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Jill Nicolini Bio

Known as one of the most notable personalities in the world of broadcast journalism, Jill Nicolini is known for her many things, including dance, acting, and modeling. She is the type you find in almost every field, a really versatile personality. Jill Nicolini currently works as an entertainment news reporter and program host at CPS2, a New York-based television station. Find out more about a leading journalist while you keep reading.


Jill Nicolini Bio
Jill Nicolini Bio

Jill Nicolini Wiki

The New York City-based traffic reporter is a resident of Farmingville, New York. Jill Nicolini was born on January 10, 1978, in the form of Jill Marie Nicolini and belongs to the English race of American nationality. Nicolini’s mother is Michelle Nicolini but the identity of her father and siblings is not known. Given her educational background, Jill first attended Sikkim North High School, after which she moved to Stony Brook, New York.

Jill Nicolini’s attended university one year before going to Suffolk County Community College, where she earned an Associate Degree in Television / Radio Broadcasting in 1999. However, Jill got some time to work on Long Island WBLI Radio in 1997 before she got it. Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Arts in 2001. While studying to earn her degree, she engaged in some modeling work for “College Girls Special Edition”, a famous Playboy magazine.

Jill Nicolini Wiki
Jill Nicolini Wiki

The next year, she won the Miss Long Island crown and was honored but lost when it was discovered that she was nude for the “College Girls” special edition of the aforementioned magazine. ۔ As a result, she was not able to be part of the Miss New York Crown competition.

Professional Career

On the professional front, Jill Nicolini began her career in the New York Islands where she worked as a field advertiser. She also danced for the Dragons Arena football team in New York, but after her rapidly growing personality she got a job on the National Hockey League team. Also, she was discovered by the then-famous Fox reality show, which was married to the United States, along with the NHL team. She shared the show with stars such as former baseball player Kevin Gallagher and Los Angeles disc jockey Sean Valentine.

Jill Nicolini’s career as a journalist began in 2004 as a full-time employee at WPIX, where she worked for the TV station on Saturday morning as a traffic reporter. After working with the broadcasting company for seven years before joining the Fox News Channel’s WNYW, Channel 5 in September 2011, it also became her longest-job job. As her capacity for broadcast journalism continued to expand, she gained other positions.

Prior to joining CBS2, Jill worked for two years as an Entertainment and Feature Reporter at WNYW, Channel 5, where she also serves as the Entertainment Reporter. Despite her busy schedule, Jill Nicolini finds time for some acting gigs. She appeared in films such as the 15-minute-long drama, Zizi and Honey Bay, and the 2014 drama, Annie.

Personal Information:

Birth Name:   Jill Marie Nicolini
Date of Birth:    January 10, 1978
Nationality:              American
Birth-Place:     Farmingville, New York, USA
Profession:    Television Reporter
Marital Status:        UnMarried
Hair Colour:   Blonde
Eye Colour: Blue
Ethnicity:    White
Weight:  56 kg
Height:    5 feet 6 inches
Children:    No
Jill Nicolini Net Worth: $200,000
Jill Nicolini married: No

 Jill Nicolini Family

There is no doubt that Nicolini is a very versatile woman who has never worked less. Jill Nicolini Cumia’s mental and physical fitness is evident in her ability to handle her home and career effectively. Austin Thomas and Jackson Henry – Nicolini is a single mother of two sons.

After her status as a parent, it’s easy to wonder if she’s married. Well, as far as we know, clever journalists haven’t exchanged marital vows with anyone, at least not yet. But, she has been in many relationships. With her Fox reality show in 2003, along with her Fox reality show, which was married to a US colleague, Kevin Gallaher, her fans were expected to come down the aisle for the first time.

Jill Nicolini Net Worth
Jill Nicolini Net Worth

Both of them were contested by the show’s viewers and were expected to decide as a couple, but for some reason, the engagement party never advanced. She later went her separate ways, wasting away the $500,000 prize offered by the pay-TV news channel. Years after becoming her reality TV husband, Jill Nicolini had the chance to meet with the radio show host Anthony Kamiya. However, their relationship never stopped, because when Jill caught Cumia in bed with a porn star, their relationship broke down.

Jill Nicolini Boyfriend

She also dating a hedge fund manager by the name of Joseph de Virgilio and is currently with Peter Khachaturian, with whom she had two sons. Jill Nicolini’s relationship with the former was not known until after the birth of her first son, Austin Thomas. Although it is unclear whether the two are secretly married, the pictures they share often prove that they are intimate.

Further evidence of Jill Nicolini and Peter’s relationship reached the public when, in February 2017, Jill announced the birth of her second son, Jackson Henry, and on Jill Nicolini Facebook page where she announced. She tagged Peter. Plus, Peter’s Face book profile picture is a family photo that includes himself and two children. Although the two have yet to discuss their relationship, what we do know so far is that Peter Khachaturian is the father of Jill’s two sons.

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