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Hazel Irvine Bio

Hazel Irvine, a Scottish television producer, never felt the need to hide his career but, moving a timid personality towards her personal life, she kept her married life as grateful as possible. All the effort for Hazel Irvine is known as a regular contributor to the BBC’s News Bulletin for the World Snooker Championship and other sports news. Hazel presented the Olympic breakfast, she also commented on the opening and closing ceremony of the 2008 Olympics in Beijing.


Hazel Irvine Bio
Hazel Irvine Bio

Early Life & Career

Born on May 24, 1965, Hazel Irvine was raised in St. Andrews, Scotland. She graduated from St. Andrews University, where she attended Athletics, with an MA in History of Art. Hazel Irvine began her broadcasting career in radio, working for Scotland Television in 1988. Her work led to reports of Scotland’s football team training camp at the 1990 World Cup and co-presenting the 1988 Olympics with Dickie Davis on the national ITV network.

In the 1990s, the 53-year-old presenter joined the BBC as the president of Scotland’s sports program and was the youngest in the BBC’s flagship program Grand Stand in June 1993.  Hazel hosted the BBC’s Hogmanay Live in 1994 and introduced coverage of the FIFA Women’s World Cup in 1995 when she started reporting for Football Focus. Also, Hazel Irvine sports presenter.


After becoming the main winner of Ski Sunday in December 1996, Hazel is now a regular sponsor of the World Snooker Championship. It covered golf as a BBC correspondent and reporter for 25 years before passing the transfer to Elid Barbour in April 2017 to meet family ties.

Married Life

Hazel is as open about her career experiences as she is in the shadow of her personal life. She is so secretive that she put her husband behind the scenes. Even her co-workers did not find the bride with her mysterious partner. Now you couldn’t expect Hazel to reveal her mate’s identity after learning about the secret wedding, right? Because, as is obvious, she has failed to hide anything about her husband.

Hazel Irvine Snooker
Hazel Irvine Snooker

But one thing Hazel couldn’t hide like her wedding was her first child’s disclosure in 2012 when she spread surprisingly exciting news at the Charity Sports Quiz in London, My clothes are already feeling squeezed. My husband and I have a new arrival in the spring. It’s going to be a drain on my own profits. The announcement was praised by the audience in the quiz, and since then Hazel has been living with her family behind the scenes, in which she has failed to devote most of her time to her husband and daughter.

Personal Information:

Birth Name:   Hazel Irvine
Mother Name: N/A
Father Name: Bill Irvine
Date of Birth: May 24, 1965
Nationality:   American
Birth-Sign:    Gemini
Profession:     Television presenter
Marital Status:   Married
Hair Colour: Blonde
Eye Colour:   N/A
Weight:   N/A
Hazel Irvine Height:       N/A
Children:   1
Hazel Irvine Net Worth: $1 Million
Hazel Irvine Husband: mystery man

Hazel Irvin Net Worth

As a presenter participating in the network at major events such as the Olympics, there should be no doubt that Hazel has fortunately received good fortune. According to sources, the average salary of a BBC broadcast journalist ranges from $22,750 to $49,693. But you might be a little surprised to hear that Hazel Irvine made over $150,000 as a present. There you have it. Hazel earns far more than the average salary that presenters receive, so it is safe to say that its total value can be blindly estimated in the millions.

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