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Are you a student that enjoys classroom discussions, long lectures, and any other form of classroom participation over online or long-distance learning? If this is you, you are what many education experts call an auditory learner. Auditory learning is a traditional learning style that is centered around speech and sound to help students retain information.

Students who opt for this learning approach are known to be good listeners and very social. While this might appear distracting, some tips make this style of learning work. The effectiveness of online education is well documented, but together with professional essay services by CustomWritings, we will look at a few study tips for auditory learners.

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Find a quiet place to learn

A lot of experts have been comparing the effectiveness of classroom and online learning for many years. However, one of the biggest things that stop people from learning as quickly as they would like is distractions.

If you are in an area that has noise coming from the television, radio, and people talking, it can be hard to focus. You should always look for a nice quiet area with minimal distractions because that will prevent your mind from wandering elsewhere.

Social media is also a major distraction especially if your phone isn’t on silent and notifications are pinging all the time. Put the phone on silent or away from sight so that you are less tempted to look at it whether it is to communicate with people or watch as well as listen to content.

Don’t sit near windows and doors

Carrying on with the theme above regarding noise, your concentration levels will be highly affected if you sit next to doors and windows. Noise coming from moving traffic, birds, other animals and conversations happening in the hallways can make it harder to be attentive during lessons. Sit as far away as possible from all windows and doors in your classroom so that you are less distracted by noise but fully focused on your lectures.

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Don’t miss classes

Punctuality is very important and if you want to progress quicker academically, you should do your absolute best to not miss tutorials and lectures constantly. Life is very unpredictable and things out of your control can happen.

You should only miss class if you have an emergency and this can be things like attending a doctor’s appointment, a funeral, and illness or injury. You should never miss lectures because you were out partying with your friends, or you overslept. This will affect your progress both long term and short term.

Use memorization tricks

With so much information being fed to you, it can be hard to remember it all come exam time. To give yourself the best possible chance to remember, you can use various memorization tips like relistening to your lectures, flashcards, sticky notes, jingles, rhymes, and more. Use whichever method is comfortable for you to improve your memory as much as possible as this is the best way to get good grades.

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Use recorders

If you are not a fan of taking notes during lectures, you can simply record them. This lets you relisten to the lecture when you get home or to your dorm. There are so many recording devices you can buy only but if you can’t afford them, you can just use your phone as it is equally effective.

Read textbooks

While there is plenty of information available on the internet, there might be some data you need in the form of illustrations that are only found in textbooks. Hit the college, university, or public library constantly and analyze any diagrams related to your work. Convert them into your own words so that they are easier to interpret when you are studying in your free time.

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Enlist the help of others if you’re struggling

Being a student, you will not always know everything and if you are stuck you need to turn to others for help. They will be able to point you in the right direction and this help can come from tutors, writing services online, or fellow students. Is online learning effective or not? It can be as long as you get the right help.

Read instructions carefully

As part of your college or university curriculum, you will be given exams and projects or assignments that you must work on. These need to be passed if you want to progress to the next semester but to give yourself a massive chance of succeeding, you need to read and follow the instructions carefully. Failure to do so means you’ll be way off the mark and end up failing your exam or assignments.

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Practice with past exam papers

As pointed out above, exams are part of your curriculum and if you want to do well and get a good grade, you can practice with past exam papers. This gives you a feel of how questions are asked by the examining body as well as areas that you can focus on which is good preparation.

Take notes and read them out loud

When you take notes in class, you might overlook any mistakes or missing information. When you go back to your notes and read them again out loud, not only will you be able to spot any mistakes but also additional information that you might have missed. Having good quality notes from lectures can make a massive difference when it comes to the final grade. You can also leave a few blank spaces in your notes to make it easy for you to add any information.

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Stay motivated

College or university life can be very draining especially if you have to attend so many classes as well as focus on your assignments. You can lose motivation if things are not going your way however, you should always practice self-motivation and monitoring techniques to ensure you are taking lessons seriously. Hold yourself accountable if you are not performing up to stands and use self-motivation techniques like rewarding yourself after a milestone to keep your spirits up.

Study with classical music

Classical music is known to have no lyrics making it the perfect genre for studying. Other genres such as hip hop, RnB, pop, or heavy metals can be too distracting because they have lyrics and heavy instruments.

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Final thoughts

Is online education effective over auditory learning? Overall the effectiveness of online learning is all down to how much effort one puts into it, but auditory learners are known to be some of the most responsive and engaging students in a classroom. They are good at a variety of things like storytelling, able to deal with issues by talking about them, excellent at expressing themselves, make good study buddies, and are not afraid to speak in-class sessions. Lastly, they can follow verbal instructions very well and are good at class presentations and oral reports.

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