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For gun owners, keeping their firearms in good working order is essential. It is not something you are using on daily basis and you want to keep them safe and functional. Here it is not just about your own safety but also about the safety of those around you.

Regular maintenance and proper ammunition storage are key to keeping your guns in top condition. But where to start and where to store your firearms, are there some things you are doing wrong? Let’s explore some tips for firearms maintenance and ammunition storage. From cleaning your gun to choosing the right storage containers, we’ve got you covered.

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First and foremost: Find a safe space to keep your firearms

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Finding a safe, secure place to store your firearms and ammunition. This is always a number one concern.

There are a few things to keep in mind when choosing a storage spot for your guns. Make sure the area is out of reach of children and other unauthorized people. It is maybe best to invest in a safe and to keep it locked at all times. Plus, never keep the ammunition in the same place.

The space should be cool and dry to prevent rusting or other damage. But if the emergency happens you’ll want to consider how quickly you can access your firearms in case of an emergency. Maybe you can have regular drills to practice how fast you can assemble your firearms if an emergency occurs and you need to protect your family.

Once you’ve selected a suitable location, it’s time to start thinking about how to best store your guns and shooting supplies. For example, you might want to invest in a gun-safe or lockable cabinet. In addition to understanding the complexities of firearm storage and safety, knowing the specific legal and practical implications of owning and using a silencer is important for responsible gun owners.

Make sure to unload your arms when not in use

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Here are some tips on how to properly unload and store your firearms:

Always point the muzzle of the gun in a safe direction when unloading. Even if you are 100% sure never point it in the direction of your loved ones.

Remove the magazine from the firearm and make sure that there are no rounds remaining in the chamber. After that, inspect the chamber and magazine to ensure that they are empty. Once the firearm is unloaded, engage the safety device if one is present.

Never point your firearms toward other people, even if it is a joke

This one we need to repeat once more: never ever do this. This is how serious accidents happen.

When handling firearms, always point the barrel in a safe direction. Never point your firearms toward other people, even if it is a joke. It is never funny to point a gun at someone, even if the gun is not loaded. If you are cleaning your gun and need to point it in a certain direction, make sure that the area is clear of people and animals.

Cleaning your firearms tips

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Cleaning your firearms on a regular basis is important to keep them functioning properly and prevent rust and other damage. Here are some tips for cleaning your firearms:

  • Start by disassembling the firearm. Refer to your owner’s manual for specific instructions on how to do this. If you’ve built your firearm using lowers from 80% Arms, this will be more intuitive for you.
  • Clean the barrel of the gun using a cleaning rod and patch. You can also use a bore snake if you prefer. Run the patch or bore snake through the barrel several times to remove any debris or build-up.
  • Wipe down all of the metal parts of the gun with a clean cloth. Be sure to get into all of the nooks and crannies.
  • Apply a thin layer of oil to all metal parts, including the bore, to protect against rust.
  • Reassemble the gun and store it in a cool, dry place away from children and pets.

Make sure to find the right cleaning solvents

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You will need to make sure you’re using the right cleaning solvents. Read through the reviews online The wrong solvent can damage your firearm, so it’s important to do your research before using anything on your gun.

There are a few different types of cleaning solvents on the market, and each has its own advantages and disadvantages. Some solvents are better for certain types of firearms, while others work well on all kinds of guns. You’ll need to experiment a bit to find the best solvent for your needs.

One popular type of solvent is gun oil. This oil is designed specifically for firearms, and it does a great job of lubricating and protecting your gun. Gun oil is available in both spray and liquid form, so you can choose the option that works best for you.

Another popular cleaning solvent is WD-40. But you should use it in two cases: if you dropped your gun in a lake or when is used for deep cleaning of the disassembled gun. This all-purpose lubricant can be used on a variety of different objects, including firearms. WD-40 will help protect your gun from rust and corrosion while also lubricating it. Just be sure not to use too much, as WD-40 can damage some finishes if used in excess.

There are plenty of other cleaning solvents on the market, so do some research to find the one that’s right for you. With the right solvent, you can keep your firearm in top condition for years to come.

Firearm mats make things easier

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A firearm mat will protect your work surface from getting scratched or damaged by tools and parts. It will also absorb any impact in case you drop something while working on your gun. Plus, it’s just easier to clean up afterward since all the debris will be contained on the mat.

There are many different types of firearm mats available on the market, so take some time to find one that fits your needs. And don’t forget to pick up some cleaning supplies and ammunition storage containers while you’re at it!

Gun oil

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When it comes to firearms maintenance, one of the most important things you can do is keep your gun oiled. Gun oil helps to lubricate the moving parts of your gun, which can help to prevent jams and other problems. It’s also a good idea to use high-quality gun oil, as this will help to protect your gun from corrosion.

There are a few things to keep in mind when using gun oil. First, be sure to apply it liberally to all of the moving parts of your gun. Second, make sure that you wipe off any excess oil before storing your gun. Excess oil can attract dust and dirt, which can lead to problems down the line. Finally, be sure to check your gun’s owner’s manual for specific instructions on how often to oil your gun.

In conclusion

If you want to keep your firearms in good condition, regular inspecting and cleaning with the right solvents are crucial. You want to keep everything in working order while keeping your family and pets safe. Keep them away in a safe place and make sure to educate your family about all potential dangers of improper handling of firearms.

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