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India has been touted as the world’s next big tech hub. Because of its thriving population of more than 1.3 billion people who are now gaining access to the internet for the first time, it’s seen as an untapped goldmine for online businesses.

There are certain industries to watch out for in the country over the next decade, with India set to play a massive role in the next phase of the gaming industry. Many colossal tech companies have already emerged in India, and it is attracting interest from international conglomerates as well.

India Could Be a Gaming Superpower in the Years Ahead

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Almost 50 percent of people in India are now online, with gaming being one of the most popular ways to use the web. More than half of the people with internet in the country play online games, meaning around 35 percent of Indian nationals are already gamers. This highlights how India could have a huge influence on future gaming markets.

The funding of online games in India rose by 383 percent in 2024 to more than $1 billion, underlining the great focus on game development in the country. Some of the best-known developers in India include Hyperlink InfoSystem, which is known for innovative mobile apps, and Zensar Technologies, which handles a wide range of digital products.

Aside from homegrown gaming companies and sites, India is beginning to attract an influx of international players who want to get a piece of the pie. Indeed, some of the best-known names like Electronic Arts and Ubisoft have had offices in the country for more than a decade. They cleverly planted themselves in the fertile market early on and assigned various smaller local studios as subsidiaries.

The iGaming market is another sub sector of gaming that is booming in India, and some of the top names have begun to adapt their options to suit this growing flock of players. For example, classic Indian gambling games like Teen Patti can now be found alongside western options like blackjack. Some of the online casinos in India like AsiaBet, are now companies that are well established elsewhere in the world. For instance, Betway is a famous international brand, and it has adapted its offers to suit Indian players. It now allows people to deposit in Indian rupees and has Hindi-speaking staff on hand to host the games.

Who Are the Giants of the Tech Industry in India?

There are a few major tech companies in India that have been in the game for years and are in a fantastic position to benefit from the growing interest in the country. The largest IT company in India is Tata Consultancy Service, which has been in existence for just over five decades. Part of its success has been in partnering with some of the world’s largest businesses and helping them transform their portfolios in line with the shifting tech landscape.

Infosys is another Indian brand that is known all over the world. It has been in the IT business since 1981 and employs an astonishing 228,000 people. It provides software development for a handful of industries including manufacturing. The Bangalore-based company has a net income of $2.5 billion and has grown through a variety of key acquisitions.

Neither of these brands is as well-known as the likes of Microsoft and Apple on the world stage, but they could be considered the Indian equivalents. What’s impressive about their success is that they’ve come from a much less vibrant background than the American tech behemoths. Now that India is on a more even keel with the western world in terms of internet penetration and access to the resources needed to thrive, tech companies on the subcontinent could begin to challenge American and European ones. Indeed, some are already speculating that India can one day become a bigger tech hub than Silicon Valley.

Will India Become a Global Superpower Because of this Booming Tech Sector?

World superpowers have always shifted and changed over time, and there are plenty of countries that have the potential to be future major players. Thanks to its rapid growth and position at the forefront of the tech industry, India has been identified as a country that could potentially be a global superpower in the years ahead. There are a few indicators that have led to people forging this belief, with the growth of technological infrastructure playing a major part.

Since 2015, India has had the world’s fastest-growing economy with a five percent estimated GDP rate. In the past, despite having a thriving population, India hadn’t been seen as a superpower because of various social and political factors. However, with the world moving to a stage where most people and businesses will soon exist online, the land-based issues in India aren’t as problematic anymore. India could become one of the world’s major players in the online sphere and earn a reputation as a leader on the planet. It could then have great influence and sway on the future of technology and other international corporations may look to the country for inspiration.

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There are numerous other countries that could benefit from the rise of the internet and its greater availability. For example, many African nations have now begun to see huge spikes in internet penetration in the same way that India has. However, none of these have anywhere near the population of India, and these numbers are going to work in India’s favor when closer to 100 percent of people find themselves online. It will mean that India’s representation on the internet will be in the majority, and companies will have to cater to them first and foremost.

India is one to watch out for in the years ahead. It has major companies that are well-positioned to assist smaller start-ups in the growing tech industry in the region. It also has a sprawling population with people taking a great interest in internet-based services. This booming tech sector could help India become a global superpower in the future, with other countries following India’s lead.

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