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Fraser Island Tour – Best Tourist Place in Australia

Fraser Island is one of the best unusual islands in the world. Not only is it the largest sand island in the world – 123 km (76 mi) long and 22 km (14 mi) wide – but it is also the only place on earth where the lengthy rainforest sand dunes from 200 m. They grow at a height of 656 feet. It also has half the world’s lakes – such lakes are formed when the pressure in the lakes is constantly filled with rainwater.

Home to the purest dingo dengue in Eastern Australia, and a great place to watch kids’ humpback whales and their mothers, Fraser Island also has great scenery, including massive sand walks, thrilling swimming spots, and thrilling 4WD tracks. Fraser, a World Heritage Site with many resort-style comforts, is the perfect place to go wild.

Don’t Miss

  • Find rainwater and swim in a rainwater lake
  • Watching a wave on a wheel while watching a cruise
  • Run the famous 75-mile batch length

How to get there?

Fraser Island is about 300 km (186 miles) north of Brisbane and 15 km (9 miles) off the coast of Harvey Bay and Maryborough. Virgin Australia and the QantasLink operate to direct flights from Sydney, Melbourne, and also Brisbane to the Fraser Coast. You can then also take a 50-minute ferry to Fraser Island.

Get Wet and Go Wild

There are many different ways to get wet on Fraser Island. A visit to the island is not complete without a chance to swim in the beautiful blue waters of Lake McKenzie, just a lake fed by rainwater surrounded by clear water sand.

Lake Wabby, located on the shores of the Hammerstone sand blow, is the huge lake on to the island, and when the sun shines, it’s hard to resist sinking into the cool, emerald depths. You can walk on its boardwalk and then swim along the current path on the beach.

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Fraser Island Australia
Fraser Island Australia

Champagne Pools, where a series of rocky walls collapse in a quiet but bubbly rock pool under the headland at the northern tip of the surfing island, is another cool place to cool off. Check them all out on a self-guided 4WD adventure, or join a beauty spot tour, including a rainforest.

Go Away on the Fraser Island Enormous Walk

The Fraser Island Great Walk is a 90-kilometer (56-mile) track that winds around Dilli Village and Happy Valley to the island’s best notable landmarks, such as McKenzie, Wanggoolba Creek, Lake Wabby, and its rainforest giants.

It takes about six days to do the whole valley – makes sure to make campsite books along the way – but if it feels a little less energy. You can take a short walk for several days, half-day or night. The night can be an adventure.

Walking is always good, regardless of your age. It is good for your health as well. If you’re interested to find out more about holiday tours for over 50s visit https://www.funover50holidays.com.au/.

Drive the Beach

All the roads on Fraser Island, which are made of soft sand, are only 4WD. There are many tours available, or you can rent your own wheelchair set on the island or Harvey Bay. If you haven’t sanded before, Friendly Folk on Aussie Tracks 4WD Higher in Kingfisher Village will give you a quick lesson before you go.

Most people travel extensively along Sandy Highway, otherwise known as the 75-mile beach on the east coast of the island. But it is also important to take a natural drive (approximately two hours) inland in the central lakes. ). Including the impressive position of Pile Valley in prominent places. Search directly for satnay trees, Lake McKinsey, and Lake Wybee for views of Lake Wabby and Stonetool SandBlow.

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