, she got her first break as a makeup artist in the TV movie ‘Something To Live for the Allison Gertz Story’. Two years later, when she stepped into Hollywood in central hair, she was appointed head stylist and makeup artist as a lead hairstylist. The thrilling film ‘The Crew’. Afterward, she styled Drew Barrymore, the protagonist of the 2000 romantic comedy. Jillian and Barrymore became good friends on film sets. Soon, she was hired to work on the lip gloss for the Barrymore – starrer action movie ‘Charlie’s Angels’.

Jillian Fink Young
Jillian Fink Young

2006 In 2006, Jillian was added by the cosmetic brand ‘Avon’ as its major global creative color director. The following year, it announced the launch of a new line of makeup products in collaboration with ‘Avon’. Also, Julianne was highly praised for her work in the 2014 action movie ‘Stunt Fighter’, which demonstrated her ability by presenting special effects of makeup. She was also praised for the transformation of actress Jennifer Lawrence, who was featured on the cover of Spanish magazine ‘You Donna’.

Personal Life

Jillian Fink was born on February 4, 1966, in the United States. Jillian has a sister named Kristen Fink Mason. In addition, animal passionate animal lover, Jillian is the owner of two French bulldogs named Horton and Clem. She experiences makeup on her husband, for example, she often paints her nails with various nail paints to test her nail art designs.

As a professional makeup artist, Jillian has styled numerous Hollywood stars for her red carpet appearance. Some of the red carpets show she admired were for Kirsten Stewart, Leslie Man and Kirsten Dunst. Also, Jillian owns a website, which is primarily an advertising and monitoring site but doubles as a beauty shopping site.

Jillian Fink Wiki
Jillian Fink Wiki

She is extremely selective about the ingredients used in her products and only handles organic ingredients.
Furthermore, the idea is to create a revolution in the beauty industry by producing zero chemical products that will help reduce the harmful effects of makeup. Jillian also has a ‘YouTube’ channel, where she makes lessons to help fans get the look they want.

Personal Information:

Birth Name:  Jillian Fink
Date of Birth: February 4, 1966
Jillian Fink Nationality: N/A
Birth-Sign:   N/A
Profession:  Artist
Marital Status:    Married
Ethnicity:  Weight
Children: 2
Jillian Fink Net Worth: $1.5 Million
Ex-Husband: Patrick Dempsey

Marriage with Patrick Dempsey

Jillian likes to keep personal matters to herself, but since she and her husband Patrick Dempsey are both celebrities, there are still some things about their love life. The two first met in Los Angeles, while Jillian was still working and is not yet known. Jillian Fink saw Patrick’s name on her list because he had to appear in his salon that day.

However, Jillian thought it was another Patrick Dempsey and not a popular actor – Jillian Fink was surprised when he actually saw Pat. Saw Patrick Dempsey at the front door. Even though Jillian liked Patrick, he didn’t mention anything, but as Patrick fell for her too. She was often buying flowers and paying his compliments – before finally going on a date and having good friends for three years and formally starting a relationship.

General Chat Lounge It was July 31, 1999, when Jillian and Patrick exchanged their marriage – that happened at Patrick’s home in Manhattan, and only her closest friends and family attended. Patrick became jealous when he saw his wife walking towards him, and the sight of him wearing his wedding dress made him cry. Jillian’s daughter Tallulah Fyfe Dempsey was born February 20, 2002, while Jillian Fink gave birth to their twins Darby Galen and Sullivan on February 1, 2007. Marriage has not always been great. Jillian Fink filed for divorce on January 23, 2015, but she seems that the two have resolved all the troubles between themselves, as Jillian has withdrawn her divorce request and it seems that Jillian Fink and Patrick are currently. Have a pleasant life together.

Jillian Fink Net Worth And Appearance

Jillian Fink Age is 53 years old. She has long blonde hair and blue eyes while Jillian Fink’s height and weight are not known. According to authoritative sources, Jillian’s current worth is reported to be more than $2 million, and Jillian Fink steadily growing thanks to a makeup artist’s career, while her husband’s estimated worth is more than $60 million.

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