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If you are a fashion freak who likes following all the top trends, then you would definitely know Hilde Osland. She was born in Norway and started as a singer. Her fan base grew when she turned into a model. All the details about Hilde Osland’s height, weight, net worth, age, birthday, and wiki have been discussed in the article below. She has an amazing fashion sense and is an inspiration for many young girls out there. I’m sure you’ll become fond of her once you visit her social media accounts.


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Hilde Osland is a 34-year-old Norwegian singer, model, and social media influencer. She was born in a small town named Brevik in Telemark but was raised by her parents in Bergen, Norway. Osland started her career as a singer on her YouTube channel and made several television appearances too. She went to an audition for Idol Norway and qualified for the final rounds.

The current details about her parents and siblings are unknown. Her mother once appeared with her on the show and that was the first and the last time she made a public appearance with her daughter. She completed her education in Australia. Hilde graduated from RIMT University with a major in Business Accountancy. The singer and model now spend most of her time in Australia alongside her husband and son.


Hilde Osland is approximately 5 feet and 4 inches. She is an Instagram model and has appeared on television too. Hilde was casted in a Disney show “As the Bell Rings” back in 2009. She started her career as a singer and made her Youtube channel in 2008. She used to make song covers and later started to share her pictures on Instagram. Hilde was liked and appreciated by many people because of her fun content and dressing style.


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The singer-turned model and social media influencer, Hilde Osland weighs almost 52 kg. She is now a social media celebrity and enjoys staying in the limelight. Her Instagram is full of creative content. She has a huge fan base of 3.7 million people on her official Instagram account. The Norwegian model is also active on TikTok and likes to make funny videos too. Her videos have a great reach which is proof that people like her content.

Age and Birthday

Hilde Osland is a 34-year-old young singer and model. She started as a singer and later hopped onto modeling and acting. She celebrates her birthday on 8th September and was born in 1987. Hilde will soon be turning 35 years old. She has maintained herself well as she goes to the gym and does yoga too. Hilde is very active on her Instagram account and keeps her fans updated about her life.

Net Worth

As the singer-turned-model and social media celebrity, Hilde Osland got famous because of her appearances on television. She went to Idol Norway in 2011 and reached the final rounds. This was one of the reasons the model got the public’s attention and started to gain popularity. She uploaded her first YouTube cover song in 2011 after she came back from Idol Norway.

Moreover, Osland has a huge fan following on her Instagram and TikTok. She is very active on all her socials and likes to interact with the fans. As per my sources, the net worth of Hilde Osland is around $500,000. She got famous and now has an average monthly income of $50,000. The amount can vary depending on the projects she’s working on. Hilde is very popular among young girls for her fashion sense. She gained a huge fandom because of her dressing style.

Hilde also does sponsor posts on her official Instagram account which is also a source of money for the model. Although she has stopped posting on her YouTube since 2015, she still has 2.66K subscribers. Her TikTok account has 173.3K followers and the videos have a good reach too. It would be true if I say that she is at the peak of her career.

Personal Life

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The information regarding Hilde’s parents is still unknown but she has a boyfriend. She is in a relationship with James Lewis Foster who happens to be a photographer. Both of them together welcomed their first child, Ragnar on 16th April 2024. Rumors are being circulated that they are engaged and soon are to be married. She has mentioned James as her fiancé in some of her Instagram posts but the model herself has not announced anything yet.

James and Hilde, both mention each other in their posts. Rumors and gossip regarding Hilde’s plastic surgery are circulating amongst the fans. People speculate that she went through plastic surgery and this is the reason for her perfect body shape and structure. Hilde hasn’t accepted or denied any of the rumors. She has an active lifestyle and regularly goes to the gym which might be a reason behind her well-maintained body.


Hilde’s social media accounts show that she likes dancing, traveling, and swimming. She posts her dancing videos on her TikTok and Instagram. Her singing videos were the reason she got the public’s attention but she rarely uploads them now. The fans guess that she has hopped onto the social media bandwagon and is not going to make singing videos anymore.


All the information regarding Hilde Osland’s height, weight, net worth, age, birthday, and wiki is discussed in the article. She is a young Norwegian singer-turned-model who has a huge fan base. Hilde made her television debut 13 years ago in a Disney Show. She later uploaded covers of many famous songs on her YouTube channel. Hilde now lives in Australia with her boyfriend and son. I hope this article gave you all the information a Hilde Osland fan would love to have.

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