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The strong winds of the South Ocean Road turned the forest and the winds along the Southern Ocean. Crazy cliffs, empty beaches, and home to valuable wildlife, this famous road is easily associated with nature.

Don’t Miss

  • Stay in the beach villages
  • Take breath-taking clifftop ideas
  • Immerse yourself in nature and wildlife

How to get there?

The Great Ocean Road starts 90 minutes from downtown Melbourne. It covers a distance of 400 km (249 miles) from the Turkish city of Nelson on the South Australian border.

Take in the Scenery

Victoria’s Drama Southwest Coast includes a stunning range of scenery. See the world-famous waves on Bell’s Beach or lease on the sand in England. Visit the charming old fishing village of Port Prey and join the basing arts community in Lorraine.

Of course, you can’t leave out the 12 apostles. One must see these limestone piles rising royally from the Indian Ocean. Join a natural flight with 12 messenger helicopters to the island’s bay, the London Bridge. Or the entire shipwreck coast to Cape Otway, Australia’s oldest lighthouse.

Get into Environment

From rainforests and river to old volcanoes and rocky beaches, the Great Indian Ocean Road offers a diverse display of nature. In the Great Otway National Park, you will see roaring waterfalls and sparkling valleys and walk through the tops of ancient, tall trees. The Otway Fly Treetop Walk is a 600 meter (0.4 miles) long elevated treetop walk that climbs a soft grade through a spectacular stand of cool temperate rain.

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Great Ocean Road Australia

Exciting explorers can choose between an Otway fly zip line tour and zip between a “cloud station” 30 meters (98 feet) above the forest floor. Need to spread your legs? Explore the deserted sandy beaches, dense forests, and Australia’s highest sea mountains on a 91 km (57 miles) great ocean walk.

Sample the Local Produce

Grant Ocean Road will draw your taste buds to rich local produce, great food, and great pubs. For seafood, fish fishermen get a taste of the morning catch or opt for Lorraine Fisheries. Or join in the delicate but sophisticated things at Allansford, Timboon, and Cooriemungle.

The cool climate of the wine stretches the length of the Great Ocean Road. Stop at the basement door, such as Basalt Grapes, or Bellbrae Estate, near Bells Beach, in the Laughter Wine area. Book well in advance to dine at the supermarket Restaurant Brae, which serves a set menu made from high-quality local ingredients.

Meet the Wildlife

Great Ocean Road is home to a wealth of climatic life. At the Tower Hill Wildlife Reserve near Warnambol, you can take a 60-minute tour with an aboriginal guide who will explain the history of this unique area, pointing you to Amos, kangaroos, koalas, and lizards. Near Logan’s Beach, you can see the south right whale calf in the nursery near the beach between May and September. Join the seafront by sea to see the hundreds of fur seals on Cape Bridge Water. Or swim with dolphins in Queenscliff on the Ballarian Peninsula. See koalas in the Kennett River forest and in the Great Otway National Park, and enjoy the golf as well as grazing kangaroos in Anglesea.

Experience Australia’s Aboriginal Culture

Native Regional Stories The scenes from the Great Ocean Road in Geelong are connected to the western Gunditjamara region from the Wathaurong country. Learn about taste buds. Ancient remedies, and play dodgers at the Narana Aboriginal Cultural Center in Geelong.

Visit the Brambuk Center in Halls Gap to see the fascinating art and art exhibits and join the tour to visit some of the 22,000-year-old art sites in Grampians National Park.

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