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Violet Summers stood out of the crowd and went against the tide for making it acceptable by the masses that women can look sexy if they are wearing comfortable clothes and want to do what they aspire to!

Violet redefined the dressing sense for models and women and changed the term “sexy” for women across the United States of America.

Who is Violet Summers?

Violet Summers is a 22-year-old model on OnlyFans who is also an Instagram influencer. Hailing from Texas, United States – Summers rose to fame at a very young and tender age.

Violet is an adult film actress, a model, and a social media influencer with a very large fan following. She has often been backlashed for being too bold by the conservatives but this just didn’t stop her from doing what she loves to do and that is – expressing her freedom through her choice of dressing.

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Before Fame

Violet made her stage debut at the age of three, beginning her acting career. She had a great career as an actress and singer by the age of nine, and she had won numerous accolades. She had her first television appearance when she was ten years old.

She has featured in recurrent guest appearances on a number of prominent television shows, Criminal Minds, including 24, and Prison Break. She had also explored a singing career in addition to her career in acting.

She got major roles in the 2011 film A Cinderella Story: Once Upon a Song, in which she featured with Selena Gomez and America’s Best Dance Crew All-Stars in 2010 after she relocated in 2009 from Texas to Los Angeles.

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Personal background and Career start

Violet Summers was born on 28th November 1999 in Arizona, United States of America. She is 22 years old and was raised in Texas though currently, she lives in Phoenix.

Summers started posting snippets from her life and pictures on Instagram and people started to appreciate and love her content by following her in masses.

The modeling career of Summers began quite early as soon as she got noticed on Instagram. She already was cheerleading and dancing in her free time and always wanted to model.

Her Instagram which started as few followers reached millions in no time.

Her other claim to fame was when she got featured in 2020 in a magazine on the title cover.

In the magazine, she modeled in swimwear and lingerie which was more than enough to entice her fans and shoot her to newer horizons of fame. These seductive and explicit photographs were adored and celebrated by her fans which led her to adopt modeling as a profession.

Violet Summers as a regular at the gym and she loves swimming. She knows how important it is for her to stay fit and in shape provided her profession, therefore, she doesn’t miss a day in the gym.

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Family life

Violet Summers was born in a Christian family and has been adorning her beliefs since a young age. Her family includes her father, mother, and her two brothers. She also has an older sister named Riley Summers. All of the family members except her sister Riley stay away from media and cameras and are relatively anonymous to the public. Her sister is a popular figure and keeps on appearing on her personal Instagram feed often.

Violet Summers’ Education

Violet attended the Lillard Elementary school in Doraville, where she grew up. She attended Henry W. Grady High School after finishing her middle school. She had earned a GPA of 3.3 throughout high school and got offered by Johns Hopkins University, Duke University, and Princeton University in 2012 for her admission in undergraduate studies.

Violet opted to attend Princeton University, where she was a TigerCares organization’s member, to further her studies. A portion of the funds raised by this group went toward philanthropic causes like Room to Read, which teaches women how to read and write in developing countries.

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Violet Summers Social media following

The model who became an overnight sensation through Instagram, how is it possible that she would not credit the platform. She stays active on the platform and is considered one of the most influential celebrities in America. Her social media fan following surged immensely since she first appeared in the limelight.

Currently, she has over 11 million followers on Instagram alone. Her fan following on the adult website onlyfans.com is apart from this. She has a whopping 814.3k following on Twitter whereas she has 11.8 million raging fans on TikTok.

Apart from these renowned social media platforms, Summers are also available to interact with her fans on Nudiez, which is a subscription-based portal. on this networking website, you can follow her, pay her or tip her to get access to her private content that might not be available on her other public accounts.

The Violet Summers YouTube channel has 29.6k subscribers which is increasing with each passing day.

Summers loves her profession. She enjoys making adult films. She loves to model in sexy clothes, lingerie, or even swimwear. She is very focused on her career. Her modeling career began at the age of seventeen and since then she has come a long way. People find her sensual and alluring.

Source: instagram.com

Final Thought

What makes Violet Summers apart from other adult film actresses and models is that she tries to keep everything simple and close to life. She portrays her real life and minutest details on her Instagram account. She makes sure that the general public of the United States of America can relate to her.

She shares her everyday routine, her likes, and dislikes and comes across as one of the most genuine new faces in America. Her real-life is as normal as any other young aspiring American girl and that is what makes her unique and compels people to follow her to get a sneak peek of her life as it is relatable.

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