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Jean Currivan Trebek Bio

Jean Currivan Trebek is an American businesswoman, best known for her work as a State Project Manager. She became famous after being married to Canadian-based American TV host Alex Trebek, best known for hosting the syndicated television show ‘Jeopardy’. Currivan Trebek, 26 years younger than the Trebek, met a television celebrity at a party. After that, they started dating at the famous ‘Regency Club’ in Los Angeles before going up the aisle on April 30, 1990. Jean Currivan Trebek Age is 56 years.


Jean Currivan Trebek Wiki
Jean Currivan Trebek Wiki

Jean Currivan Trebek is currently living with her husband in Los Angeles, California. In addition to being a successful Business Woman, Currivan Trebek is one of the members of the North Hollywood Church of Religious Science.

Early Life & Career

Jean Currivan Trebek was born on September 3, 1963, in New York City, New York, USA. She was raised in Huntington, Long Island, New York. After graduating from ‘HarborFields High School’ in Green Lawn, New York, Currivan Trebek began to pursue a career in real estate. Jean Currivan Trebek started as a real estate assignment supervisor and then became a real estate project manager. In fact, Jean Currivan Trebek was working as a real estate project manager when she met Alex Trebek in the late 1980s.

Relationship with Alex Trebek

Currivan Trebek met Alex Trebek at a party in 1988. Currivan Trebek later revealed that she was extremely nervous talking to the Trebek because he was a famous television host at the time. Jean Currivan also said that the Trebek was landing on the ground, which made it easier to communicate with him. After dating for almost a year, Trebek proposed it on his 26th birthday. In one of her interviews. Currivan Trebek revealed that Trebek had proposed it with a 16-carat sapphire ring, which contains six-carat diamonds. Despite being 26 years younger than her, Currivan accepted her proposal, which led to her getting married on April 30, 1990.

Jean Currivan Trebek Net Worth
Jean Currivan Trebek Net Worth

Before their wedding, Alex Trebek purchased a piece of land worth $1.5 million to build her dream home in Hollywood Hills. Their wedding, which took place in the ‘Regency Club’ in Los Angeles, was a star-studded event with more than 150 guests. In 1990, Currivan Trebek and Alex Trebek were given a son named Matthew. In 1993, Currivan Trebek gave birth to her second child, whose daughter was Emily.

Family & Personal Life

Jean Currivan Trebek’s son Matthew runs a Mexican restaurant in New York. Currivan helped her son by investing in his restaurant ‘Oso’, which is currently located in Harlem. Her daughter-in-law Emily is a former student at ‘Layola Marymount University’, where she graduated in 2015. After graduating from college, Emily set her career in real estate and followed in her mother’s footsteps. Currivan is very religious. She is a member of the ‘North Hollywood Church of Religion Science.’ Despite being married to a famous television host, Currivan Trebek likes to maintain a low profile. Unlike her famous husband, she is not ready to face the camera. A lot of people ask Jean Currivan Trebek How Old is the answer is 56 years old.

However, she has attended several public events with her husband and children. Jean Currivan Trebek 2024 has also presented for a photographer named Christina Graciano as part of Cristina’s portrait photography. Currivan Trebek is not active on social media platforms, such as Twitter and Instagram. Jean Currivan is currently based in California with her husband.

Jean Currivan Trebek Husband Diagnosed With Cancer

Jean’s husband Alex Trebek shocked the world when he announced that he had been diagnosed with stage four pancreatic cancer in March 2024. The veteran game show Jeopardy took to the channel’s official Twitter to share news about his battle with cancer. He said that although the survival rate for such a disease is modest, it intends to be included in the defeat of the disease.

Jean Currivan Trebek Net Worth
Jean Currivan Trebek Net Worth

He continues to host game shows fighting for his life against cancer. Also, He has since undergone chemotherapy and other treatments, claiming it is running smoothly. In his Twitter disclosure video, Alex mentioned that his wife and children had helped him positively during their difficult times. He expressed his continued support.

Personal information:

Date of Birth: September 1963
Citizenship: American
Profession: Businesswoman
Marital Status: Married
Husband/Spouse: Alex Trebek (m. 1990)
Divorced: Not Yet
Gay/Lesbian: No
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Social Media: No
Children/Kids: Matthew Trebek (Son), Emily Trebek (Daughter)
Jean Currivan Trebek Net Worth: $ 10 million

How Much Is Jean Currivan Trebek Net Worth?

Information about her worth is still confidential. But when it comes to her husband’s total worth, it is worth a staggering $ 50 million. Together they are called by a powerful couple who come from family backgrounds. Prior to their wedding anniversary, Zhang and her husband purchased a steep hill bought 1.5 million. The 35-acre hill plot will make a dream home for lovebirds. Alex lived with his first wife, Ellen, at their home on Mulholland Drive. But, the television host decided to sell his 5,554-square-foot home in Hollywood for about $ 4 million.

After selling his house on Mulholland Drive, Alex put his California home up for sale in April 2024 at a cost of $ 1.4 million. The luxurious holiday home comes with a very nice interior as well as a nice exterior look and tranquil environment. Alex listed his 2,595-square-foot vacation home on sell just a month after announcing his cancer diagnosis.

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