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Online Casino games that make use of random digits or sequences are quite often treated with suspicion. Many users are worried that the systems may be rigged and that they may never win because the Casino has an unfair edge over the player. However, the suspicions and fears regarding the fidelity of online Casinos are mostly misplaced.

Online Casinos take many measures to make sure that customers are encouraged to bet and play on their sites. They take steps to maintain fairness as required by the gambling regulatory authorities of their host country. The next time you want to indulge yourself in a game of slots do not hesitate and play an RTP slot live game to learn about the machines that give the highest return to the player (RTP).

Doing Away With Bias And Impartiality In A Game Of Slots

Doing Away With Bias And Impartiality In A Game Of Slots (1)

In an online game of Slots, the player wins if the combination of digits in his Slot machine matches the winning combination as decided by the Online Casino. If a player has prior information about the pattern or numbers that a machine will choose as the winning number, they have an unfair edge over the other players.

Hence, online Casinos make use of random number generators to make the outcome of all their games unbiased and unpredictable.

Random number generators can be of two types: natural and pseudo generators. Natural random number generators make use of some natural process to generate large, unpredictable numbers.

Algorithm Generated Numbers

Online Casinos make use of computer algorithms to generate unique and unpredictable number sets. Computer-generated random numbers require a starting value, often referred to as the seed value, based on which the rest of the numbers are generated.

Moreover, computer (algorithm) generated numbers repeat themselves, meaning that they are not always unique. Despite these factors, these algorithms are good enough to maintain unbiasedness and fairness in an online gaming environment.

Some of the threats to algorithm-generated number sets and ways in which online Casinos deal with those threats are discussed below.

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Threats To Algorithm-Generated Numbers

Threats To Algorithm-Generated Numbers

A Direct Cryptanalytic Attack

Cryptanalysts study encryption and try to decrypt data. In case of a cryptanalytic attack, a person can gather some information on a private key (to unlock a piece of encrypted data). The attacker can then use the information gathered to breach the information security system of an online casino site.

When an attacker gains access to random bits of the encrypted data, he can use this to alter the output of a random number generation system.

Varying The Input Of A Random Number Generator

An attacker can change the input or seed fed into a random number generator and thus determine which numbers will be generated as an output.

Attacks On The Hardware Of The Number Unique Generator

At times the hardware of a machine, like the radiofrequency emissions from the device, are interrupted to alter the input or seed that is fed into a generator. In such cases, the attacker decides the produced sequence or number and not some unbiased process.

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Protecting Against The Threats: Steps Taken By Online Casinos

Protecting Against The Threats Steps Taken By Online Casinos

From the above discussion, it is clear that the information systems in an online Casino are vulnerable to multiple threats. Hence, casinos take multiple precautionary measures to protect their customers from any form of fraud or unfair biases. Here are some of the steps taken by online Casinos to protect their customers

Periodicity Of The Generator

An algorithm generates unique numbers, but those numbers have a definite periodicity. Periodicity means that the same set of numbers is repeated after some time. The higher the periodicity, the longer an algorithm takes to repeat the same set of numbers, and the fairer the system.

A system with a very high periodicity means that it will repeat an identical number after a very long time, making it more difficult for hackers and scamsters to take advantage of it. Many online Casinos use advanced computers with such high periodicity that it makes them practically non-susceptible to hackers.

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Use Of Digital Signatures

Digital signatures are a way to authenticate that only a person who has the authority to access a piece of information can access it. Digital signatures make use of asymmetric keys to ensure that there are no data breaches. A key is nothing but a large number that acts as a code to unlock certain information.

Any person can encrypt a message using the public key, but only the private key owner can decrypt the message. The personnel handling the information system of an online Casino have access to the private keys, and only they can decrypt any data as and when required.

Use Of Retina, Iris, And Fingerprint Scans (Biometric Identification)

The patterns of blood vessels in a person’s retina or the fingerprints on a person’s palm are unique to them. These unique features of a person can be used to keep up the security of the information system of an online casino.

Fingerprints can be forged by creating a replica of the ridge pattern of the prints. But forging two or more biometric indices is tough, so Casinos that require a high degree of protection generally use retina scans, fingerprints, and iris scans in any combination.

Use Of Fraud Prevention Software (Antivirus)

Viruses and malware can eavesdrop figure out decryption codes and compromise the system.

The use of good antivirus software that not only detects breaches but also gives threat alerts is used by online casinos to protect their computers.

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Maintaining the integrity of the computer systems in an online casino is vital to ensure that people keep visiting these sites. Modern computer-generated algorithms suffer from a few weaknesses, but most of the time, they are safe and do not allow any kind of tampering or biases to creep into the system. So the next time you visit an online Casino site, play to your heart’s content without worrying about any biases in the system.

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