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Gambling has experienced various drastic stigmatisations over the centuries. At times it was considered chic and aristocratic for the wealthy to meet in a casino to gamble, at other times it was frowned upon and even banned. Today, however, gambling and sports betting have become an integral part of our social life.

We can now gamble or place our bets practically anytime and from anywhere. Slot machines can be found on every corner, from machines in pubs to arcades where the choice of games is much larger. In addition, there are state-run casinos where you can indulge in the gambling offer in an upscale gaming atmosphere.

With the shift of the gambling offer to the internet, gambling has once again reached a new level. With a tablet or smartphone, one can gamble or bet practically at any time, of course under state-licensed control.

In addition, the providers on the net award their players with bonus offers that can only be found at online casinos. One of the most interesting of these bonuses is the no deposit bonus, which allows you to play your favourite slots at https://rateitcasino.com/en-au/casino-bonuses/.

Here, among other things, you can find all the important bonuses. Here, among other things, you can find all the important information about this bonus offer. However, you can do more than just gamble on the Internet, where a flood of information on the subject of gambling also awaits you. Podcasts, for example, are an ideal place to expand your knowledge!

Interesting content for poker fans

Liv Boeree proffesional poker player

Poker has experienced a real boom in Germany. Major poker tournaments are broadcast on TV and even the state-run casinos organise poker tournaments and offer beginners’ courses. As a result of this hype, more and more people in Germany are becoming interested in this card game.

Especially for beginners, the mostly English technical terms as well as the rules and the course of the game can lead them to mistakenly assume that poker is a difficult and complicated game. However, this is not the case at all, quite the opposite. On the internet, there are numerous channels on various social media platforms such as Twitch, which are run by real poker professionals.

You can get an insight into the world of a casino

slot mashines in real casino

Casinos are a fascinating place. However, you can not only play all games of chance here, because casinos have not limited their offer to gambling for a long time. They have seminar rooms, congress centres and, depending on the casino, even some leisure facilities.

These include bars or restaurants and even clubs where you can dance and party into the small hours. A casino is therefore no longer just a traditional place to gamble. Especially for beginners, it might be worthwhile to stop by and book one of the many gambling courses. Here you can learn from the professionals themselves.

Get to know the games from another side

If you want to fully enjoy the joy of playing casino games, you must of course know the games. There is an almost unbelievable number of them and they are all sometimes more, sometimes less unique. However, the fun as well as the entertainment value should always be in the foreground when playing.

In order for this to be the case, players must have a certain basic knowledge. Among the most important things to know are, of course, the rules of the games. If you think that all slot machines are the same and that if you know one, you know them all, you will soon be disabused of this notion in a casino.

Well, to get game-related information, you can of course dig through the game descriptions, rules and pay tables of each individual game. Or you can listen to podcasts by real experts who know all about these things and even share their knowledge with their listeners.

Here, you not only learn everything you could read up on anyway, but also get helpful tips and access to gaming experiences you have made. In addition, some podcasts present games and give you recommendations that you wouldn’t otherwise get so easily.

Numbers, numbers and more numbers

Roulette table in online casino

However, there is more to gambling podcasts than just the games themselves. For the curious among the gamblers, there is also a sheer flood of information waiting in many a podcast. Some podcast hosts, for example, have gone to the trouble of carrying out numerous calculations and number games.

They share the results of their research and calculations with their listeners in their podcasts, and many a listener will learn things from these podcasts that they would never have imagined.

In these, let’s call them statistical podcasts, you get an insight into the numerical world of gambling. Listeners are told about their statistical chances of winning millions in the lottery. Have you always wanted to know how much money is made in the German gambling market?

You can get answers to questions like these in numerous podcasts, which you can probably only get here in this form. These include not only statistics on the games but also the players are presented in these podcasts. For example, questions like: How many players in Germany play occasionally? How many play regularly?

Useful information for watching poker or sports betting events

watching poker events

For both poker fans and sports fans, everything revolves around dates. For example, the Formula 1 racing calendar or the matchday scheduling of the Bundesliga football league is important. The same applies to poker events such as the World Series of Poker.

If you want to follow an event live, you need to know when to tune in. The same applies, of course, to those among the fans who like to place the odd sports bet. Numerous podcasts have been created over the years, especially in the field of sports betting.

Listening to them is not only a lot of fun, there are also some interesting betting tips. Many a podcast operator even does the work for you and scours the sports world for interesting games or competitions, analyses the chances of an athlete or team winning and lets his listeners share his findings. In addition, there may even be a dedicated tip sheet of the week, where the best odds have already been found.

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