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Markitos Toys is a renowned social media star who has garnered a lot of popularity through his YouTube channel entitled “Markitos TOYS”. On his Youtube channel, he shares videos related to motor vehicles, off-road vehicles, and travel vlogs. His amazing content has accumulated a massive number of subscribers and viewers on his social platforms.

In addition to YouTube, Markitos has also impacted a lot of fans with his trending humorous topics on Instagram and Tiktok and charity work. Other well-known YouTubers, such as EL Chiquete and El Vitolas, who are renowned for their entertaining, interesting, and educational content and vlogs, have also collaborated with Markitos Toys. In this article, I have narrowed down details about his personal life and career including height, weight, net worth, age, birthday, and Wiki. So what are you waiting for? Scroll down your screens.

Early Life

He took birth on November 8, 1998, in Culiacan, a city in northwestern Mexico. He is famous among his fans by the name Markitos. Markitos holds Mexican citizenship. The information collected through some internet sources says that he did his elementary and primary schooling in a primary local school in Culiacan.

Later on, after completing his graduation from a local high school, he joined “The University of New Mexico”, from where he received his bachelor’s degree in bachelors. There is no information available about his parents, siblings, or family background.

YouTube Career

On June 24, 2019, MarkitosToys launched his own YouTube channel, “Markitos TOYS’. Initially, he had no intention of making money through Youtube. But after being successful through his content on this platform, he decided to donate the earnings coming through Youtube to help the less fortunate people in society. His earliest video entitled “EL COMIENZO DE MARKITOS EN ESTE AMBIENTE BIENVENIDOS!!!” earned 1M views just within a few days of the release of his video.

He is one of those YouTubers and influencers who collected an enormous number of subscribers at a very young age. Currently, he has 3.44M subscribers. Moreover, 487,895,781 viewers have watched his videos. Markitos makes recordings of his own fun-filled and adventurous life with some of his friends. He kept on appearing on the seashores of Sinaloa with the expensive automobiles in the majority of his videos.

Excitingly, the majority of his content has achieved the milestone of more than 1 million views.“The Grupo Delta Norteño”, a local Mexican organization, officially released the MarkitosToys video in January 2020, in which he discusses his arduous job and tolerance. In the first three months following its release, the video received 2 million views.

Instagram Career

Apart from making videos for Youtube, Markitos is highly active on his Instagram feed. He owns a blue ticked Instagram handle “@marktiostoys”. He kept on engaging his Instagram audience by broadcasting about his family life and lifestyle, his love for food, and traveling updates through the pictures, stories, and short reels.

He is highly popular among Mexican people because of his cheerful smile, dashing personality, and generous behavior. Until now, he has done about 748 posts on his Instagram feed. As of 2024, he has 3M Instagram followers.

Charity Work

Numerous content creators have used the growing popularity of their YouTube video platform to their advantage to go viral and make money, but Markitos prime focus is to help people who are most in need. Although, Markitos travels in a posh collection of various brand and model-specific automobiles. But he receives huge praise for being a kind person since he routinely distributes a portion of his income to vulnerable and the most deserving people.

Once he distributed money to the homeless on the streets in Cosalá, Sinaloa. He did the same in the Culiacán landfill, where severely poor people reside. Additionally, Markitos Toys purchases medications and presents for sick kids admitted to the Sinaloa Pediatric Hospital.

Height and Weight

Being a fitness freak, Markitos is about 5 feet and 10 inches tall. He weighs 62kg. The Youtuber is famous among the audience because of his blistering, captivative, and intriguing black-colored eyes and short black hair.

Age and Birthday

He was born on November 8, 1998, in Culiacan, Mexico. As of 2024, he is 24 years old. He loves to celebrate his big day with his friends. His zodiac sign is Scorpio.

Net Worth

Source: debate.com.mx

The views on the Markitos TOYS YouTube channel are around 300,000 per day. For every a thousand views of a video on a monetized YouTube channel, the channel may earn $3 to $7. If Markitos TOYS falls within this range, Net Worth Spot calculates that he makes $36k every month, or $540k annually.

However, my estimate might be too low. On the upper end, Markitos TOYS may earn as much as $972k annually. Nevertheless, Influencers rarely depend on just one cash stream, though. Influencers may promote their own goods, take on sponsorships, or earn money via affiliate commissions. Considering all the additional sources of income, Markitos TOYS could be worth closer to $3.02 million.


The 24 years old Mexican social media star is non – vegetarian. He is a hodophile whose favorite travel destination is California. In his free time, he loves to watch movies. Diego Luna and Salma Hayek are his favorite actors. Moreover, he is extremely fond of football and Francisco Guillermo Ochoa Magaña is his favorite football player.


What is the name of Markitos’s YouTube channel?

“Markitos TOYS” is Markitos’s Youtube channel with 3.44M subscribers.

What is the estimated net worth of this Mexican YouTuber?

Considering all the sources of income, Markitos TOYS could be worth approximately $3.02 million.

What are the hobbies of Markitos Toys?

Markitos loves to travel in luxurious and model-specific vehicles.

Final Thoughts

Source: arout.net

Without a question, Markitos Toys is a brilliant YouTuber with a lot of content to offer to his subscribers. He is one of the most liked Mexican social media stars because he is entertaining, educational, and interactive. His wealth is increasing quickly, and it won’t be long until he achieves even greater success. Additionally, Markitos Toys is presently unmarried, so if you’re a woman looking for a great man, he might be the one for you.

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