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G-Dragon Net Worth: G-Dragon is a South Korean rapper, songwriter, producer, and model. Born Kwon Ji Yong, Ji Dragon is a leader and one of the two rappers of the boy band Big Bang. Coon began his career at the age of eight as a member of the group Little Rora.

But it was at the age of 11 when he signed a contract with WiG Entertainment and thus joined the Big Bang in 2006, for which he wrote “Lies,” “Last Farewell,” and “Harrow.” Wrote and composed a maximum figure of songs. “In 2008, the Big Bang track topped the Korea Gone Chart, while most of their other releases were certified gold. A year later, G Dragon released their debut solo album, “Heart Breaker,” which produced the first single by the same name.

In fact, this album is one of the successful 2009 albums, which sold over 200,000 copies and won the Met Asian Music Award for Album of the Year. The album’s success, however, was accompanied by major controversy for the artist, including accusations of abuse. Also, after almost a year’s break, G Dragon and his band Mate TOP collaborated on recording and releasing the album GD & TOP (2010).

Three major singles from the albums “High High,” “Oh Yeah,” and “Knockout” are riding the first three positions of the song chart, with “High High” charted topper. Then in 2013, he released his second solo album, “One Of A Kind,” featuring hit singles such as “One Of A Kind,” “Craven,” and “That XX.” After playing an important role in fashion and shaping South Korea.” He is one of the highest-paid celebrities in Korea, easily earning $1 million dollars in every endorsement deal.

Source of Wealth & G-Dragon Net Worth

G-Dragon is a versatile artist and has allowed him to make a lot of money from various sources. Important sources of her wealth include offline and online sales of her music, revenue from music tours around the world, endorsement of brands and ads. He has also made an amazing amount of money from the World Tour he started. One was in 2013, held in at least 8 countries and 13 cities around the world.

He is one of the celebrities who made a lot of money over the years in real estate investment. Others include Big Sean, Justin Timberlake, Jonah Hill, Dan Blazerin, Martin Lawrence, and Ludacris. G-Dragon Net Worth $40 million. G-Dragon Net Worth, Bio, Facts, Life, Age, Height, Wife.

Early Life

Big Bang G-Dragon Net Worth was born in the South Korean city of Seun known as Quan Ji Yong. His date of birth was August 18, 1988. He began to show interest in music at the age of 6 when we became part of a small musical group called Little Rowser.

After a Christmas album was released by this kid’s musical group, their record label terminated their contract. G Dragon took this step very hard and vowed never to do music again. However, his mother encouraged him to continue his career as a musician. Cowan was on a skiing vacation with his family when he was 8 years old when SM Entertainment – a label company – scolded him.

He was trained by the company for years to sing and dance. Starting at the age of 8 to 13 years. At the age of 13, he became interested in raiding and was influenced by the American rap group Wu-Tang Klan. He took a class in rapping and took the toilet under People’s Crew.

He became the youngest Korean rapper in 13 years to attend the Korean hip hop album “Flex” in 2001. It was introduced with VG Entertainment – a South Korean record label and signed a contract. He did just that in the first year of cleaning and serving other actors before he really had a chance to make his music.

G-Dragon Net Worth
G-Dragon Net Worth

Professional Career

1992: G Dragon’s career development dates back to five years when he joined the baby music group known as “Little Rora.” 1996: He was pushed by SM Entertainment and learned to sing and dance for five years. 2001: He starts taking wrapping lessons and participates in the release of the Korean hip hop album “Flex”.

He became the youngest Korean rapper at the age of 13. He got the attention of Sean, a part of the hip-hop duo Genius, and was recommended by the CEO of YG Entertainment. Janson is hosted on this record label.

At WiG Entertainment, G Dragon cleaned up the studio and did amazing things for other artists. He formed a hip-hop duo band, known as GDYB, in conjunction with another trainee named Dong Ying Bibi. GD means G Dragon and YB means Young Bb Over the years, he has appeared on other artists’ albums and released a number of songs on the under-duo GDYB. GDYB operated under WiG Entertainment, but the arrangement was terminated in favor of the boys’ band. A Pandit group was created.

2009: Featured and collaborated with a variety of artists, including songs from several artists. He released his first solo album, Heartbreaker. The album was immediately successful and has sold more than 300,000 copies.

He also won the Album of the Year award from the 2009 MNET Asian Music Awards. ‘ This official solo single was controversial in that it resembled the “Right Round” song by Flu Reda. G Dragon held a concert in Olympic Gymnastics Arena titled “Light Shine Eight.” The concert raised controversy over obscenity complaints.

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G-Dragon Album GD & TOP

2010: He collaborates with T.O.P to release an album titled “GD & TOP”. TOP is the stage name for the band, the band Trainee, and the band formed in the shank group. 2012: “One of a Kind” releases its first expansion drama.

This EP received positive reviews and sold more than 200,000 copies. It is number one on the Billboard World Albums chart and number 161 on the Billboard 200. He won the “Best Male Solo Artist” at the 14th MNET Asian Music Awards. And of course, “One of a Kind” won the “Record of the Year” award at the 22nd Seoul Music Awards.

He also performed on the live galaxy tour in September 2012. 2013: G Dragon goes on a global tour. It was held in 8 countries and 13 cities. Another album, “Rebellion” was released.

2014: He collaborates with other artists and wrote songs for them at YG Entertainment. Ji Dragon teamed up with Tai Yang and released a single called “Good Boy.” The single won and is at the top of Billboard’s World Digital Songs chart. 2017: G Dragon’s third solo album “Koon Ji Yong” released. It became a fast-selling album in just one day. 760,000 digital units were sold. It topped the iTunes chart in several countries, including the United States and Europe.

G Dragon launches a second world tour in which he and his delegation are seen performing in 29 cities across Asia, North America, Europe, and Oceania. He is currently serving two years of compulsory military service.

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