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Hannah Bagshawe Wiki

Hannah Bagshawe is an English public relations executive and antique dealer known as the wife of Oscar-winning English actor Eddie Redmayne. Also, Hannah Bagshawe also does financial raising services for her celebrity husband. Hannah reportedly worked for a famous antique dealer, but later set up her own business so he could have a more relaxed schedule and go on a trip with his husband. In a recent interview with E! The critically acclaimed actress credited her with destroying her incredibly important role in daily activities.


Hannah Bagshawe Husband
Hannah Bagshawe’s Husband

Hannah Bagshawe also said she helps the colorblind Redmayne choose her outfit for different events. Moreover, Hannah Bagshawe shows her support, even during pregnancy, by going with her to every award ceremony. Although she can always be seen with her husband on the occasion of industry dignity, she largely avoids the light of the media and likes to keep her personal life private.

Childhood & Early Life

Hannah was born on November 30, 1982, in London, England to Nicholas Bagshawe and Caryl Bagshawe. Prior to enrolling at Edinburgh University, Hannah Bagshawe school is a boarding school as a teenager, where she obtained a master’s degree in English literature and French. Hannah Bagshawe Age is 38 years old.

Rise to Stardom

Hannah Bagshawe, who is working as a public relations executive in the financial industry, was spotted with renowned actor Eddie Reid mothers after media scrutiny in 2012. It was soon reported that she also worked as a publicist. This led to speculations as to whether their professional relationship had changed in recent days. Since then, the two have been spotted several times by paparazzi together eating dates. It was later revealed that the two had been friends for a long time before joining the romance.

By 2013, Redmayne was interviewing her to interview and support him. Although Hannah Bagshawe is generally a low profile and avoids social media, since they have formalized their relationship, Hannah Bagshawe has followed up with her at almost all awards functions and events. Both get regular coverage on the tabloids as one of their favorite couples in the industry.

Hannah Bagshawe Eddie Redmayne
Hannah Bagshawe Eddie Redmayne

The couple welcomed their first child together, a daughter named Myers Mary Redmayne, on June 15, 2016. On March 10, 2018, Backache gave birth to her second son, Luke Richard Bagshawe Redmayne.

Relationship with Eddie Redmayne

For a long time, speculation has been going on about how Hannah Bagshawe met Eddie Redmayne, in which several tabloids have reported that she met as a professional while serving as her publicist. However, this is not true. Hannah met Redmayne at a charity event in 2000 when she was a student at Eton College. Redmayne, who was part of a senior boys group that performed as a model at charity events, was performing at a nearby girl’s boarding school, which she attended. Then they met at a party, and they soon became friends. Hannah Bagshawe stayed in touch after going to Edinburgh University and studied at Trinity College, Cambridge.

From the time they started dating in January 2012, they have been good friends for almost 12 years. While making ‘Les Misérables’, Eddie Redmayne invited her to visit Florence with her during the shooting break, after which she officially started dating. She then presented her first red carpet together at the film’s London premiere. According to sources close to the actor, the couple has “a very relaxed and supportive relationship” and it seems like they have been planning a long life together. Eventually, the 2014 Memorial Day weekend kicked off.

Hannah Bagshawe Net Worth
Hannah Bagshawe Net Worth

Hannah allegedly proposed a 30,000-pound engagement ring with her, while simultaneously romancing holidays. They were married on December 15, 2014, in a secret event at Babington House, a private members’ club in Somerset, England. According to Hannah Bagshawe’s husband, Redmayne, she “never came in time for anything” in her life, and even had a half-hour delay in her own wedding, which had upset some of the guests. While she had to shorten Hannah Bagshawe’s honeymoon due to numerous award nominations, she went on a skiing trip on Christmas Eve.

Personal Information:

Birth Name:             Hannah Bagshawe
NickName:              Hannah
Mother Name:         Caryl Bagshawe
Father Name:          Nicholas Bagshawe
Date of Birth:           November 30, 1982
Nationality:              British
Birth-place:               London, England, United Kingdom
Profession:               Public Relations Executive
Marital Status:        Married
Hair Colour:               Light Brown
Eye Colour:                Blue
Religion:        Christianity
Ethnicity:      White
Weight:  58 kg
Hannah Bagshawe Height: 5 feet 10 inches
Children: Luke Richard Redmayne and Iris Mary Redmayne
Hannah Bagshawe’s Net Worth: $1.5 Million
Husband: Eddie Redmayne
Siblings: N/A

Hannah Bagshawe Net Worth

After earning a master’s degree in English and French literature, she works in the finance industry as a public relations executive. It has no core affiliation with Bollywood or modeling or any other domain in the showbiz industry. Hannah is estimated to be worth $1.65 million US.

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