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Making the most use of modern technology is how we make our lives easier and how we spend less time doing tasks that are always time-consuming. The spoils of the 21st century are all around us and we really have it much better than our parents and grandparents. However, there are still many things people do not know when it comes to the devices and gadgets we use every single day. A lot of people simply buy them and use them in that default state, with factory settings and in predetermined regimes. There is nothing wrong with it of course but there is also a lot more that they are capable of.

Take the Mac for example, the main competitor to the Windows platform and traditional desktop computers. Apple Macs are amazingly powerful machines that are usually an overkill for simple daily tasks. Those who rely on them usually get them to perform other, more challenging and demanding projects they have to finish for their job. In order to do so, many Mac users prefer making the machine as theirs as possible through various customization options. While neither the Mac OS nor iOS are known for their extreme customization options when compared to say, Windows or Android, a lot can be done with the right tips. In this article we bring to you the most effective ways to jazzy up your Mac with personalization.

Read on to learn about the most useful tips for this so that you can finally take full advantage of the machine and make things easier and more to your liking. Nothing feels better in terms of using gadgets than having it do things exactly how you need them to. Doing so is within reach and the only thing preventing you from grasping it is a few tips. For example, you can change the folder icon or color to make things look better. Imagine having the icons of your favorite apps and folders show whatever you like. For more on this, check out https://setapp.com/how-to/change-folder-color-or-icon-on-mac.

Changing Wallpapers

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The number one thing people do when personalizing their Mac experience is changing the wallpaper. Default wallpapers, like everything else that is a default setting, is often bland and lacks any originality or creativity. All you need to do to change it is go to System Preferences and then pick Desktop & Screen Saver. There are many images to choose from as well as different color schemes to pick. A fan-favorite feature that you should definitely try is the Dynamic Desktop that will change wallpapers to match the time of day. There is also the option to choose your own photos and images as the main background, or even set them to change each hour.

Custom Color Schemes

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We mentioned changing colors for the wallpaper, but did you know that you can change the color scheme of basically the entire system? Mixing and matching different colors and shades can help you highlight certain areas and flesh out accents you like most. In System Preferences, go to General and pick Accent color and Highlight color. The choice you make will be visible with every button, menu, box, and selection, as well as all the other elements of the OS. Dark Mode is also there for those who prefer dark greys and blacks over the traditional white backgrounds of menus. The sleek dark look of the app windows, sidebars, and the Dock is easier on the eyes and more soothing to look at. There are no themes on Macs that cover the entire system, but many apps have their own themes. You can choose them according to your new color scheme and make it look like you have one and the same theme for everything. Playing with individual apps does not end there as you can give them a total makeover from the Preferences, Fonts & Colors. Terminal skins are changeable in the Profiles subsections of Preferences. Changing all of these even slightly will give you a brand new feel for the system you have been using for years.

Login Screen Revamping

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The default login screen will get boring and dull pretty quickly. While sleek and modern, it lacks any kind of personalization which is why there is a great way to add your personal touch to it and make it really yours. For starters, you should use a new user picture for your account. You can use one of the emojis available, make your own, or take a picture of yourself. Whatever you do, the login screen will be much more to your liking. You do this by picking the Users & Groups in the System Preferences menu and then going to Passwords. Another thing worth changing on the login screen is the lock screen message. Here you really need something clever and funny to brighten your day as soon as you turn on your Mac. The setting for this can be found in the General section of the Security & Privacy, also located in the System Preferences menu. Once there, make sure to tick the box that shows a message on a locked screen.

Custom Sounds

Yes, you read that right. You can make have custom sounds on your Mac to refresh the boring old noises that got bored pretty quickly. Keeping your personalization options only to visuals feels too limiting. Why not expand and do something for a better listening feeling too? Go to your new best friend, the System Preference section of the menu. There, pick Accessibility, then Spoken Content, and finally System Voice and you can change the default voice you have probably grown to dislike. Next, you can choose the new alert sound too by going to Sound Effects in the Sound subsection. In the Date & Time section under Clock, it is possible to set the system to announce the time at intervals you choose. Combining all of these sound options with the above mentioned visuals will give you a Mac experience that is unique to you and to the things you need most in life.

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